Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.8 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

Inside the skyscraper of the Du Family Consortium.

Du Chen sat on his revolving chair and saw his brother speaking the truth about the incident with a serious face on the screen. Although he felt that it was unbelievable, Second Young Master Du believed it.

That's right, in Du Chen's eyes, isn't his nii-san such an existence with a worrying low amount of EQ?

Blu: nii-san - elder brother in Japanese.

Considering that it’s him, it was absolutely normal for him to secretly fall in love with a female high school student and not dare to confess because of his age and dare not propose marriage due to international conventions.

So, it was eldest brother who met Su Wan first? But Su Wan never knew his eldest brother?


Although he felt that the truth of the matter should be like this, Du Chen also felt as if something was wrong~

At this time, the reporter was shocked by how outspoken Eldest Young Master Du was and passed the microphone to Su Wan for the first time: "Miss Su, according to an insider, you were planning to get married to Du Chen two months ago. What made you break up with Mr. Du Chen and choose to be with Mr. Du Han?"

Facing Su Wan, who obviously didn’t have much fighting strength, the reporter immediately raised his head and squared his chest, his words sharp.

"There are some things I don't want to disclose to the public."

Su Wan faced the camera and microphone, gently tilted her head and raised her hand to stroke the scattered hair on her forehead. It is said that this posture is the most photogenic? Ok? 【Su Xiaowan, that’s enough!】

Reporter: Miss Su, are you reluctant to say? Prefer not to say? Or.... dare not say?

When the female reporter saw that Su Wan was deliberately avoiding the question, she would naturally press on. A reporter who would not seize the opportunity to press the interviewee for an answer was not a good reporter.

Hearing the female reporter being unwilling to let her off and continuing to question her, Su Wan smiled and glanced over the female reporter's body and then spoke again: "Family shames must not be spread about. If you keep pushing me like this and I refuse to answer, would people think I have a guilty conscience buried in my heart? Chi Yujia, Reporter Chi, have you ever been wronged? Have you ever felt it hard to bring up a matter?"

Chi Yujia's face changed slightly when she heard Su Wan's question.

That's right, Su Wan looked at her a few more times just to see the work card of a certain reporter.

Chi Yujia: Oh, it seems that I accidentally offended the Du family's Eldest Lady. Will I be blocked? I'm so scared, Director, I want to go home~

Just when the reporter had inwardly burst into tears, Su Wan had already raised her hand and called over a robot servant in Du villa: “Everyone knows that Du Han has very high achievements in the field of high-intelligence robots. All the domestic helper robots in the house were designed by him. Not only do these robots know how to do housework, they would also turn on the monitoring function throughout the day as long as it didn’t involve private matters. Once abnormalities and strangers are found in the villa, they will sound the alarm."

Hearing Su Wan's words, the people in the villa and all the friends watching the live broadcast were shocked.

The most surprised person was Du Chen, who didn't even know about it!

At this moment, Du Chen's hands shook slightly —— Why do the robots at home have such a function? Why didn't his older brother tell him?

Why did Su Wan bring this up?

Could it be…...

Du Chen's mind suddenly remembered the sentence Su Wan just asked, "Have you ever been wronged? Have you ever felt it hard to bring up a matter?"

Sure enough, Su Wan entered a certain command the next moment and a screen popped up on the robot's chest. It was a scene that happened in this hall more than two months ago ——

At that time, Su Wan was holding a box of pudding in front of Little Ling Li with a fawning expression and asked him softly, "Little Tiantian, where is your mother? Have you always lived with your mother?"

"What are you asking this for? Did I even allow you to call me ‘Little Tiantian’? You vixen! Is a little mistress who specializes in destroying other people's families worthy of calling me by my name?"

Su Wan's face suddenly paled when she heard the little boy’s words: "Who taught you this? Was it your mother? Who is she? What does she want? I am not a mistress. Du Chen and I truly love each other."

"Every mistress says they are the true love."

The little boy rolled his eyes disdainfully and the immature face became ice-cold: "If you are sensible, leave immediately. Don't always covet things that don't belong to you. Otherwise...… if something happens to your greedy parents, it will be too late for you to regret it!"

At that time, Little Tiantian had indeed threatened Su Wan like this. He wanted to scare Su Wan away, but seeing that Su Wan endured it and didn’t leave, he naturally made a move on Su Jianjun and his wife.

