Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.3 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

Because Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan were scammed by a gambling game set up by Little Tiantian, the couple still owed a lot of gambling debts, so now the family of three dared not return to the small house they rented and could only hide in a dirty and messy little hotel.

Nowadays, with technology being so advanced, as long as you have electronic devices on your body, you could easily be found by enemies or debt collectors. In order to prevent this from happening, the Su family of three did not even carry a mobile phone with an electronic chip.

In the hotel room without windows, the air was filled with unpleasant smells.

It was the first time that Su Wan had met such greedy parents after having gone through so many worlds. Hearing Su Wan said that there was a way to return to the Du house, the two people who had just been spiritedly squabbling with each other were now squatting in the corner and starting to discuss their future “rich and honorable life”. Parents like these were exactly the classic bad examples that people should learn a lesson from.

While the two of them were immersed in their imaginations of a glorious life in the future, Su Wan quietly walked out of the room.

Leaving the hotel and walking on the wide street, Su Wan finally took a deep breath. Fortunately, the air outside was fresh enough.

The unfamiliar streets were full of high-tech electric cars. This era was very environmentally friendly and all sources of energy are probably renewable.

Su Wan walked around the street alone and bought three cheap dinner takeaways, but when she returned to the hotel, Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan had disappeared and the cramped room was turned into a mess. On the fallen chair, there was a sloppily scribbled note. Su Wan picked up the note and looked at it. It was left by the debt collectors before they left. It generally meant that they had taken Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan away, and if the relatives of the two wanted to redeem them, they must pay back at least the 100,000 yuan in interest owed this month.

Nowadays, was money not considered money anymore? A month’s interest is 100,000 yuan?

Su Wan threw the note aside, looking sadly at the three dinners she bought——

What a waste, she bought two more portions! Two portions!

As for Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan’s safety? Su Wan wasn’t worried. Those debt collectors were demanding money and not their lives. It’s fine if the couple suffered a bit when they were caught, it just so happens that this would be their chance to learn from their mistakes.

After casually cleaning the room, Su Wan also gave up the idea of finding ​​a different place to live in, thinking that she had already paid a month’s rent. She opened the door to air out the smell in the room and then ate the dinner. In the end, Su Wan took the two portions and gave them to the proprietress of the small hotel and the receptionist at the front desk.

The stingy lady boss was originally angry because of the noise being made in the evening coming from the group of people. After taking Su Wan’s dinner, her cold expression gradually became a smiling one…...

In this way, Su Wan stayed in this small hotel. The proprietress of the hotel was also a stock investor. Su Wan had spare time to help her look at the stocks. Seeing that Su Wan really had the ability to help herself make money, the proprietress’s attitude towards her got better and better, and finally took the initiative to help Su Wan move into a more spacious room with windows.

At this time, Su Wan had no spare money in her wallet. It wasn't that she had never thought about entering the market herself, but her current capital wasn't enough to serve as start-up funds.

Truly ‘a penny stumps heroes’!

Blu: A penny stumps heroes -  An analogy that a small difficulty makes a big thing difficult and impossible to complete. It also refers to a very capable person who is helpless in the face of a small problem.

Su Wan couldn't help but continue to brush up her presence in front of the lady boss and increase the favorability level. The boss not only let her stay in a good room, but also very enthusiastically invited Su Wan to eat with her every day.

After more than half a month, Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan finally returned. The appearance of the two at this time can be described as miserable. It seems that they have been abused by those debt collectors.

"Xiao Wan, why didn’t you save your mother?"

As soon as she entered the door, the unkempt Li Meijuan began to cry herself hoarse.

Su Wan, who heard that hoarse cry, frowned: "What could I even do to save you?"

Su Wan dug around in her pocket and only took out a few hundred yuan of change: "These are all my assets. Don't you know what circumstances our family is in?"

"You have no money, but don't you have Young Master Du? Go cry and beg!"

Su Jianjun sat his butt down on the bed, with a look of hating iron for not becoming steel.

Blu: Hating iron for not becoming steel - to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (Source: Pleco)

"I’ve already been driven out by Du Chen. He’s currently cherishing his wife and child. He’s happy and satisfied, so how could he be bothered whether I lived or died? Do you still have your brains?"

