Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.20 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

The weather in August was extremely hot.

Su Wan took a cold shower and changed into fresh clothing. When she went downstairs, she saw Ling Li sitting on the sofa alone and playing on the computer.

Yes, currently Su Xiaosu had went to Su Rui's company to eat and drink. Ling Qiyue also seemed to be busy with something, so Su Wan and Ling Li were the only ones at home most of the time.

Taking two cans of soda from the refrigerator, Su Wan opened one for herself and put the other directly in front of Ling Li: "Want it?"

Ling Li seemed to be stunned when he heard Su Wan's voice. He raised his head and glanced at Su Wan, his black eyebrows wrinkled, and then he looked back at his computer screen with an annoyed look.

Su Wan:...

What kind of response was this?

Do you loathe me so much?

"If you don't want to drink it, then so be it."

Su Wan curled her lips. She was not petty enough to keep arguing with a child, even if the child was more mature than most ordinary adults.

"Aunt Su."

At this time, Ling Li suddenly raised his head again and looked at Su Wan with uncertainty shining in his big eyes: "Can you do me a favor?"


Su Wan curiously looked at Ling Li. This little guy rarely took the initiative to talk to her.


As soon as Ling Li raised his hand, a 3D image from his computer immediately appeared in mid-air in high-definition.

This was……

Su Wan was a little confused, because the picture that appeared in front of her was three 3D beauties and all of them looked more or less like her current body.

"What are you going to do?"

Su Wan put away the surprise in his eyes and looked at Ling Li with interest.

"You were able to guess it. Aunt Su, you’re so smart." Ling Li suddenly started speaking vaguely.


Su Wan curled her lips: "Aren’t you trying to find Du Chen a little lover? You don't really intend to find yourself a stepmother, do you?"


Ling Li’s eyes constricted: "I don't want to be separated from my mother. If my father has a new lover and child, he won't want to separate me from my mother anymore."

Su Wan: ……

This logic seems to make some sense, NOT!

"Little friend Ling Li, what you’re doing is wrong!"

Su Wan couldn't help sighing: "The adult world is by no means as simple as you think. Even if your father will marry and have children in the future, you have his blood. According to his scumbag nature, he will not give you up."

"Then what should I do?"

At this time, Ling Li's mind was blank when he subconsciously asked Su Wan the question, but after the words spilled out from him, he regretted what he did. He was so talented but he couldn't think of a way, so how could she - someone who’s stupid - think of one?

Eh. Who was it that just said that Aunt Su was very smart?

Su Wan naturally didn’t know what Ling Li was thinking. After hearing Ling Li’s question, she casually took a sip from the soda can and then said in a low tone, “You should let nature take its course for now. If you want to change everything, then you can only make yourself stronger. When you are stronger than Du Chen, then you can control everything. People who are not strong enough will never have the right to speak. This world is dominated by powerful people, whether you accept it or not. This is reality."

Indisputable reality.

Power? Stronger than dad?

Ling Li's eyes brightened. Why didn't he think of it earlier?

"Aunt Su, thank you."

Ling Li looked at Su Wan's eyes and thanked her seriously: "I’ve always felt that you are not worthy of Uncle, but...I now think you are a good person."

In fact, you still don't deserve to be with uncle, but um, in order to not shock you, I won't repeat it.

Su Wan: ……

Why am I not worthy of my man? Who was it that frantically chased after me for that year?

Su Wan raised her brows when she heard Ling Li's words. When Ling Li thought that Su Wan was going to be angry with him, she suddenly smiled wryly: "That’s right, you really are so smart, that you were even able to notice it. I don’t deserve him, but what can I do? Who made him like me so insistently?"

In fact, Su Wan had been really lazy lately. She doesn't do anything. She doesn't even have the passion to do the mission. This was because General Su spoiled her so much.

That’s right, there is such a headstrong husband who is so domineering!

Oh my, Su Xiaowan, are you showing off? You are absolutely showing off!

What can I do ~ With such an excellent husband, I wouldn’t be able to keep a low profile even if I wanted to ~

"Xiao Ling Li, when you grow up and meet a woman who will make you love her deeply to your bones, then you’ll understand...... that spoiling and pampering her, and allowing her to do nothing but rely on you, that’s also…... a very happy thing."

Su Wan likes what she was feeling now. Not having to do or think about anything, nor needing to worry about betrayal and loss.

They will always be together. They will definitely always be together. This, she believed without any doubt.

Loving her and spoiling her plenty.

Little friend Ling Li felt that he had suddenly acquired some incredible skill.

Su Xiaowan, you’re corrupting young people ~

You have influenced an excellent youth who was a winner in life to become a wife slave!

Alas, for all the men out there, please cherish your life and stay away from Su Xiaowan for the sake of your own life, safety and family status.


When Du Chen returned home, he witnessed the scene of Su Wan and Ling Li getting along warmly.

He stopped involuntarily at the door. Yes, this was what he wanted to come home to!

Du Chen felt warm in his heart. Xiao Wan really likes Tiantian ​​and now, Tiantian has begun to accept her, so he must hurry up on his side so that their family of three can live happily together in the future.

Mr. Male Lead, you're sick. Do you yourself know?

"What are you guys chatting so happily about?"

Du Chen walked slowly to the sofa and hesitated, but still sat next to Ling Li.

Little Ling Li's eyes flashed and he gave a faint smile to Du Chen: "Dad, Aunt Su was telling me a story again, it's very nice."

Su Wan:......

It’s your level of storytelling that's high!

"Really? Tiantian seems to like Aunt Su a lot recently?"

Du Chen patted his son on the head enthusiastically. He liked that Ling Li called Su Wan "Aunt Su" instead of "Eldest Aunt". Now, this was his son.

Upon hearing Du Chen's words, Ling Li blinked his seemingly innocent eyes and replied: "Tiantian likes Aunt Su very much, but Aunt Su said she only likes Uncle."

Du Chen:......

Who said that ‘father and son were connected by the heart’, huh?


Su Wan couldn't help smiling: "Tiantian, you are naughty."


Ling Li turned his head and looked at Su Wan again: "Auntie, do you not like Uncle?"

"How could that be, I like him very very much."

Su Wan said with a happy face. The happy smile hurt Du Chen's eyes. He couldn't help standing up and raised his hand to grab Su Wan's hand, but Su Wan lightly dodged away.

"Second brother, what are you doing?"

"Xiao Wan, I have something to speak to you about."

Du Chen suppressed the irritability in his heart and fixed his gaze onto Su Wan. He felt that he could not bear it anymore.

"Then tell me, I'm all ears."

Su Wan changed her posture on the sofa, secretly still on guard against Du Chen's movements.

"Go outside and talk."

Du Chen felt Su Wan's precaution and he couldn't help taking a step back: "I will wait for you in the garden."

Du Chen turned around and walked outside.

Seeing him open the door and leave, Ling Li's eyes flickered and he looked at Su Wan with a complicated expression: "My father seems to really still have feelings for you. You won’t really be my stepmother, will you?"

"What does a little brat know."

Su Wan raised her hand and flicked the little bangs on Ling Li's forehead: "How many times have I told you to call me Eldest Aunt. Even if you think I am not worthy of your Uncle, I am still your Eldest Aunt and always will be in this life."

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