Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.17 — Billionaire wife running with the ball


Hyatt Hotel, the most luxurious five-star hotel in Yanjing City.


    In the presidential suite of the hotel, on the messy and soft big bed, Su Jianjun was lying on the messy and soft big bed, embracing a beauty on his chest as he smoked.


    "Brother Jun."


    The enchanting woman wrapped her arms around Su Jianjun's neck: "You have promised me that I will get to enter the Du company. You can't put on your pants and deny it!"


    "Am I that kind of person?" Su Jianjun took another drag of his cigarette, his expression a little triumphant: "Do you still not know who your Brother Jun is? My daughter is the Eldest Lady of the Du family. She has the final say in the Du family. Even the Second Young Master will come to curry favour with me. Not to mention arranging a job for you, it’s absolutely no problem to arrange for you to go directly to the Du company as a senior executive!"




    As soon as the woman heard Su Jianjun's words, her eyes lit up —— Du company’s senior executive? Those are super white-collar workers who have cars to shuttle them to and fro, and can live in high-end apartments in the city center! How much is one month's worth of income!


    At the thought of this, the woman's eyes were filled with tenderness: "Brother Jun, Brother Jianjun, you must help me, I’m already yours..."


    "Be good, my little baby."


    What Su Jianjun can't resist most was that the beauty was acting coquettishly at him. He blew out a smoke ring and was about to give the little beauty next to him a hot, passionate kiss. At this time, the door of the suite was suddenly opened from the outside and Li Meijuan - who was completely decked out in jewels - rushed in with a group of noble madames in an imposing manner ——


    "Su Jianjun, are you tired of living? And you, this little sl*t, dared to seduce this old lady's man? Sisters, help me beat this vixen to death!"


    All of a sudden, the room descended into chaos.


    Night, Du villa.


    Su Jianjun, whose whole face was scratched red, was resentfully kneeling beside the sofa. Li Meijuan still had a cold face, clutching Su Wan’s hand as she kept counting Su Jianjun’s faults: "The saying ‘a man becomes bad when he has money’ is completely true. Your dad is an example! Learning to play with women from others! He doesn’t look in the mirror to see his own revolting behaviour!"


    If Li Meijuan really enumerated all of Su Jianjun’s faults, then it would be endless.


    Su Wan had long become drowsy. Seeing Li Meijuan getting more and more angry, Su Wan finally couldn't help raising her hand to stop her from speaking.


    "Mom, since you two don't have any feelings for each other anymore, how about you divorce and live your own lives?"


    Seeing them had made Su Wan feel upset. What kind of feelings have these two people harboured as they lived together these past years?




    Su Jianjun’s eyes brightened, but Li Meijuan’s sank: "I won't divorce!"




    Su Wan looked at Li Meijuan in surprise. She was the one scolded Su Jianjun just now, so why did she refuse to divorce?


    Does Li Meijuan really love Su Jianjun?


    "Now, he’s relying on his daughter’s marriage to live well. He’s rich and powerful now, so wants to get rid of this old woman and get a new lover. In his dreams!"


    Li Meijuan had already noticed the joy in Su Jianjun's heart. If it was ten or eight years ago when she was still young, Li Meijuan would not hesitate for a second the moment he mentioned divorce, but now? She had already accompanied him for so many years till she was a wrinkly-faced old woman, but he actually wants to spend money to find some young tender grass1? Hmph hmph hmph, a pipe dream!



    Su Wan didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. This Li Meijuan was really a person you shouldn’t provoke. She wanted to waste Su Jianjun's life!


    However, Su Wan did not intend to care about the trifling troubles between them: "Since you are not divorcing, then continue to make do with each other. I am tired and I'll go upstairs first."


    "Wait wait, Xiao Wan."


    Li Meijuan saw that Su Wan was about to go back to her room, she immediately stood up and grabbed Su Wan's arm: "I’ll accompany you upstairs. Mom has something to tell you."


    "Oh, then what about me?"


