Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.23 — Billionaire wife running with the ball (Epilogue)

In the dark corridor, there was no moonlight and in her blurry vision, Ling Qiyue could only see Du Chen's slightly red eyes, and at this moment he looked particularly frightening.



    "Du Chen, Du Chen, you..."



    Ling Qiyue's gaze fell on Du Chen's hand and she saw the shape of a gun in Du Chen's hand.






    Du Chen sneered and looked at Ling Qiyue who stood nearby with no trace of emotion in his eyes.






    At this moment, Ling Li who faintly heard Ling Qiyue's voice suddenly came out of the room in a daze.



    Congratulations, the protagonist's family has assembled.



    "Tiantian, quickly go back. Du Chen, don't act recklessly!"



    Ling Qiyue, who was seized with panic, suddenly rushed over when she saw Ling Li.



    "Shut up!"



    For fear of Ling Qiyue's voice awakening Du Han, Du Chen's expression immediately turned sullen: "Ling Qiyue, I told you to shut up! Otherwise, don't blame me for being discourteous to you!"



    At this time, Du Chen's expression was particularly ferocious.



    It was the first time Ling Li saw Du Chen's other side.



    In the heart of every child, their parents will always be the most beautiful people in the world.



    Even if he knew that Du Chen was a scumbag who was irresponsible in matters of romance, Ling Li has never loathed him, but now, he actually aimed his gun at his mother.



    "Dad, what are you doing, that's mom!"



    Ling Li's voice carried a sobbing tone. He was so scared, he didn't want to lose any of his family members.



    "Oh, she is your mother, what does it have to do with me?"



    At this time, Du Chen had long lost his reason.



    Over the years, he has always been the proud son of heaven. He has trampled all living beings under his feet. He was used to flying high in the clouds and refused to let himself fall from such a lofty position.



    When a person who was completely enshrouded in the protagonist's halo falls from the clouds into the mud overnight, do you expect him to have an ordinary heart?



    No, he won't have it and no one could be calm when they’ve experienced great changes.



    "Dad, don't you love mother at all? Even if you don't love her, at least you should think about me. I don't want to lose any of you."



    Ling Li's voice sounded particularly hurt and desperate in the dark night.



    "I’ve never loved her. If I knew she had a child back then, I would never let her give birth to a child."



    Du Chen narrowed his eyes at Ling Li: "Tiantian, come here now. You will be my son in the future, otherwise..."



    "Otherwise what?"



    Ling Li looked at Du Chen's face, his eyes changing little by little.



    Sure enough, what Uncle said was right.



    Dad doesn't love them, he only loves himself, loves his life of luxury.



    If one day, father and son confronted each other......



    Ling Li remembered what Uncle had asked him.



    He couldn't help closing his eyes lightly ——



    Since my father had never looked forward to his birth, so what should he expect from him?



    This person does not love his mother or himself.






    Ling Li whispered, "Return my favor and leave it to you."



    At this moment, Ling Li felt that he had grown up suddenly.



    Although, the price of growth is always so expensive.



    A breeze blew, Du Chen only felt that his hand was light and the pistol had strangely disappeared. The next moment, the cold muzzle pressed against his temple: "Second brother, the gun should be used like this."



    Su Rui's figure has appeared beside Du Chen at some point. After he said this, he turned his head and looked at Ling Qiyue and Ling Li: "Ling Li, help your mother back to the room. What will come next is a bloody scene that children should not see, you don’t want to see it."



    At this time, Ling Qiyue's face was still pale. When she heard Su Rui's words, she bit her lip and looked at Du Chen searchingly.



    This man has affected her for a lifetime. Is it finally over now?



    "Mom, let's go in."



    Compared with Ling Qiyue's complicated thoughts, Ling Li appeared very calm.



    Once a decision is made, there is no regret, no hesitation, this is a man who really does things in a big way.



    Seeing the two people return to the bedroom and close the door tightly, Su Rui turned his head to look at Du Chen: "Today is exactly the fifteenth and the full moon. It is suitable to go to the underworld to reunite with your parents."



    "Heh, Du Han, I have always underestimated you."



    At the juncture of life and death, Du Chen surprisingly calmed down. But he still did not regret his irrationality earlier.



    People will always do something irreversible because of an impulse.



    Called a King if successful, called a bandit if defeated.



    "Xiao Wan, I want to see her."



    At this time, perhaps his wish was to see Su Wan for the last time?



    "My wife doesn't want to see you."



    Su Rui replied with a cold face. He loathed this “love rival” the most.



    "Du Han, are you not a man? Don’t tell me that you’re unwilling to fulfill the last wish of a dying person?"



    Du Chen looked at his elder brother and suddenly felt that he was so strange, and that he didn't seem to know him at all.



    "If I am not a man and my wife knows. If you want to die, I will fulfill your wish immediately."



    With that said, Su Rui pulled the trigger without hesitation ——



    Many thanks for the sanctions reminder from the headquarters half an hour ago.



    General Su expresses that it felt great to kill this “love rival” with his own hands ~



    When Du Chen's body slowly fell to the ground, Su Rui indifferently dismantled the silencer pistols into parts and scattered them piece by piece beside Du Chen.



    Tomorrow, news of Du Chen's misfortune abroad will appear in every major Yanjing newspaper.



    That's right, the world of the rich is this capricious.



    Su Rui was commanding the robot at home to dispose of Du Chen's body when Ling Li suddenly walked out of his room: "Uncle, let me do it."



    Having been a father and son for a lifetime, he should pay him his last respects and lay him to rest.



