Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 9

Zhang Yuchen admired her even more, "You're too brave. It's the only thing I'm afraid to do. You'll be my big sister from now on."

Ah Jin waved her hand, "Alright, alright."

Seeing that Ah Jin was so nice, the surrounding students also let themselves go and probed to talk to her.

However, Ah Jin became one with the surrounding students in a short while and even called Zhang Yuchen a brother.

This was how teenagers' friendships were.

They could become best friends or break off their ties because of a few words.

Ah Jin poked Zhang Yuchen with an elbow, "Do you feel that the atmosphere in our class is unusual?"

Zhang Yuchen nudged, "Where the campus male god at, the vibes are certainly unusual. Can't you see that the girls in our class are going crazy with joy?"

Ah Jin nodded, "That's right, I used to be the 'class darling' in my class, but now that they have their male god, their eyes aren't even shared with me anymore."

Zhang Yuchen laughed, "I don't know why you used to be isolated. You're simply a living treasure!"

Ah Jin glanced at him, "It's not easy for you to survive until now."

Zhang Yuchen didn't mind.

He patted Ah Jin's shoulder and said, "I'll introduce you to him after class. He's a little goofy, but he's nice."

Ah Jin re-examined Zhang Yuchen from head to toe and thought, "Dumbly talking about yourself, I guess. What a silly kid."

Li Xue saw Yu Jin laughing with the surrounding students.

The books in her hands were all crumpled up.

She'd put in so much work, and now it was all gone, and the bitch was more cheerful than ever.

Ah Jin noticed that Li Xue was looking at her and smiled at her.

In Li Xue's eyes, it was Yu Jin who was provoking her.

But then again, she didn't think she would and shouldn't know that she was the one who started it.

She hated only why Yu Jin's suicide didn't work.

Li Xue forced herself to calm down.

She wouldn't let Yu Jin get away with it.  If Yu Jin was happy, she would be unhappy. For the sake of herself, she had to make Yu Jin miserable.

Ah Jin saw the look in Li Xue's eyes and knew she would still be up to something.

She wasn't afraid, just afraid that she wouldn't come and that it would be better not to disappoint her.

After that, the new class teacher arrived and presided over the class meeting and elected the class committee.

The campus crush was the class monitor, and the silly big guy next to Ah Jin was the gym committee member.

The seats would remain the same, and after the next exam, they would be arranged according to their grades.

Those with good grades could choose their favorite seats, while those with bad grades would have to pick up the rest.

As soon as this rule came out, Ah Jin felt the girls' eyes in the class were on fire, and their enthusiasm for learning was unprecedentedly strong.

The school male god's table felt like he was being stalked by a pack of wolves.

After class, Ah Jin was called out by the class teacher to talk.

She said that any difficulties must be reported and not solved privately.

She said that she would give Ah Jin unconditional support and care.

The class teacher then took the child to the classroom and told her to go to the teacher if she had any problems.

After that, the class teacher called Zhang Yuchen, and the class monitor out again, and she instructed them to make sure to get along with Yu Jin.

She told them to get on good terms with her.

As the class monitor, he was responsible for paying more attention to Yu Jin and not letting her cause trouble.

Zhang Yuchen, as a tablemate, was to give Yu Jin the utmost care and help.

The future of the class would be in their hands.

Zhang Yuchen felt that the class teacher was making a fuss, "Geez, teacher, it's not that dramatic. I think Yu Jin has a good personality and is very easy to get along with."

The class teacher had been on tenterhooks ever since she knew that Yu Jin had been assigned to her class, fearing that she would think of something to do again.

The class teacher thought, "This silly big guy actually thought that Yu Jin had a good personality? Good enough to kill yourself in class? It is getting harder to bring up the kids now. I am so tired, I want to resign."

Zhang Yuchen introduced Yu Jin to the campus crush as promised.

He looked at her and extended his hand, "Hello, I'm..."

Ah Jin didn't wait for him.

She immediately went up to shake hands vigorously.

"I know, I know, hello, class monitor. I'm Yu Jin."

He let go of her hand and faintly responded with a "hmm."

Seeing that Ah Jin could shake their male god's hand, the girls all boiled over and couldn't wait for all of them to come and introduce themselves.

Ah Jin's following sentence left everyone stunned.

"I quite like you, class monitor. Do you want to fall in love with me?"

Nice, mission accomplished.

She smiled and waited for the class monitor to reply.

Anyway, the task was just to confess.

Ah Jin didn't care as to whether it was successful or not.

"No, thank you," unexpectedly he replied.

At the sight of this, the big idiot remembered the class teacher's words and immediately stabbed him in the back.

He gave him a look of "Don't irritate her."

The class monitor said, "Let's be friends first."

Ah Jin naturally noticed the exchange between the two but did not expose them.

Her smile and a promise of "Yes!" were the perfect way to irritate Li Xue.

When the girls in the same class saw that Yu Jin's confession failed and could still be friends, a new world was instantly opened.

The person responsible for causing the campus crush to be in deep water in future girls' confessions didn't feel guilty.

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