Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.21 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

The flowers in the garden have been replaced. At this time, the afternoon sun was fierce and many of the flowers drooped down helplessly.

Du Chen stood in the sunlight, squinting his eyes as he looked at the sun above his head——

Facing light sources is always asking for hardship.

However, people sometimes like to do this. It’s not that they were stubborn nor were they stupid, it’s just because they harbour obsessions in their heart.

They can’t let go of that obsession nor can they stop it.

"What did you want to say."

Su Wan's voice sounded behind Du Chen. Du Chen suddenly turned around and stretched out his arms to hug Su Wan, but Su Wan, who was ready, quickly backed away.

"Xiao Wan?"

Du Chen raised his eyes and gave Su Wan a wounded look: "I know you still love me, you love me, right? I know that I was wrong, I regret it now! I’ve let you down, I should have looked for you that year and I shouldn't have been so selfish. Now I really know my wrongs. Give me a chance to make it up to you. Leave eldest brother and be with me! I will give you happiness, I will definitely do it."

These words have been in Du Chen's heart for a long time and now he finally said them all in one breath.

"Not everyone will always stand there waiting for you."

Du Chen, you are actually very lucky.

The original owner has loved you all her life and even died for you.

Even though Ling Qiyue was hurt by you, she chose to reconcile with you for the sake of her son.

Do you not see how blessed you are?

But how can a scumbag deserve happiness?

You. Don’t. Deserve. It!

What about your ‘pledge of undying love’? Why did you give up so easily?

Why should a girl’s heart be trampled so ruthlessly by you?

Not all love can be reconciled.

What has been broken should be completely crushed and should not exist.

Su Wan smiled at Du Chen, the smile rather strange: "Du Chen, do you know? I don't love you, I have never loved you, I’ve always only loved Du Han!"

"Xiao Wan?"

The Su Wan before him suddenly seemed unfamiliar. It was like a gentle pet you had been raising suddenly revealed its sharp claws and fangs  and wanted to kill you. This feeling made Du Chen's heart fiercely tremble.

"Are you shocked?"

Su Wan’s eyes flashed coldly: "You are always so conceited. Why are you so surprised that I first met Du Han and fell in love with him? Du Han suddenly disappeared back then. I kept looking for him and I just ran into you. I only agreed to be with you just to meet Du Han."

"You’re lying, Xiao Wan, you're lying. If you didn’t love me, why would you commit suicide for me? Why would you suddenly come back to me a few years ago?"

Du Chen was a little stirred up when he heard Su Wan's words, but at this time he told himself that he must calm down because what Su Wan said was full of loopholes. She must be lying.

"Yeah, I'm lying, you saw through it all."

Su Wan smiled mockingly: "Du Chen, do you know that the thing I regret most now is falling in love with you. When I thought you would give me everything, what did you give me? When I came back again planning to spend my life with you, what did you give me? Du Chen, feel your heart, are you really sincere towards me? If your sincerity is this fragile, then I can live without it.”

"Xiao Wan, I know my mistake now, give me a chance, just trust me again one more time!"

"Too late."

Su Wan looked at Du Chen indifferently, as if looking at an unrelated stranger: "Du Chen, unless you can turn back the clock and bring the dead heart of Su Wan back to life, otherwise, it’s completely impossible to retrieve it."

What’s done cannot be undone - unless time rewinds.

The cruelest rejection in the world is not not loving someone, but….. having been loved.

You should experience the pain you’ve inflicted on other people at the start.

Su Wan coldly turned around. Looking at her departing figure, Du Chen couldn't help but shout: "If there was no Du Han, would you forgive me?"

Su Wan shook her head. She had heard this question a lot ——

Would you love me if there was no him (her)?

The person who asked this question was actually very stupid, because even without him, my predestined lover would still eventually appear and that person will not be you.

Those who do not love you will never love you.

Seeing Su Wan leave so resolutely, Du Chen tenaciously tightened his fists ——

Teh: I know I am a child but this is about Du Chen who is also an immature brat.

I, Du Chen, will definitely be able to get whatever I want.

Xiao Wan, you will love me when Du Han’s gone, you will definitely love me…...

"Warning! Warning! The protagonist of this world may become blackened!"


Su Wan was walking and almost fell in shock by the sudden alarm that popped up in her mind.

Oh, she almost forgot. Du Chen, this damned scumbag, is the domineering president type who will force love.

At that time when Ling Qiyue loved him, he didn't love her and later on when Ling Qiyue didn't love him anymore, he then was all kinds of domineering and wanted to be powerful.

Aiya, I'm afraid to even think about it.

Of course, Su Wan was also speechless at this kind of sadomasochistic love that even resulted in a HE at the end.

Blu: HE - happy ending

Not long after Su Wan had returned to her room, Su Rui drove home and rushed into the bedroom anxiously as soon as he entered the door: "Xiao Wan, are you okay?"

"I’m okay."

Su Wan immediately gave Su Rui a reassuring smile.

Seeing that Su Wan was okay, Su Rui breathed a sigh of relief: "Du Chen didn’t do anything to you, right?”

"No, but he seems to be quite dangerous now. We didn’t play till we broke this world, right? Points will be deducted."

Su Wan felt wronged, she didn't even do anything!

It’s not her fault the Male Lead was a nutjob!

The domineering male protagonist was directly blackened just because she mouthed off at him? Isn’t that embarrassing?

"What if we made a move now?"

Su Rui rubbed his fingers. He wanted to kill that guy a long time ago. He always stared at his wife behind his back all day and said "Xiao Wan" this, "Xiao Wan" that. Your mother, that was something that only this General can say.

"Dear, calm down."

Su Wan raised her hand and pressed down Su Rui's restless hand: "He only just gained this predilection now and so we cannot take any action. If you’re worried about me, I’ll follow you to and back from work if it comes down to it. It’s also pretty boring at home. Isn’t your plan of nibbling at the Du company going well? And if he breaks the rules, he’s screwed."

Yes, when someone in a world completely blackens and touches the operating rules of a world, he will be sanctioned by the agents.

Previously, Su Wan had been sanctioned before ~

Sigh, talking any more will make me cry. In short, Su Wan expressed that she has the most experience with this.


After listening to what Su Wan said, Su Rui was also relieved. From that day on, Su Wan really followed Su Rui every day and Du Chen gradually began to take action. First, Su Jianjun fell into a series of racy scandals and finally he was locked up as a suspect because of a "murder for love" case. Immediately afterwards, the beauty chain run by Li Meijuan was also revealed to have committed major malpractice and as the CEO, she was immediately exposed by the media for repeated embezzlement......

Du Chen always believes that Su Jianjun and his wife were Su Wan’s weak spot and as for Du Han’s Achilles’ heel, everyone in the world knows ——

His weak spot is Su Xiaosu.

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