    Seeing Ling Li's increasingly cold eyes and emotionless face, Su Rui squinted his eyes——



    At this moment, he suddenly realized that the most powerful person in this world was not Du Chen, but Ling Li.



    Compared with Ling Li, the protagonist halo of Du Chen and Ling Qiyue's were really weak.



    In the end, Du Chen's body was taken away by Ling Li. As for where he took him, Su Rui never asked.



    Since Du Chen had an "accident", Su Rui has become the Du consortium’s only head, but at this time he returned to Xinghong Electronics and devoted himself to the research of robots with the likeness of humans.



    He wanted robots and humans to be friendly with each other and for them to be equals in the future.



    This was the only thing he could do for Su Xiaosu before he left this world.



    The entire Du company was handed over to Ling Li. He was only a child less than six years old and had to manage a huge money empire. Amidst the voice of doubt from the outside world, this child greatly surprised everyone——



    Your mother, are you really sure this is a child?



    Eldest Young Master Du, did you use a robot with a high IQ to toy with us?






    Five and a half years later, Ling Li's eleventh birthday.



    "Happy birthday."



    Su Xiaosu looked at Ling Li, who was already much taller than her, and could only lift the gift up to his chest.



    "Thank you, Susu."



    Ling Li habitually raised his hand and rubbed Su Xiaosu's hair.



    "Hey, you have to call me Elder Sister Susu!"



    Su Xiaosu was not happy anymore. Where’s the ‘elder sister’? You’re bullying me because I’m not tall, right?



    Looking at Su Xiaosu who was still the same, Li Li just smiled gently: "Elder Sister Susu. Is that all right?"



    "This is good enough."



    Su Xiaosu was immediately happy: "Let me tell you, if a girl gives you something to eat, you must not eat it."






    Ling Li's eyes flashed and he looked at Su Xiaosu seriously.



    "Because you have to leave it for me! Haven’t you ever learnt about Kong Rong giving up pears1? It's scary to have no education."





    Ling Li:......



    Who was the one who has never gone to school and who has no education? …...



    A few years later, Ling Li’s fifteenth birthday——



    "Here, happy birthday."



    Now, Su Xiaosu doesn't like to celebrate Ling Li's birthday at all, because there used to be many girls who liked him and gave him chocolates. Su Xiaosu likes eating chocolates the most.



    But now there were no girls giving him anything.



    You see him putting on a cold face all day long, like an iceberg, no wonder no girls liked him, so pitiful~



    Forget it, I’ll make him happy.



    "Ling Li, look at what I gave you?"



    Su Xiaosu saw that Ling Li was about to put away the present and immediately reminded him nervously.



    In fact, the gifts that Su Xiaosu sent him on each birthday were always those few kinds. Although they were very average, Ling Li will solemnly store them away.



    Seeing Su Xiaosu staring at him with glittering eyes today, Ling Li had to open the gift directly.






    A chocolate heart?



    At that moment, Ling Li felt that his heartbeat suddenly became extremely fast.






    Su Xiaosu had never grown up in these years, but Ling Li found that he liked her more and more.



    Will he be considered a pervert?



    This made Ling Li feel very distressed. There are too few people in this world that could actually make him feel worried, but Su Xiaosu always made him distressed for her all the time.



    "Do you like it, do you like it?"



    Su Xiaosu leaned forward and looked at Ling Li with a fawning expression.



    "I like it, I like it very much."



    Ling Li couldn't help but curled his lips. In fact, he looked very handsome when he smiled but Su Xiaosu didn't have the time to appreciate it. She grabbed the chocolate into her arms: "Okay, you’ve seen it and you liked it. It’s mine now~"



    Ling Li:......



    Seeing Ling Li's lost look, Su Xiaosu couldn't help but explain it seriously: "Did you forget? Didn't you promise me that all the gifts a girl gave you would belong to me? Am I not a girl? Do you discriminate against robots?"



    Ling Li:......



    Not far away, Su Wan couldn't help smiling at the sight of Ling Li’s rare loss and leaned on Su Rui's shoulder: "Husband, what do you think of Ling Li now?"



    "Probably, I might as well die first?"



>Blu: I’d explain the sentiment here but I don’t really understand myself. I only vaguely understood it when I googled and had my mom explain it to me. If there’s anyone who could explain, please do so in the comments. Thank you.



    Su Rui looked at how Ling Li looked at Su Xiaosu. He was very familiar with that gaze because he would always look at Su Wan with that gaze.



    "Wife, Xiao Su will be eighteen years old next year. Let's... leave after her birthday."



    Ten years passed by in the flash. Now, robots are very common in this world and some people have even advocated for the enactment of a legislation on the marriage between robots and humans.



    Of course, this was still rejected by the public at present, but Su Rui believes that as long as Ling Li has the heart, he can change the world.



    Only by handing their daughter to the hands of this young man can Su Rui truly feel at ease.



    They have already been in this world for a long time. It was time to leave.



    Some love is predestined, some ties are destined to not be able to accompany them forever.



    "We should leave now, but..."



    Su Wan turned her head and looked at Su Rui: "Will..... we come back again?"



    When all the dust has settled, when she and Su Rui leave the task force, they can freely choose a time-space they want to spend the rest of their lives in. Perhaps this is a very good choice.



    At that time, what would this world be like?

  1. Blu: Kong Rong giving up pears - a classic moral story about Kong Rong picking up smaller pears while leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, still used nowadays to educate the young on courtesy and modesty (Source: Pleco)

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