Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.19 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

It was the same cafe. Ling Qiyue came to the agreed seat early in the morning. She was absent-minded. The images of Ling Li's cute little face and her mother's tear-stained face were constantly overlapping in her mind ——

"Qiyue, help your elder brother! Save him! He is actually, he is actually..."

That day, Ling Qiyue asked about the current situation of her father and elder brother, Ling Mu finally couldn't hold back, so she told her what the Ling family had experienced over the years.

At that moment, Ling Qiyue suddenly realized that the "truth" she had always known was nothing but a lie carefully fabricated by her brother.

It turns out that the person who schemed against Ling Qiyue was not Ling Yinzhou, but someone else. When Ling Yinzhou hurried over that day, Ling Qiyue had been drugged and sent off. However, because the drunk Du Chen forcibly occupied the room that that person booked, Ling Qiyue and Du Chen ended up having a misunderstanding due to the unexpected turn of events.

Later, the two were swarmed by the media and Du Chen took the initiative to admit their relationship and thus the matter was immediately settled. At that time, the Ling family was actually relieved. At least Du Chen looked young and handsome and was indeed a good match.

Later, Du Chen also helped the Ling family through their crisis, but at that time he also expressed that he would never help the Ling family a second time.

In fact, even though the Ling family had survived the crisis at that time, they were still in a hopeless situation. Fortunately, Ling Qiyue married well and they all felt relieved.

It didn't take long before the person who fancied Ling Qiyue heard rumours about the rift between Du Chen and the Ling family that were leaked and he immediately started frantically attacking the Ling family’s company again.

Ling Qiyue never knew about all this.

At that time, Du Chen only took out the check in front of Ling Qiyue because he knew the plight of the Ling family. In Du Chen's view, wasn’t Ling Qiyue's repeated fawning just for money? He, the Second Young Master of the Du family, had nothing but money.

Ling Qiyue didn't accept the money, and she returned to the Ling family and said that she wanted to divorce.

Ling Yinzhou knew that Ling Qiyue wasn’t living very well, but he could not let Ling Qiyue and Du Chen divorce. Once they divorced, she would lose the protection of the Du family.

So that day, he did not hesitate to speak coldly because he didn't want to let Ling Qiyue stay in her natal family and discover that something was off with the Ling family.

At that time, none of them thought that Ling Qiyue would vanish.

After Ling Qiyue left, Du Chen could care even less about the fate of the Ling family and the manipulator behind the scenes searched for Ling Qiyue for a long time, and also naturally began to pressure Ling Yinzhou. He felt that once the Ling family came to the point of ruin, Ling Qiyue would definitely appear.

But he didn't know that Ling Yinzhou had already severed all relationships between them and Ling Qiyue…….

Big brother……

Ling Qiyue remembered that a long time ago, her elder brother liked to look at the stars at night with her on his back and the sunset on the horizon.

So the brother who loved her so much and always listened to her since he was young, why did he suddenly become so cruel?

Why didn't I notice that there was something wrong with my brother?

In the past few years, how could all that warmth and love be lies?

Ling Qiyue raised her hands to cover her face, tears leaking out from the cracks between her fingers.

"Don’t cry."

A slightly hoarse voice suddenly sounded in front of Ling Qiyue, she abruptly lowered her hands and saw Ling Yinzhou sitting in a wheelchair.

He was also very haggard, but his eyes were still as gentle as before.


Ling Qiyue couldn't stop herself from standing up and then threw herself into Ling Yinzhou's arms, crying with bitterness.

"Silly girl, don't cry, this is a coffee shop."

Ling Yinzhou gently stroked Ling Qiyue’s hair, his tone filled with sighs: "I know that mom told you and I also know what you are going to do. Silly girl, don’t do stupid things anymore. Do you know why mom has your phone number? It's Du Chen. He deliberately found someone to leak it. Mom missed you so much. Even if I repeatedly advised her not to see you, she still couldn't help it."

Ling Yinzhou also knew what Du Chen wanted. Although he was disabled, he still maintains the habit of reading the news and newspapers every day. The news that Du Chen and Ling Qiyue are about to confront each other in court has long spread.

"Although the Ling family is gone, so is Dad….. but you still have me, your mother and also Ling Li."

Ling Yinzhou gently caressed Ling Qiyue's long hair, his tone as gentle as ever.

After the Ling family went bankrupt, Father Ling, unbeknownst to Ling Yinzhou, had asked to privately meet the man who was pulling the strings behind the scenes and shot him dead on the spot.

The Ling company was another child of Father Ling and he couldn't bear that his child was ruined like this by a lunatic.

After the Ling company was no more, he also didn't want to live anymore.

Ling Yinzhou only found out the next day that Father Ling committed suicide after the murder. After that, Mother Ling collapsed. In order to take care of his mother, Ling Yinzhou had no choice but to pull himself together. He once again used his contacts to start from scratch, but everyone hits a man while he’s down. When he was venturing into business again, Ling Yinzhou was once again plotted against and his legs were deliberately injured in a car accident. Because he didn't have the money to treat it, he had dragged it out until now.

In fact, it was very easy for him to stand up again with the current technology, but..... Ling Yinzhou no longer wanted to enter the cutthroat business world. He is now doing public welfare, and occasionally manages his own finances and dabbles in stocks, and the income was enough for him and Mother Ling's living expenses.

It’s just that Ling’s mother has always felt sorry for Ling Yinzhou. She has been thinking about how she can get a sum of money and heal his legs…...

Ling Qiyue listened to Mother Ling’s account of that day and her heart was in turmoil for a long time. When she came out of the cafe, she saw Du Chen’s car ——

"Actually, after your father died, the Ling company owed a lot of money and Ling Yinzhou bore all the debt alone without telling your mother."

Du Chen handed a stack of documents to Ling Qiyue's hands.

"Ling Yinzhou has a chance to make a comeback. He is very talented, but he doesn't want your family to be involved in the disputes in the business world again, so he chose to retreat and slowly bear the huge debt himself. Those debts were enough to pressure him his whole life."

A lifetime. He chose to bear a lifetime of burden in exchange for a peaceful life for his family.

Ling Yinzhou, how can you be so stupid?

"Leave Tiantian to me. Ling Qiyue, you should be able to see the big picture. Without strong protection, life is so fragile."

Du Chen's eyes stared unwavering at Ling Qiyue's: "After I help Ling Yinzhou pay off all the debts, I can let you come and see Tiantian at any time. I promise that those people will not come to trouble you again. Ling Qiyue, you should know what choice is best for you, for your family and for Tiantian."

At that moment, Ling Qiyue was shaken.

That’s right, what can she give Tiantian? What did she bring to her family?

If Tiantian continues to follow her and encounters the same thing, what could she do?


"Brother, I have already decided."

Ling Qiyue raised her head and earnestly looked at Ling Yinzhou: "Tiantian is so smart, he should have a better life. I… I will stay here with you and mother. Du Chen promised me that I can meet Tiantian often."


After seeing Ling Qiyue's serious and stubborn eyes, Ling Yinzhou could only swallow and hide what he wanted to say in his heart.

It was because he knew Ling Qiyue's obstinance too well that he cut off relations back then…...

After Ling Qiyue left the cafe, Ling Yinzhou still sat in his place.

Not long after, a slender figure slowly arrived.

"Mr. Du."

When Ling Yinzhou saw the person opposite him, the light in his eyes gleamed.

"Have you thought over the things I told you about?"

The person who arrived was straightforward and spoke with full composure. He had long known what Ling Yinzhou's choice would be.

"I accept."

Ling Yinzhou's eyes flashed. This time, he must do this…...

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