Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.13 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

The medical room on the fourth floor of Du house was equipped with specialized doctor and nurse medical robots. After sending Ling Li to the doctors, Su Wan brought Su Xiaosu out of the ward.

Ling Qiyue anxiously stood at the door. A moment ago, she was  making international calls, contacting her friends abroad, hoping to find some evidence to her advantage, or a really good lawyer, in case she really went to court with Du Chen in the future. She must be prepared.

She didn't expect that her son would get injured before she even made a call. Ling Li's anger still had not subsided at this time. When she entered the door, he saw his mother but pretended to not see her, so Ling Qiyue didn't dare to enter the ward directly and waited outside hesitantly.

"Xiao Wan, is Tiantian okay?"

Seeing Su Wan bringing Su Xiaosu out, Ling Qiyue immediately asked nervously.

"He’s okay, it's all the injuries are only skin-deep, it's not a problem, don't worry."

Su Wan comforted Ling Qiyue and then lowered her eyes, asking softly: "Did he..... know about it?"


Ling Qiyue's expression was a little sad: "He knows about the matter between Du Chen and I from that year. Now, Du Chen is going to file a lawsuit with me to fight for Tiantian’s custody. Xiao Wan, I'm so scared, if Tiantian refuses to forgive me and I’m going to lose him, I only have him now…..."

Hearing what Ling Qiyue said, Su Wan just raised her hand and patted her shoulder comfortingly: "Don't worry, Du Han and I will help you."


Upon hearing Su Wan's words, Ling Qiyue's eyes widened in surprise. Looking at Su Wan with a grateful look: "Really? Will you guys really help me?"

“Of course, we……”

Before Su Wan had finished speaking, she heard the door of the study room downstairs being kicked open and there was a sound of broken porcelain.


General Su seems to have brought the Male Lead to the study for a talk?

Well, it seems that negotiations have broken down?

Su Wan walked quickly to the top of the stairs and listened for a while. Du Chen's stoic cold voice was coming from the entrance of the study: "Du Han, don't go too far! What have you done for the Du family these years? I alone supported the entire Du clan. You only know how to research your intelligent robots. Now, you take a robot home as your baby daughter. You’ve gone insane! Now you are simply unreasonable. Today, you wanted me, the dignified CEO of the Du Clan to apologize to a robot, then will you ask me to give her the whole Du Clan tomorrow?"

"Du Clan?"

In the room, Su Rui listened to what Du Chen said. He had been sitting in the same position and hadn't moved an inch. He narrowed his eyes slightly: "The Du clan is yours and is also mine. Du Chen, don't forget, you only have half of the Du clan’s inheritance rights!"

At the door, Du Chen’s face darkened. That’s right, in his parents’ will, all of their property was divided equally between the two brothers and because of how Du Han only wanted to do robotic research before, he has never managed the Du Family, nor has he used a penny of the Du Family.

It had been too long, Du Chen almost forgot about it.

"What do you mean, Du Han? At that time, when the Du clan was facing a crisis, you were indifferent to it. Now that I have put the Du clan onto the right track, you come to talk to me about inheritance? What do you want? Half of the Du clan?"

"No, no, no."

Su Rui just shook his head at Du Chen’s words: "I am already a person with a wife and children, so I need my own business. Therefore, starting tomorrow, I will go to the Du clan to work. Don't worry, I don't want your CEO position."

Su Rui picked out a document he prepared long ago from the desk and threw it onto the carpet in the study: "Xinghong Electronics, this is a high-tech product subsidiary of the Du clan. I want you to make it go independent and give me full authority on its management.”

Xinghong Electronics…...

Du Chen cast his eyes down at the document on the ground, the four words on it were printed very clearly.

This was indeed the largest subsidiary company under the Du clan and its annual profits are also very abundant. However, compared with the entire Du consortium, its profit only accounted for 10% of the Du clan’s industry.

"You only want Xinghong Electronics?"

Du Chen raised his eyes and looked at Su Rui again, asking with some uncertainty.

"Ah, didn't you say that I only knew how to study robots? I want this company!"

Su Rui stood up slowly, his sharp eyes fixed on Du Chen’s: "How about it? This condition is not too much, right?"


Du Chen did not hesitate and nodded vigorously: "I will take care of this matter when I return to the company tomorrow. In the future, although Xinghong Electronics will still do their business in the Du Clan’s building, it will become a private property under your name. Any product produced by the company and the profits generated by the products have nothing to do with our Du clan!"


Now that Xinghong Electronics was in his hands, General Su's face finally looked better.

He is going to use this little Xinghong Electronics to nibble away at the entire Du clan bit by bit. Only then will it be interesting, no?

The two sides finally reached an agreement. Du Chen turned around coldly and walked from the entrance of the study to the stairs. He looked up and saw Su Wan standing there.

At this time, Du Chen noticed that Su Wan was wearing a long white dress, just like the pure white color in his memory.

"Xiao Wan."

Du Chen unconsciously quickened his pace and soon arrived before Su Wan: "Xiao Wan, I......"

He felt that he had a thousand words to say to her, but at this moment, looking at the person who was almost within reach, Du Chen suddenly didn't know what to say.

Su Wan watched Du Chen rush towards her with a nonplussed expression and she subconsciously frowned. What do you mean, Male Lead?

You just finished negotiating with General Su and you’re still not done yet? You want to negotiate with me too?

Just when the two went deep into their thoughts, a noisy clamor suddenly came from outside the villa downstairs.

"What happened?"

Du Chen recovered his senses and turned on his electronic communicator to connect with the security guards outside the villa.

"Second Young Master, it's... It's Master Su and Madam Su, they came with a group of friends and said they were going to tour around Du residence!"


This Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan really refused to stay idle. Having a tour around the Du house? Only they can think of such a thing!

Hearing the report from the security personnel, Du Chen's face immediately became cold. He was about to order people to drive away the messy people when Su Rui's voice suddenly came out from the communicator: "Let them in and treat them well. ."

This is……

Du Chen raised his eyes and faced Su Wan’s smiling eyes. At this moment, he seemed to suddenly understand the reason why Su Wan chose to be with Du Han ——

It must be because of Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan?

They were able to disregard their daughter's lifelong happiness for money and now they could naturally force their daughter to marry someone she didn't like for money...…

Blu: When referring to lifelong happiness, it usually means marriage.

If it truly is all because of money...

Du Chen was confident that whatever Du Han can give them, he can do the same.

"Follow the Eldest Young Master’s orders."

Du Chen also immediately ordered: "Also, immediately instruct the kitchen to prepare meals and entertain guests."

Who didn’t know how to walk the parents-in-law route?

Blu: It’s like going into a route to capture the capture target in otome games, I guess.

Du Han, let's first wait and see!

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