Su Wan's face also sank at this time: "Besides, aren't both your bodies fine, not missing an arm or a leg? When you borrowed this large sum of money in the beginning, what were you guys thinking? Have you never thought about the consequences of not being able to pay it back?"

"At that time..."

Li Meijuan stopped crying and looked at Su Wan with a complicated expression: "Didn’t we have the Du family as our backing at that time?! Who knew that Young Master Du would suddenly become hostile! He’s not a man at all!"

Li Meijuan began to curse Du Chen endlessly and finally stopped when her throat became hoarse and got tired of cursing.

As for Su Jianjun, he took out a pack of cigarettes from who knows where and started smoking sullenly on the bed. The unpleasant smell made Su Wan wrinkle her nose. She stepped forward and snatched Su Jianjun’s cigarette and threw it into the trash can.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Seeing that his cigarette was taken away, Su Jianjun immediately glared at Su Wan with fury.

"You’re asking me what the hell I’m doing? Either you two listen to me and I give you wealth and glory, or you two can get the hell out of my sight!"

In the original plot, after Su Wan committed suicide, her money-hungry parents only knew to make a fuss about it. They took the opportunity to take a large sum of money from Du Chen and then flew far away. In their hearts, there might be no such thing as family affection at all.

Su Wan would naturally not be polite towards such parents.

"You damned disobedient girl!"

Su Jianjun immediately stood up in anger, but as soon as his eyes met Su Wan's cold, sharp, emotionless eyes, the anger in Su Jianjun's heart immediately dissipated.

People who are greedy for money are often timid and Su Jianjun was actually even more timid than a mouse. Though he usually yells with great vigour, he was actually terrified.

Teh: All bark no bite eh?

"Enough enough."

At this time, Li Meijuan also stepped forward to smooth things over: "Xiao Wan, my dear girl, we’ll both listen to you, okay? Just tell us what to do!"

"What you have to do is very simple. During this period, you only need to stay outside the Du family's yard. The moment you see Eldest Young Master Du return, you will rush to acknowledge your relatives."

"Acknowledge your relatives?" Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan both looked confused when they heard Su Wan's words.

And Su Wan just smiled confidently.

Everyone in the upper-class society of Yanjing knows that Eldest Young Master Du was a strict and obtuse man with high IQ and low EQ. When he wanted to give up doing business and do research, Master Du and Madam Du only made one request, that is, to get married immediately and give them a grandson or granddaughter, then the two people would no longer interfere with his life.

Not long after, Du Han brought a little girl in front of two people accompanied by a paternity test, proving that the girl was his biological daughter.

That little girl was naturally Du Han’s daughter, Du Yu. No one knew who her mother was. Many people guessed that Du Han found a surrogate, but this child was actually a test-tube baby. Her father was indeed Du Han, but her biological mother was unknown…...

In fact, only Du Han knew this. When he decided to do IVF, he specially selected the frozen eggs of a young woman who passed away because of an accident. This was to avoid any difficult or complicated situation if he ever met the child’s mother one day.

At that time, Du Han did not think that Du Yu would leave him one day. Du Han was a very strict and introverted person. He poured endless love for his only daughter, but Du Yu died because of an accident when she was 4 years old.

Since then, Du Han had become more closed off. He tried his best to "resurrect" Du Yu and even created a high-tech robot with super artificial intelligence, "Du Yu". This robot looked very similar to Du Han. Even the age was calculated according to Du Yu's age.

Towards such a crazy brother, Du Chen could only sigh that everything in the world was temporary, but Du Chen did not accept the robot "Du Yu".

There were many intelligent robots working as servants in the Du family. In Du Chen's view, machines would always be machines. No matter how intelligent she was, she will never become a real human being.

When everyone rejected "Du Yu", Ling Qiyue liked "her" very much. Perhaps because she has been a single mother, Ling Qiyue could understand Du Han's feelings very well. The two people slowly became good friends after interacting with each other. Du Han, who was in his early thirties and had never been in love nor felt his heart stir, felt his heart beat for Ling Qiyue right then.

Unfortunately, he was destined to only be a person who silently protects…...

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