The Su Wan on the screen showed an expression of disbelief: "You are still a child, how can you talk like this? You....."

Before Su Wan even got to finish her words, Little Tiantian on the sofa suddenly changed his face and raised his hand to pour all the pudding in Su Wan's hand on him.

"Wuwuwu, Aunt Su, I just want to have pudding. It’s fine if you don’t give it to Little Tiantian, but why did you pour it on me? Also, Xiao Tiantian is not a child who doesn’t have a mother to teach him. Xiao Tiantian has a mom and dad."

Su Wan:.....

What's happening here?

While Su Wan was dumbstruck, a slender figure rushed in with a cold face: "Su Wan! What did you do to him?"


Seeing Du Chen's figure, Xiao Tiantian immediately drilled his aggrieved face filled with snot and tears into his arms: "Little Tiantian is not a child who doesn’t have a mother to teach him, why does aunty say that to me, Little Tiantian is so sad! Little Tiantian originally liked Aunt Su very much, but I will never like her anymore."

"Ah Chen, Ah Chen, it's not like this!"

Su Wan saw Little Tiantian deliberately distort the truth, so she immediately raised her hand nervously and wanted to pull Du Chen's sleeve to explain.

And Little Tiantian, who was in Du Chen's arms, shivered and paled at Su Wan’s approach, leaning further into Du Chen's arms.

Seeing her scaring his precious son, Du Chen's face darkened: "Go away, don't touch me!"

"Du Chen, don't you believe me? He is lying, everything he’s saying is lies!"

Hearing Du Chen's cold words, Su Wan was stunned. At this time, she could only defend herself again and again, but...

"He is only five years old, Su Wan, you have wronged a child so much, do you think I will believe you?"

Yes, who would believe that a five-year-old child would be so scheming?

No one would believe it unless they saw and experienced it in person.

When the entire video finished playing, everyone was stunned. Second Young Master Du suddenly had a son some time ago. Everyone knows that, but it is normal for someone to have a son after getting married to a wife.

However, everyone has always thought that Du Chen was still single. When Ling Qiyue left, some media interviewed Du Chen. He only said that their temperaments were incompatible and broke up.

Everyone naturally understood this "breakup" as a "divorce". After that, Du Chen did not specifically explain the matter. In his opinion, it was very easy for him to unilaterally dissolve the marriage relationship with Ling Qiyue, but he still hadn’t met the right person at that time, so the matter had been delayed.

"Reporter Chi, what do you think now?"

While everyone was silent, Su Wan suddenly spoke again.

After hearing Su Wan's question, Chi Yujia subconsciously asked: "Is this true?"

"As you can see, you don't think it is true even when you’ve personally seen it, let alone those who haven't seen everything with your own eyes."

Su Wan suddenly smiled bitterly at the camera: "I used to… love Du Chen so much that I was willing to die for him, so after my parents took the money from the Du family and took me away, I committed suicide, but failed."

This is a story that belonged to the original owner. Su Wan wants to clear the original owner's name in front of everyone —— she was not a greedy and vain mistress, nor was she a scheming sinister woman who deliberately wrecked the feelings between two people.

She was just humbly and cowardly in love with someone.

"After moving, I became very introverted, very timid and didn't like to interact with others. I was afraid that the Du family would find us, but I was also hoping that Du Chen would come looking to me, but what was Du Chen doing at that time? He married Ling Qiyue! My parents always kept this concealed from me. I didn’t know about it until a few days ago. How sad! How ridiculous! Du Chen kept saying that I lied to him and that I was two-faced, saying that I am a vicious-minded woman, but what about him? Did he really love me? If he really loved me, why didn’t he look for me? Why? In the end, he couldn’t abandon his status as the second son of the Du family. He only knew to drink his sorrows away and only knew to marry another woman to go against his parents, and this resulted in harming two women for a lifetime. Being driven away by him, and being abandoned by him, I used to think I will never be happy in this life, but Du Han returned."

Su Wan glanced at Su Rui subconsciously and her eyes sparkled with happiness: "He taught me how to love. I’m very glad I had the fortune to meet him in this life. Even if I was misunderstood by the whole world, he will always stand by my side until I grow old and until I disappear from this world."

The final explanation was what Su Wan wanted to say the most to Su Rui ——

How lucky I am to meet you in this life.

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