Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.7 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

As the richest family in China, any news about the Du family, even if the Du's pet dog ate one more meal that day, would become a big scoop that many newspapers and magazines would compete to report. And just yesterday, there were countless citizens who witnessed the appearance of Eldest Young Master Du’s Silver Wing Night. Moreover, the mysterious lover of Eldest Young Master Du from eight years ago seemed to have finally surfaced?

On this day, the entire Yanjing media were boiling!

Small news media with no resources and no behind-the-scenes informants began to walk the streets and alleyways in order to interview the crowds of onlookers who were present that day. In the end, many people from the media surrounded the small hotel where Su Wan’s family lived. The lady boss and her hotel were really popular.

At the same time, countless large media outlets gathered outside the Du’s family villa and company, waiting to interview the people involved.

Du Chen, who arrived at the company in the morning, immediately sent his assistant to get rid of all the media. After finishing this, Du Chen gave a call to a private detective he knew well.

"Young Master Du?"

The person on the other end of the phone was very pleasantly surprised: "Does Young Master Du have anything else I can help with?"

Who doesn't like a rich customer like Du Chen? In order to keep such customers, he would treat them very attentively.

"You’ve given me everything about Su Wan's investigation?"

Du Chen's tone was a little gloomy. Thanks to Tiantian's hint, Du Chen realised some doubtful points about Su Wan’s family and found someone to investigate them. At that time, the person he looked for was this detective, who was Yanjing's best private detective.

"I gave Young Master Du everything I could find at the time. What happened? Was there an issue?"

The person on the other end of the phone ceased his laughter and became very serious: "Young Master Du, we are very professional and will not deceive customers with false information."

"I know."

Du Chen tapped his finger on the desk and felt irritable: "Help me investigate again, the cost will remain the same, no... the cost will be doubled! Help me check the relationship between Su Wan...... and my eldest brother!"

Eldest Young Master Du?

The detective on the other end of the phone hesitated. Damn, my humble self ​​wouldn't accidentally get involved in the internal struggle of a rich family, would I?

For money or my life, this is the question.

Hearing the background sound of the air-conditioning running, Du Chen couldn't help raising his voice: "Triple! If you don’t accept, I’ll find someone else!"

"I'll take it! I'll take it!"

Your mother, I can just go straight into retirement after completing this! Only idiots wouldn’t accept it!

After hanging up the call, Du Chen leaned back on his boss chair, his eyes revealing a complicated and difficult expression.


At this time, his assistant Yu Feng walked in quickly, his expression full of hesitance.

"What's wrong? Those reporters refused to leave?"

Du Chen raised his eyes and glanced at Yu Feng coldly. Yu Feng has been by his side for three to four years, so it would normally be impossible for him to not be able handle this little thing.

"No, no!" Hearing Du Chen's words, Yu Feng anxiously shook his head: "Boss, all the reporters downstairs had all ran away."

Yes, before Yu Feng took the company's public relations team to deal with it, the reporters all left in a frenzy.

Usually when this happens, there is only one possibility——

They want to rush to another scene that is even more exciting and hotter news.


Du Chen was also surprised: "What had more selling points in Yanjing than news about our Du family?"

Yes, no family is more eye-catching than the Du family.



At this time, the door of Du Chen's office was suddenly thrown open and a group of shareholders rushed in anxiously: "Second Young Master! What the hell is Eldest Young Master doing?"

Elder brother?

Du Chen looked in shock at the people who suddenly barged in: "What happened to my big brother? Yu Feng, what happened?"

"Boss, you should….. see it for yourself."

While Yu Feng spoke, he pressed the button for the 3D projection screen at the corner of Du Chen's desk and a giant high-definition 3D projection immediately appeared on one wall of the office.

This is Yanjing’s largest CN station. At this time, the reporter’s interview with Du Han, the Eldest Young Master of the Du family, is being broadcasted live.

From the huge projection, you can clearly see the luxurious and beautiful villa belonging to the Du’s, which made countless citizens unable to help but stop and watch. At this moment, the interview in the villa is being watched by millions of people ——

Reporter: Mr. Du, is what Madam Li said just now true? Did you have a crush on Miss Su when she was still in high school 10 years ago?

Su Rui:......

Li Meijuan: Of course what I said is true. Our family’s Xiao Wan was the school flower at that time and many boys liked her!

Blu: School flower - prettiest girl in school

Reporter: Mr. Du?

Su Rui: Yes, I like School Flower Su.

If the plot in a certain world counts, then fine, he’ll admit it. What else could he do?

Blu: Referring to that arc when Su Wan was in highschool and the female lead kept trying to “kindly” help (read as ‘ruin’) her.

Hearing Su Rui’s answer, the female reporter was also stunned. The camera lens was directly zoomed into Su Wan’s face. At this moment, Su Wan was pulling Su Xiaosu from the side while whispering and when she felt the lens suddenly zoom in, she couldn't help raising her eyes, smiling and saying hello to the audience behind the camera while holding Su Xiaosu's hand.

It must be said that the predecessors in every world were all very attractive and the original owner in this world looked pure and gentle. Now her soul has changed and  carried Su Wan’s cool elegance. The instant she gave such a brilliant smile, she captured the hearts of the male audience in an instant…...

In the office, Du Chen looked at Su Wan's smile in a daze.

Thinking back to his university days, he just had a glimpse and fell in love with her clean and innocent smile.

Looking back now, it seems that the past was still vivid in his mind. After all, she used to be his "true love". How could it be so easy to forget her completely, but…...

Was what my elder brother said true? Did he really meet Su Wan earlier than him?

At this time, the TV station's interview was still continuing ——

Reporter: Mr. Du, do you admit that you and Miss Su are in a relationship? So why didn't you choose to marry her eight years ago? And according to the information we have, seven years ago, Mr. Du Chen, that is, your younger brother, once pursued Miss Su and was also dating her. What do you think of this matter?”

The crucial point was here! The crucial point was here!

At this moment, the director of the news station was happy at the sharply rising ratings, but the reporter in the villa was shaking and going pale under Su Rui's cold, sharp eyes.

Wuwuwu, Mr. Du Han’s eyes look terrible, Director, I want to go home~

The air in the villa seemed to condense and the room was filled with an oppressive silence.

Just when everyone thought that Du Han would turn hostile and end the interview, the Eldest Young Master Du, who had always been rigorous and steady in the eyes of the public, suddenly spoke again: "I have always liked Su Wan, but she didn't know it. Later, my parents asked me to find a woman to get married and have children with. I thought about her at that time, but she was just admitted to university. You should know that you can’t get married at that age according to international conventions, so I had to find someone to do some tricks at the medical examination after she entered university. After that, I went to a doctor with her eggs and did an IVF."


Eldest Young Master Du, was it really fine for you to say this with such a serious face?

You have stolen someone's eggs. Was international convention marriage laws that difficult for you?

Therefore, we mortals will never understand the world of those with low EQ.

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