Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.4 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

In order to be prosperous and wealthy in the future, Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan acted based on Su Wan's instructions. They went out early and returned late every day to squat outside the Du family's house.

These two sneaky figures have long attracted the attention of Little Ling Li. Ever since he smoothly drove away the "mistress" and her family, Ling Li also took a lot of effort to persuade his mother Ling Qiyue to move back to the Du house.

Of course, the current Ling Qiyue could not forgive Du Chen and still thought about divorcing Du Chen. Little Tiantian - who realized that his father was not that much of a scumbag - was now trying to find ways to make his mom and dad get back together.

The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first. He doesn't believe that love can’t spark between two people who lived together all day.

>Blu: The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first - special advantages fall to a person in a favourable position

Of course, the premise was to not have any blind people coming to look for trouble. The little boy is very cruel~

>Blu: The character the author uses for ‘little boy’ also means ‘shota’. The author is also fond of using the word ‘loli’.


Today, Little Tiantian came back from the kindergarten in Du Chen’s car and saw the two not-so-distant familiar figures. Xiao Tiantian’s eyes flashed: "Dad, those two people sneak around the outside our house all day long. They’re not thinking of kidnapping me, are they? I’m so scared! The kindergarten teacher said that there are too many bad people out there nowadays!”

Bad guys?

Du Chen followed Little Tiantian's gaze and saw two sneaky and familiar figures. Aren't they Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan?


Du Chen's heart cooled. He remembered that the couple seemed to owe a large sum of money outside. They wandered outside Du family’s house all day without crying and begging him to lend them money. Could it be that they really do want to kidnap his son?

At the thought of this, Du Chen's eyes became cold and gloomy...…

After the car drove into the Du family's villa, the gates slowly closed. Su Jianjun and his wife, who had waited another day for nothing, were about to leave. Who knew that a few tall and mighty bodyguards suddenly rushed out of the side door of the Du’s villa at that moment and efficiently knocked them down to the ground. They were then dragged  directly into the back garden of Du's house.

At this time, Du Chen had changed into home clothes and was sitting gracefully and elegantly at the wooden table in the garden sipping red wine.

"Second Young Master, I have brought them!"

A few black-clothed bodyguards threw Su Jianjun and his wife in front of Du Chen. Both of them were stunned when they saw the second young master of the Du family. They instinctively felt a little scared at first, but when they thought of what Su Wan told them, Li Meijuan settled down.

Afraid? What were they afraid of?

Daughter has already said that she has the Eldest Young Master’s support!

But the question is, where is Eldest Young Master Du?

Looking at the two people in front of him meaningfully, Du Chen raised his hand and the housework robot immediately helped him take away the wine glass and bottle: "Speak, why have you been lingering around my house? What do you want to do? It can’t be…. that you still want to steal things from my Du family?"

"No, no, that’s not it!"

Su Jianjun immediately shivered and hurriedly denied.

This useless thing!

Li Meijuan glared at him, then straightened her body slightly: "We, we were just casually wandering around this area. You don’t own this street, do you?"


Du Chen smiled evilly: "Yes, this entire street is my Du family's property."

Li Meijuan:...

How could she forget the financial resources of the Du family? She was sadly reminded.

"Even if, even if the whole street is yours, you have to let others walk on it, right?"

Li Meijuan made up her mind to quibble and she would never reveal her true purpose.

Seeing Li Meijuan's mouth so obstinate, Du Chen looked at Su Jianjun, who was trembling with fright ——

These two want to be kidnappers? Are they bloody kidding me?

After determining that the risk factor of the two people was very small, Du Chen felt relieved, but for the sake of caution, he has decided to let the two people disappear from now on.

"How many gambling debts do you owe? I’ll help you both pay it back, but in exchange..."

Du Chen leaned down and looked at the two people with cold eyes: "Never appear in front of me ever again and don’t show up near my house, otherwise..... don't blame me for being impolite to you!"


Su Jianjun was a little moved by this proposal and turned to look at his wife as if asking.

You didn't pay attention! At this moment, Li Meijuan feels that she has failed in this life. How much water did she have in her mind to marry such a wicked thing?

