Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.18 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

At night, Su Rui returned from the company very late. When he stepped into the bedroom, Su Wan had already taken a bath and fallen asleep. He couldn't help but lean over and kiss her on the forehead.

Su Wan, who was sleeping very soundly, felt Su Rui's breath and slowly opened her eyes: "You’re back so late again."

"Yes, I’ve been busy recently because I have to develop new products."


Su Wan sat up from the bed, her hair scattered on her shoulders and exuded a sleepy vibe, looking particularly indolent: "Husband, has Du Chen made any moves recently?"

"Huh? Why do you suddenly care about him?"

During this period, Su Wan just eats, drinks and accompanies Su Xiaosu. In this world, he intended to let Su Wan relax and have a good rest.

The air here is good, the technology is advanced and the Du family can have everything they could ever want. The most important thing was that Su Xiaosu was in this world.

So when Su Wan suddenly asked about Du Chen, Su Rui was a little surprised.

"It's nothing. Today, Li Meijuan came to gauge intentions. I think Du Chen must have promised her some benefits. You also know that Li Meijuan is much more greedier than Su Jianjun and in her eyes, you are definitely not as valuable as Du Chen!"

Li Meijuan?

Su Rui sneered: "What new tricks can a jumping clown come up with? If she really dares to harm you, I will make her disappear immediately."

General Su will never be polite to people who were not the protagonist of the world.

"She is nothing to me. I just feel that she might do something to Ling Qiyue and Ling Li."

According to Li Meijuan's personality, Ling Qiyue and Ling Li were definitely the biggest stumbling blocks if she wanted her daughter to be Second Young Master Du’s wife.

"Then, she’s really tired of life."

Su Rui really wanted to light a row of candles for Li Meijuan —— daring to plot against the Female Lead and the genius baby, she’s just begging to get destroyed ~

"Wife, don’t bother with them. One death is one less."

Su Rui suddenly pressed onto Su Wan's body: "I'm so tired. I’ve been working all day, Wife, come and comfort my tired little heart."

"Go go go. Go take a shower." Su Wan pushed Su Rui down off bed with a look of disgust. In the end, General Su was too strong and dragged Su Wan along with him onto the carpet.

The two of them just stared at each other and finally couldn't help but start laughing.


At this time, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open and Su Xiaosu walked in quickly in her pyjamas.

Su Rui: ……

He actually forgot that there is a master key in Su Xiaosu's program, which could open many electronic locks! What a blunder!

"Ah, showing affection again!"

Seeing the two people with disheveled clothes on the ground, Su Xiaosu opened her mouth and said cutely, "Shall I restart the system and do it again?"

"Damned girl."

Su Rui cursed in a low voice and then pulled Su Wan up from the ground: "What are you doing at this late hour? Don't say you can't sleep because you’re afraid of the dark, robots aren’t that multi-functional."


Su Xiaosu looked at Su Wan with an aggrieved look: "Mom, look at how fierce dad is to me. I only interrupted him when he was showing his affection. How can he act so heartlessly and shamelessly towards me?"

Su Rui: ……

Su Wan shrugged and walked quickly to Su Xiaosu: "Susu, what's the matter?"

"Mom, I heard Aunt Qiyue crying very miserably in Ling Li's room. Did she have some terminal illness and is about to die? This is how it’s performed in TV dramas."

Su Wan: ……

Is the love for watching melodramatic TV dramas contagious?

However, if Ling Qiyue cried in Ling Li's room, could it be.....

Su Wan and Su Rui looked at each other.

Su Rui shook his head: "Don't worry about her for now. It should be Du Chen who has done something. Ling Li will handle it. He should learn to be a man and protect the women in his family."


Su Wan was also convinced by General Su's logic and when she thought of Ling Li's halo, Su Wan also nodded.

Well whatever, they just have to think about breaking up Du Chen and Ling Qiyue.

A creature like a scumbag is unworthy of putting back a shattered mirror together.

>Blu: a shattered mirror put back together - the reconciliation and reunion of a separated couple

Su Xiaosu:......

She suddenly felt that Ling Li was so pitiful~ Okay, this miss will be the adult and try not to bite him when fighting in the future. How cheerfully decisive.

Su Xiaosu left Su Rui’s room and walked quietly into her room. Her room and Ling Li’s room were next to each other. As a result, as soon as Su Xiaosu walked to the door, she saw the door to Ling Li’s room open. Su Xiaosu thought it was Ling Qiyue and was about to greet her, but saw Ling Li walking out with red eyes wearing a set of bear pyjamas.

It turned out that he never slept.

The two looked at each other again. Su Xiaosu felt a little guilty and dodged his gaze and spoke first: "I, I just stole some food. I didn't, didn’t do anything bad."

"Do you want to fight?"

Ling Li just looked at Su Xiaosu and suddenly asked without rhyme or reason.

Su Xiaosu was stunned: "Are you sick? Could it be that you are one of those rumoured masochists?"

"Do you want to fight?"

Ling Li still repeated his question coldly.

He had been pretending to sleep. He heard everything Ling Qiyue said and her cries ——

Mother didn't want him anymore.

It was due to the sake of her family she didn't want him anymore.

Wasn't he the person who was the dearest to her?

At this moment, Ling Li didn't understand why his mother would treat him this way.

He suddenly felt jealous of Su Xiaosu.

A robot could get so much love from Su Wan and Du Han, but what about him? What can he get?

What's the use of being smart?

What's the use of being powerful?

What use is it even if you can gain the world?

He was about to lose his parents…...

At this moment, Ling Li really wanted to cry, but he couldn't cry.

Seeing Ling Li repeatedly asking her to beat him, Su Xiaosu was speechless. Subconsciously Su Xiaosu activated the emotion scanner. She found that Ling Li was in a state of confusion at this moment.

It was so chaotic that Su Xiaosu who was watching was about to crash.

But just when Su Xiaosu was in a daze, Ling Li had already rushed over. Su Xiaosu, who was caught off guard, was struck by Ling Li and fell on the carpet in the corridor.

Brother, you launched a sneak attack! You are such a cheater!

Su Xiaosu subconsciously raised her head and opened her mouth to bite Ling Li in fury, but just when she was about to bite, Su Xiaosu suddenly remembered that she had promised that she would not bite him in the future.

It's complicated, but robots must also be honest.

So Su Xiaosu immediately shut her mouth and gave Ling Li a kiss.

Although it was just the cheek, Ling Li was stunned.


Su Xiaosu also froze for a moment and said with some guilt: "That, I didn't want to bite you, so you are not allowed to cry!"

So, it seems that the term ‘first kiss’ wasn’t in Su Xiaosu’s settings?

Ling Li: ......

What should I do if I am kissed? Do I kiss her back or give her a slap and call her a thug?

Both of them were silent for a long while and finally Su Xiaosu took the lead and said: "Hey, do you still want to fight?"

If that time comes, I’ll shut down and go to sleep.

"For- forget it."

Ling Li stood up very quickly and forgot about the matter of him being abandoned for a moment.


Su Xiaosu couldn't help but glance at Ling Li in bewilderment. Human children are really troublesome.

She felt that Ling Li's expression was stranger than before and subconsciously scanned his emotions again. Oh my, ​​it really was a mess……


Blu: Su Xiaosu, you sinful robot ~

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