His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 9 - I Must be Blind to Like You

After Sheng Peiyin and the Ninth Prince entered the private room, Shen Ziqiao went to look for Shen Ziyang, wanting to bring him back to the Shen Family.

Shen Ziyang hadn’t seen the Ninth Prince he admired, so no matter what, he refused to go home. “You can go back alone if you’d like. I’m still going to wait for a while.”

“You think that you can really see the Ninth Prince? Let’s quickly head back.” Shen Ziqiao held Shen Ziyang’s wrist. She didn’t want to stay in this place any longer. After a while, she’d be humiliated.

“I want to see the Ninth Prince because I admire his talent. I’m different from you. He doesn’t want to see you, but that doesn’t mean he won’t want to see me.” Shen Ziyang looked at Shen Ziqiao in disdain.

Shen Ziqiao sneered. “Then you can have fun waiting here.”

Although she was a female side lead and should sacrifice herself to contrast the female lead, even green tea bitches have their own dignities. She didn’t want to let people step on her dignity.

Coming out of the private room, Shen Ziqiao walked downstairs without even looking back.

Sheng Peiyin was about to go upstairs when she saw her coming down. She was shocked. “Jiao Jiao, where are you going?”

Black lines fell down Shen Ziqiao’s forehead. Sheng Peiyin appeared at the right time as expected. “I recalled that I still need to do something, so I want to head back.”

“I had the kitchen cook your favorite spicy salted duck. Why don’t you head back after eating it?” Sheng Peiyin smiled. She didn’t just bring Shen Ziqiao here so that she could sit and then head back.

She didn’t like duck at all! Shen Ziqiao smiled and said that she’ll eat it next time.

Shen Ziyang rushed downstairs and asked, “Sister Peiyin, Sister Peiyin, where’s the Ninth Prince?”

His voice was loud and clear, attracting everyone’s attention immediately.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Shen Ziqiao. They looked at her in mockery and in disdain, waiting to watch her be humiliated.

Shen Ziqiao secretly cursed out that little bastard inside.

Sheng Peiyin smiled and held onto Shen Ziqiao’s hands. “Don’t you want to see the Ninth Prince before leaving?”

Shen Ziyang looked behind Sheng Peiyin in surprise. A man clad in white wearing a rainbow-colored belt walked over gracefully. His sleeves were embroidered with dark patterns and it fluttered along his footsteps. It made him look even more elegant and noble.

“Ninth Prince!” He called out loudly.

Shen Ziqiao felt her brain suddenly hurting. She finally got to see how the Ninth Prince looked like in the eyes.

The Ninth Prince seemed to be twenty-five or twenty-six. He had a built figure and a noble temperament. He appeared gentle and polite. His attention was only on Sheng Peiyin but after Shen Ziyang called him out, he noticed other people’s presence.

His face turned green the moment he saw Shen Ziqiao.

“Woah, Third Miss Sheng, I heard that you accidentally entered Young Master Qi’s room as a result of trying to find the Ninth Prince?” It was unclear who smiled and asked this.

Laughter rang.

Shen Ziqiao turned around and looked at Sheng Peiyin. She wanted her to come to the Shangpin Teahouse so that more people could find out she and Qi Zheng were in a room alone, most likely.

Sheng Peiyin really worked hard to ruin her reputation.

The Ninth Prince wore a cold face. He found it an extreme humiliation for his name to be connected to Shen Ziqiao’s.

Hearing the laughter in the lobby, she didn’t explain for herself. She knew that no matter whether she talked or not, it was no use.

Sheng Peiyin stared awkwardly at the Ninth Prince, explaining, “Jiao Jiao just encountered Young Master Qi when he wasn’t feeling well back then.”

“What does this have to do with this prince? She’s just a shameless and cheap woman. Whoever that woman is with has nothing to do with this prince.” The Ninth Prince said coldly.

When Shen Ziqiao heard this, her impression of the Ninth Prince became worse. He was being too excessive, especially when he said this in front of everyone.

“That’s right. It does have nothing to do with the Ninth Prince. However, this is the first time I’ve seen a seven-foot tall man stooping down to the same level as a shrew.” Shen Ziqiao sneered and said this in a calm voice.

Not only was the Ninth Prince stunned when he heard this, but even Sheng Peiyin widened her eyes in shock.

“It seems like I’m being shameless by trying to help someone. Then what exactly do I need to do so that I’m not shameless? Ninth Prince, I hope you can teach me.” Shen Ziqiao wasn’t easily angered, but that doesn’t mean she’d allow someone to step all over her.

So what if she was a female side lead? Not all female side leads would become cannon fodders.

Sheng Peiyin found this strange in her heart. Whenever Shen Ziqiao saw the Ninth Prince, her face flushed and she became bashful. She was well-behaved and wanted to please the Ninth Prince, so how dare she talk back to him today?

Likewise, the Ninth Prince didn’t expect Shen Ziqiao to talk back either. He glared at her. “You’re shameless.”

Shen Ziqiao snorted. “So helping others is a shameless action in the Ninth Prince’s eyes. I’ve learned something today. I must be blind to like you back then. Don’t worry. I won’t appear in front of you anymore.”

Everyone was silent and even Shen Ziyang couldn’t say anything.

She originally wanted to change her image as someone smitten with the Ninth Prince, but Shen Ziqiao didn’t want to wait anymore. How could she possibly be interested in a fool like the Ninth Prince?

“Jiao Jiao, what’s up with you?” Sheng Peiyin asked in a low voice.

Shen Ziqiao pulled Sheng Peiyin’s hands to the side. “I’m good. Sister Sheng, I won’t ruin your mood today, so I’ll be going now.”

After that, she walked out of the lobby without looking back.

Sheng Peiyin slightly narrowed her eyes as she stared at Shen Ziqiao’s rear view, a strange glint passing in her eyes.

The Ninth Prince’s expression changed greatly.

Shen Ziyang widened his mouth up until Shen Ziqiao called him outside, did he snap out of his trance and hurriedly chased out.

Shen Ziqiao let out a sigh in relief after getting on the horse carriage.

“You...you actually talked back to the Ninth Prince!” After they traveled a bit on the horse carriage, Shen Ziyang finally reacted. He pointed at Shen Ziqiao and stammered.

Shen Ziqiao looked at the scene outside the window in a good mood. “So what?”

“So what?” Shen Ziyang raised his voice. “You must be crazy today.”

“Just consider me crazy then.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

Shen Ziyang said hatefully, “I’ll definitely tell grandmother on you when we’re back home. Just you wait.”

“Do whatever you want.” After all, the old woman didn’t like her from the start.

After they returned to the Shen Family, Shen Ziqiao didn’t pay respects to Old Madam Shen either. She returned to her room and had someone prepare lunch for her. After the disturbance at Shangpin Teahouse, she hadn’t eaten anything.

“Third Miss, the cooks in the kitchen are off duty now.” Her personal maid, Cui Ping, said. She seemed to be unhappy that Shen Ziqiao wanted to eat at this time.

Shen Ziqiao smiled. “Then let them get back on duty. I want to eat steamed fresh and eight treasures rice.”

Cui Ping was unwilling to get up. Shen Ziqiao looked at her. “What? I need to ask a maid’s permission to eat when I’m the master?”

“This maid doesn’t dare. This maid will order the kitchen to prepare food for you now.” Cui Ping pursed her lips and responded.

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