Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.2 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

"Ling Qiyue, do you think you can enter Young Master Du's eyes because of your beauty? If it wasn’t for you looking somewhat similar to Young Master Du’s sweetheart, I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of sending you to Young Master Du’s bed."

Seeing that his sister was so ignorant of what is good or bad, Ling Yinzhou couldn't help showing his selfish and cold face.

At this time, Ling Qiyue was already numb. It turned out that not only she was a tool for her family, but in Du Chen's eyes, she was also just a stand-in for resisting his parents.

How ridiculous!

Ling Qiyue, who was completely disappointed with her family, drove out in a daze, only to encounter a traffic accident on the road. Although she was not harmed, the doctor in the hospital told her that she was pregnant.

This child was not blessed, but he was the closest person to Ling Qiyue now. She knew that she could not go back to the Ling family or Du family now.

Du Chen would not let her give birth to this child. For the little life in her stomach, Ling Qiyue did the craziest thing she had done in her life. She took out all her savings, got onto the plane alone and left the city she grew up in....

After Ling Qiyue departure, Du Chen was not affected one bit. After all, it was just an insignificant woman leaving.

Five years later, Du Chen's parents died unexpectedly from a plane crash. Du Chen officially took over the Du family and became one of the richest young men in the world.

Seeing news about Du Chen in newspapers and magazines, Su Wan’s parents - Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan - started plotting again.

Since the old couple of the Du family was no longer there, Du Chen has the final say in the entire Du family. If their daughter went back now to reconcile with him, won't the two of them achieve meteoric success into their next lives?

Teh: It’s something like they would achieve so much success that it transfers over into their next lives.

It must be said that the two people's selfish calculations were very good, but Du Chen was not a fool and would discover the matter of them taking the money and leaving that year. In the end, Li Meijuan thought of a solution. She forced Su Wan to follow along with her plan, which was to act like an injured animal in front of Du Chen and forcibly change the story from the two of them being money grubbers that year to being "forced against their will" and were "pushed to a dead end" due to the oppression by the Du family.....

Su Wan was originally a softhearted person who did not form her own opinions, so she obeyed her parents. Plus, she had never forgotten Du Chen in all these years and she had also once dreamed that she would continue her relationship with him. Now that the opportunity is right in front of her, how could she be willing to give it up?

A year later, Su Wan returned to Yanjing with her parents. At this time, the money given by the Du family was practically squandered away by the couple. The family of three could only rent and live in a dilapidated room. Su Wan followed the plan designed by her mother and finally met with Du Chen again.

Every man will have a white moon in his heart.

When Du Chen met his true love again many years later, he still couldn't help but be moved.

Although Du Chen had some doubts about Su Wan’s reasons for leaving that year, he did not think about it too much, especially when he personally saw the Su family living in poverty. Du Chen simply took Su Wan’s family to the Du house.

At this time, Du Han was always in the laboratory and rarely returned to the house, so Du Chen was the only one in the Du family.

After living in the Du house, Su Jianjun and his wife tried to think of ways to pilfer money from Du Chen while urging their daughter to cook the rice with Du Chen.

Blu: cook the rice - what’s done cannot be undone. Basically, get pregnant with his child.

But Du Chen was so busy that he rarely went home. Even if he did go home occasionally, it was around the early hours of the morning.

Su Wan stayed in Du house for half a year and never had a chance to further develop her relationship with Du Chen. In the end, she waited until Du Chen's birthday. Su Wan was ready to dedicate herself to him on that day, but suddenly an uninvited guest intruded into the Du house.

This uninvited guest was a five-year-old little boy who had the same exact face as Du Chen, and called Du Chen his father as soon as he entered the door.

That's right, this was the son Ling Qiyue gave birth to for Du Chen —— Ling Li, whose nickname was Tiantian.

It turned out that Ling Qiyue, who had been living abroad just two months ago, also came back. She planned to go through the divorce procedures with Du Chen this time and then return abroad to settle down and let her child go to school.

But after the little boy Tiantian learned of his mother's decision, he came to the Du house first, planning to meet his legendary "scumbag" dad.