"Young Master Du, we don't need you to help us pay back the money. Our Xiao Wan said that her husband will pay it back for us and she will provide for us, so we cannot accept your kindness!”

Li Meijuan felt very confident ——

That's right! It is this feel! This old lady is destined to become the mother-in-law of Eldest Young Master Du, so she doesn't care about that petty profit.

What do you mean ‘don’t appear here in the future’?

Hehehe, when my daughter marries into Du family, I will be half the master here! This garden, this villa, this swimming pool, everything here will not be yours alone!

Later, it’ll all be ours, ours…..

The greed in Li Meijuan's eyes flashed by. When he caught sight of her expression, Du Chen just raised his lips and smiled coldly. Is she still dreaming of marrying her daughter into a wealthy family?

Du Chen did not deny that he had loved Su Wan deeply, and even before Tiantian appeared, he thought about giving her status and spending a lifetime with her.

But the appearance of Little Tiantian changed everything.

A woman who pours out lies in front of him and will bully his son while he’s not at home. Was she really worthy of his love and affection?

He must have been blind at the beginning to think she was a good girl.

Du Chen believed that everything he saw and found out was the truth. He had already given up on Su Wan and he also felt deep disgust for Su Wan's parents.

"Since you don't need my help, that's even better, but I hope you will remember what I said —— don't show up around here again, otherwise I will definitely humiliate you!

Du Chen coldly waved his hand and a few bodyguards immediately rushed over to drag Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan out. At this time, a black elongated car suddenly drove in from the gate. The beautifully streamlined limited-edition extended car parked directly outside the garden and the black door slowly opened. The first thing that caught everyone's eyes was a pair of spotless leather shoes, followed by well-ironed trousers and slender straight legs.

A man in a black suit slowly walked out of the car. His suit was very neat and tidy, just like the person himself. At first glance, it gave people a very rigorous and elegant feeling.

"Eldest Young Master!"

When the bodyguards in the garden saw that person's figure, they all bowed their heads respectfully.

This is... Du family’s eldest young master, Du Han?

Li Meijuan's eyes suddenly brightened when she heard those words and suddenly broke free from the bodyguard’s grasp and rushed to Du Han in a few steps: "My son-in-law! We finally met you!"


Su Rui just got out of the car and saw a woman with disheveled hair coming straight towards him. He was about to slap her flying, but when he heard that woman open her mouth and called him son-in-law?

Auntie, where did you come from?

Su Rui's face was cold and frowned slightly. Du Chen was also anxious at this time. He knew his elder brother's rigorous temperament, so naturally he couldn't watch Li Meijuan, a vixen, continue making a mess around here.

"Someone come and drag this crazy woman out for me!"

Du Chen let out a cold growl and the bodyguards who consciously neglected their duties rushed forward to grab Li Meijuan's arm.

At this time, Li Meijuan didn't care so much and quickly shouted at Su Rui: "Son-in-law, why don’t you say something ah! It was our Xiao Wan who asked me to come look for you! Why are you....."

"Hold on."

Su Rui suddenly said coldly and walked gracefully to Li Meijuan: "You said Xiao Wan called you to come to me? You are Su Wan's mother…... Li Meijuan?"

"Yes, yes,  yes! Son-in-law, do you know me?"

Seeing that Su Rui called out her name all at once, Li Meijuan's panicked little heart instantly returned to normal.

The words “son-in-law” became smoother the more she said it!

Su Rui waved his hand and motioned to the bodyguards to step back: "Where is Xiao Wan? Take me to her."

"Big brother?"

At this time, Du Chen had stood up and came to their side. The weird situation in front of him made Du Chen feel rather baffled.

And at this moment, something that surprised him even more happened.

The other door of the extended car behind Su Rui was slowly pushed open and a little girl who looked seven to eight points like him jumped out of the car with joy: "Dad, dad, are we going to find mom? Let’s quickly go! Susu misses her so much!"

This is……

Du Chen knew what crazy thing his elder brother did, but Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan didn't know!

At this moment, seeing Su Xiaosu pulling the corner of Su Rui's clothes clamoring to find Su Wan, the couple were instantly petrified——

When did my daughter have such a big daughter? How did we not know?

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