Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.22 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

"Xiao Wan, save mother, save me!"

In the middle of the night, Li Meijuan rushed into Du house with disheveled hair, frantically slapping on Su Wan and Su Rui's door.

How noisy.

Su Wan rolled over on the bed impatiently and leaned into Su Rui's arms.

"Should I tell her to shut up?"

Su Rui asked in a low voice, Su Wan shook her head: "Don't bother with her anymore. She is destined to not have a good end."

Su Wan didn't want to dirty Su Rui's hands. People like Li Meijuan weren't worthy for him to dispose of.

"Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan!"

Li Meijuan called for her outside the door till her throat was hoarse, but the door remained tightly shut.

A little lump of despair dropped into Li Meijuan's heart.

She has become someone detested by all now, and if Du Chen didn’t help her, then fine. But, why were her daughter and son-in-law just looking on without lifting a finger?

Now she was being chased everywhere by the husband of the noble lady who suffered a medical accident in the beauty salon. Li Meijuan finally - with great difficulty - returned to the Du house secretly before anyone noticed.

In fact, Li Meijuan also knew this time, it was Du Chen who set her up.

It was only because he wasn’t protecting her now that those people dared to be so unbridled.

Li Meijuan regretted a little right now, but these regrets were already of no use.

"It's so noisy."

At this moment, the door of a room not far away was suddenly pushed open. Ling Li was still wearing his cartoon pajamas, rubbing his eyes and looking at Li Meijuan who looked like a female ghost: "What are you making a ruckus for? If you keep being noisy, I’ll get someone to throw you out."

Finally, Ling Qiyue had time to accompany Ling Li these past few days. Ling Li was very happy and slept better than usual, but who knew that a crazy woman would suddenly run out in the middle of the night.

Well, that seemed to be Aunt Su's mother, but Ling Li still hates this person as always.

It's Du Chen's son!

Seeing Ling Li's figure, Li Meijuan's eyes flashed. In fact, she had planned to spend money to find someone to kill Du Chen's son, but every time she just started probing them out, the other party always shook their head and refused.

Not many people were willing to go against the Du family.

Du Chen, since you made a move, then I - Li Meijuan - will do the same! Let’s see whose life is more valuable - my life or your son's!

Li Meijuan stood up slowly and looked at Ling Li with an ominous glint in her eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Ling Li blinked his big eyes and fearfully looked at Li Meijuan who was getting closer and closer.

"What do you think I’m going to do?"

Li Meijuan gave an evil grin and threw herself on Ling Li's body, but at the next second, she only felt a tingling on her back and fell powerlessly onto the ground.

"Too weak."

Su Xiaosu blew away the electric current on her hand and indifferently muttered to herself. During this period of time, while Su Rui was protecting Su Wan, he also reinforced Su Xiaosu's fighting force. Hehehe, that’s right, General Su had everything covered.

"She is so stupid."

She wanted to attack the little young master of the Du family in the Du villa. Does this woman even have a brain?

Ling Li looked at Li Meijuan who was unconscious with a look of disdain.


At this time, Su Xiaosu raised her hand and waved it in front of Ling Li's eyes: "Hey, I just saved you. According to you humans, it’s called ‘the hero saving the beauty’. How are you going to thank me?"

Su Xiaosu was especially proud when she said this.

She thought to herself, Ling Li now owes her a favor and if there is something delicious at home in the future, he will be too embarrassed to fight with her over it, right?

Everything delicious is hers, hahaha.

Hero saving the beauty?

When Ling Li heard Su Xiaosu's words and saw her big eyes that were still shining in the dark night, he suddenly blushed for some reason.

"Could it be... could it be that you want me to devote my life to you?"

What the hell is ‘devote my life to you’?

In order to prevent his daughter from falling in love early, General Su did not programme “romance” into Su Xiaosu's database. Therefore, General Su, you really gave (did) it (people) much (great) thought (harm).

Su Xiaosu only had a clear understanding of family relationships regarding the feelings between human beings. As for friendship and love, it was too complicated and far away for her.

She doesn't understand.

"Devote your life?"

Su Xiaosu muttered to herself again. These four words were a bit familiar. How did they act in the TV series? Oh no, mother didn't let her watch recently, so she almost forgot about it.

Though, it sounded like it’s a good thing.

"Okay, then you can devote your life to me!" In the end, Su Xiaosu simply patted Ling Li on the shoulder and exhorted him with a serious face: "You must remember, always remember, don't forget! "

This little devil liked to go back on his word at the turn of his head the most~

So Su Xiaosu felt that she had to remind him.

As a result……

Ling Li remembered it and never forgot it all his life.

However, Su Xiaosu turned around and..... forgot.

Li Meijuan, who was in a coma, was finally thrown out of the Du's villa. Su Wan did not deliberately inquire about her fate, but Su Jianjun stayed in prison for a while and was acquitted. Perhaps Du Chen saw that Su Wan really didn't react to the safety of her biological parents, so he finally let Su Jianjun go.

At this time, the power struggle within the Du company has also entered the tensest moment. Su Rui's new product launched and received great responses. The shareholders of the Du consortium have always put profit first. At this time, many people support the notion of changing the CEO, so Du Chen’s position was beginning to be in danger.

At this moment, a foreign company that had been cooperating with Du Chen suddenly closed down. This was his very important partner. Du Chen had to fly abroad to deal with this matter immediately. He became frozen for a long time when he saw the person behind the scenes that thoroughly bankrupted his partner.

It was Ling Yinzhou.

Ling Yinzhou was indeed a business genius and the foreign environment was more suitable for his development. After he decided to cooperate with Su Rui, Su Rui immediately arranged for him to go abroad, give him treatment and then paved the road for him to be able to strike Du Chen when he was unprepared just like the present.

During this period, Ling Yinzhou had been in contact with Ling Qiyue.

Now, Ling Qiyue was no longer the originally innocent little girl. Knowing the plans of her brother and Du Han, she has been doing her best to cooperate and did not reveal the slightest flaw in front of Du Chen.

Du Chen, who felt that he was deceived by everyone, immediately returned to the country that very night, wanting to look for Du Han to get his revenge.

Since Du Han dared to scheme against himself like this, then why should he care about their brotherly relations?

In the darkness of the night, a blanket of silence covered the Du family’s villa.

The people in the villa did not know about Du Chen's sudden return.

Looking down into the pitch-dark hallway, Du Chen sneered and slowly took out a small silenced pistol.

As long as Du Han is dead, everything will be over.

The Du company belongs to the Du family. Without Du Han, the shareholders would have no choice.

Xiao Wan belongs to him. Without Du Han, Xiao Wan would definitely return to his embrace.

Even if she doesn't love him anymore, he will imprison her by his side forever...

Du Chen smiled slightly and slowly walked up the stairs step by step.

In the thick shadows, murderous intent filled the air.

"Du Chen?"

Suddenly, a clear female voice cut through the silence of the night.

"Why are you back?"

Ling Qiyue was in pyjamas as she looked at Du Chen who suddenly appeared in the corridor. Shouldn't he be abroad?

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