That’s right, don’t look at how Tiantian was only 5 years old, he was a genius child——

He could speak eighteen languages ​​at the age of five and could to turn the tide in the stock market; he was also good at any hacking technique, able to directly invade the security and anti-counterfeiting systems of other countries, and was even a close brother to the international gang boss~

This was the genius baby born by the female lead for the male lead——

There’s no need for envy, envy is useless! Who let others bring an invincible cheat in the womb?

The appearance of Little Tiantian made Du Chen surprised and suspicious, but also caused the first rift between Su Wan and Du Chen.

Su Wan could not accept the fact that Du Chen already had such a big son and after Du Chen determined that Tiantian was his son, he loved him in every possible way, which made Su Wan jealous.

Of course, Su Wan at this time did not lose her head with jealousy. She also tried to communicate with Tiantian, ​​trying indirectly inquire about his mother’s identity. How could our female lead’s genius baby be comparable to ordinary brats?

Little Tiantian acted cute and pitiful in front of Du Chen, but in front of Su Wan, he always ridiculed her and deliberately angered her, and every time Du Chen happened to witness it, Su Wan was unable to bring herself to talk about it.

In this way, under the schemes of Little Tiantian, Su Wan, the bad woman he regarded as the "True Love Mistress", finally lost Du Chen's heart step-by-step. Under Little Tiantian's designs, Su Jianjun and his wife lost a lot of money in gambling. They actually planned to steal the valuable calligraphy and paintings from the Du family to sell. Naturally, they were both arrested in the end, and the pair’s unsavoury past as well as the matter of that year was exposed.

After that, Du Chen and Su Wan broke up. The Su family of three were kicked out of the Du house. Then, Su Wan fell terribly ill. When she got better, she went to find Du Chen, looking haggard and anxious. She happened to see the harmonious picture of Du Chen, Ling Qiyue and Little Tiantian's family of three together.

Su Wan, who couldn't stand the sight, couldn't stop herself from rushing forward and questioning Ling Qiyue - this "mistress".

At this time, Ling Qiyue was no longer the innocent Miss of the Ling family from back then. Faced with the unreasonable troubles of the rival, she just took out her wedding ring indifferently: "Du Chen and I are legally husband and wife. Miss Su, is there a need for me to say who the mistress is in the end?"

At that time, Su Wan froze. In the days when she was separated from Du Chen, Su Jianjun and his wife were afraid of upsetting her and concealed Du Chen's marriage from her.

So Su Wan didn't know until this moment that Du Chen had already been married during the years when they were separated, and the child in front of him was Du Chen's legitimate son, not the illegitimate child born from the “mistress" as she had imagined?

Calculating the age of the child, the child was conceived when she left Yanjing. What did this mean?

Su Wan, who felt that she was deceived by everyone, finally mentally broke down and at last, walked the path of no return…...

Su Wan's death did not make Du Chen sad for long. With Little Tiantian - this smart and lovely son - Du Chen gradually discovered Ling Qiyue’s good sides, so when Ling Qiyue was about to sign the divorce papers, the father and son naturally tried every means to stop her.

Later, with the help of his son's clever assistance, Du Chen finally used his billionaire status  and got married, once again recovering his wife. The family of three reunited and lived happily ever after…...

This is really a touching story and it’s a great story ~

If Su Wan was not that predecessor cannon fodder......

At this time, the quarrel between Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan in the room had escalated, and the two even started to get physical.

"You two, stop it!"

Su Wan suddenly sat up from the bed and glared at the other two people in the room: "Now the both of you are able? Why weren't you two this spirited when we were being kicked out of the Du house?"

"Xiao Wan?"

Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan stopped their movements at the same time and the couple looked at their daughter who suddenly got angry. What just happened?

Why did it seem like Xiao Wan appeared to have completely changed?

Seeing that they both looked at her, Su Wan raised her eyebrows slightly: "Do you still want to go back to the Du house?”

"Xiao Wan, do you have a plan?"

Hearing Su Wan's words, Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan immediately became excited. At this time, they did not bother asking about their daughter's apparent change in personality. As long as they could live a life of prosperity and wealth again, they would not care about it too much.

"Of course I have a solution, but you guys have to stop causing trouble for me again, I have to wait for an opportunity."

Su Wan answered very calmly under the eager gazes of the two people.

She has to wait for someone and that person was naturally Du Han——

Next time I return to the Du house, who was the host and who was the guest, let's just wait and see!

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