    Su Jianjun, who was still kneeling on the carpet, couldn't help but raise his head and looked at Li Meijuan pitifully.


    What are you pretending to be pitiful for?


    "You keep kneeling! Housekeeping robot, record him doing it. If you dare to be lazy for a second, this old lady will make you kneel all night!"


    Li Meijuan gave Su Jianjun a fierce look and then took Su Wan upstairs. As soon as they entered Du Han's room, Li Meijuan looked around first: "There are no cameras in this room, right?"


    "No, Du Han is not an exhibitionist. Why would he install a camera in his bedroom?!"


    Su Wan was a little speechless, but looking at Li Meijuan's nervous appearance, she guessed that Li Meijuan might have some secrets to tell her.


    "Mom, what's the matter with you? Why are you being so mysterious!"


    Su Wan took Li Meijuan's hand and asked anxiously.


    "Girl, tell your mom the truth, do you like Du Han or Du Chen?" Since she was promoted to CEO, Li Meijuan has consciously broadened her horizons and her contacts. Which of these noble madames that she has contacted didn’t know the situation of the Du's?!


    Although the two young masters of the Du clan are both rich and powerful, one is better than the other. Obviously, it was Du Chen - who held the economic power of the Du clan - who was also the head of the Du family.


    And Li Meijuan’s job this time was also arranged by Du Chen personally. After recently coming into contact with him, Li Meijuan had already acutely understood Du Chen’s intentions even though he didn’t explicitly say it. It turned out that he still kept her daughter dear in his heart!


    This threw Li Meijuan’s mind into disarray again. One woman does not serve two husbands, but if her daughter really liked Du Chen, then she might as well persuade her to leave Du Han and return to Du Chen's embrace. If she likes Du Han, then..... she’ll have to think about it longer.


    Hearing Li Meijuan's question at this time, Su Wan's mind turned and found the source.


    It was Du Chen.


    He hinted to Li Meijuan that he was still in love and this made Li Meijuan very tempted.


    Greedy people truly never know to be content. Before Su Rui appeared and when they were driven out by Du Chen, the couple only wanted to take advantage of them and pay off their debts. Later, after Su Rui gave them money they could never finish spending, Li Meijuan was insatiable and wanted a business under the Du company. And now?


    Now that Du Chen gave her this opportunity, she will only become more and more greedy, and want more and more…...


    "Mom, what ….. are you asking me this for? I am Du Han's wife now. What's the point of saying this now?"


    Since Li Meijuan was so greedy, Su Wan might as well give her a chance. She wanted to see how much this woman would do for her greed.




    Hearing Su Wan's ambiguous answer, Li Meijuan understood: "If Du Chen had a change of heart and wants to marry you, would you divorce Du Han?"




    Su Wan sneered in her heart, but still showed a complicated look on her face: "Mom, don't talk about these things anymore. I am already Du Han's and it’s impossible to be with Du Chen."


    Hearing Su Wan's words, Li Meijuan also hesitated for a moment. Although Du Chen has this intention now, Second Young Master Du also has a lot of history2! He still hasn’t fixed his issue with Ling Qiyue. And also what if Du Chen changed his mind again after Su Wan and Du Han really fell out? Wouldn't it be a lose-lose situation?



    Moreover, the most important thing was that Du Chen still has a son, who is the legitimate successor!


    Thinking of this, Li Meijuan's eyes turned in thought and she immediately began to scheme: "Daughter, think about it yourself first, Mom will help you."




    Su Wan just nodded and sent her out of her bedroom.


    Su Wan didn't know what Li Meijuan was going to do, but she wouldn't stop it even if she knew. This kind of insatiable greedy person has various ways of courting death. There isn’t a way of preventing the fate that befalls them even if one wanted to. 

  1. Blu: young tender grass - someone younger
  2. Teh: When they said ‘history’ they kinda meant previous criminal convictions but I’m just assuming that it’s about his ongoing lawsuit for custody against Ling Qiyue. /// Blu: Either criminal history or romance history, I’m thinking.

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