Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.12 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

Ling Li really got injured. The tender skin was full of small cuts. Of course, the most serious was the wound on the shoulder that was a bite from Su Xiaosu. You want to know how it feels to get firmly bitten by the sharp teeth of a robot?

I advise you it’s better not to try.


When Du Chen rushed to the garden, Su Xiaosu was pressing Ling Li's whole body on the ground and forcibly treating his wounds.

"Hey, don't you move, okay? Or else the medicine will spill."

Seeing the little boy under her writhing around like a tsundere not wanting to be rescued by the "enemy", Su Xiaosu couldn't help feeling very good.

Blu: Tsundere - presenting as unfriendly and blunt, but warm and tender inside

You don’t want me to treat you, I’ll insist on treating you~

"Get lost, don't touch my son!"

At this time, Du Chen had hurried over.

Du Chen has always been sick of this robot being at home, especially when he learned that this "child" turned out to be the child of Su Wan and his brother, the disgust in his heart became even stronger.

After all, Su Xiaosu is not a fighting robot. The reason why she was able to bully without worries is because her body is a head taller than Ling Li. Now that she was cruelly pushed hard by Du Chen - who was a body taller than herself - Su Xiaosu immediately fell down like a puppet with its strings cut——

Wu, I'm so scared, Dad help me~

"Hey, why did you push her?"

Ling Li watched Du Chen push Su Xiaosu and immediately couldn't help but question, then he looked past Du Chen’s back in shock ——

Su Xiaosu did not fall to the ground, but fell into a warm and comfortable embrace.

"Are you all right?"

Su Rui lowered his eyes and tenderly looked at the little child in his arms.


Su Xiaosu pursed her lips and her big eyes were filled with an aggrieved expression: "Dad, that scumbag bullied me, wuwuwu, Su Su is so pitiful!"

"Du Chen!"

Su Rui put down the daughter in his arms and called out in a low voice with a cold gaze, "Apologize to Su Su."


Du Chen turned his head and looked at Su Rui behind him with a look of disbelief: "You told me to apologize to an inferior robot? Brother, are you crazy….."

Before Du Chen could even finish speaking, Su Rui rushed towards him and forcefully gripped Du Chen’s throat with a big lanky and powerful hand: "I’m telling you —— apologize!"

"Du Han, calm down!"

Su Wan, who had just run out of the villa, immediately became anxious when seeing Su Rui's movements. The two of them were still upstairs earlier when they saw Du Chen pushing Su Xiaosu away. At that time, Su Rui's breathing changed and he opened the window and jumped directly from the floor they were on.

Su Wan knew Su Rui's temper too well. The person he acknowledged was not allowed to be bullied by anyone, not even a single hair should be touched.

But now, Du Chen will probably die if Su Rui used a bit more force.

"Du Han, let go!"

Su Wan rushed in anxiously panicking. Looking at Du Chen, who was already blue and unable to breathe, her face changed drastically. She raised her hand with all her strength and pried open Su Rui's grip. Then, she extremely nervously patted Du Chen on the back, "Du Chen, Du Chen, how are you?"

You scumbag, If you want to die, then die further away and don’t implicate my man~

Yes, this was the true portrayal of Su Xiaowan's inner thoughts.

But Du Chen saw all of this in a different light ——

When Du Chen was about to lose his breath because of his elder brother's grasp, Su Wan's anxious figure immediately appeared in his gradually blurring vision.

It was obvious that she was so far away, but Du Chen strangely saw the panic and uneasiness from the bottom of her heart.

She... was worried about me?

At that moment, Du Chen's feelings were particularly tangled. He tried hard to make a sound and kept trying to struggle, but the strength in his body gradually waned.

He couldn't use any strength at all.

Is Big Brother really going to kill him?

Why does he hate me so much?

Du Chen was in a daze and he couldn't figure it out, but the next moment, he felt as if he had caught a glimpse of the truth of the matter ——

"Du Han, let go!"

Su Wan actually quarreled with his eldest brother for him? At that time, the eldest brother's face changed, but Su Wan still tried her best to open his hands and successfully rescued him.

"Du Chen, Du Chen, how are you?"

At that moment, the anxiety in Su Wan's tone, the panic in her expression and the warm and trembling hands as she supported him made Du Chen's heart throb ——

He knew that she still loved him, she had always loved him......

Du Chen, imagining too much is also a disease, you know?


"Cough cough."

Freed from Su Rui's restraint, Du Chen coughed a few times with a pale face.

Seeing that he was still alive and kicking, Su Wan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was fine, as long as he did not die.

“Xiao Wan.”

At this time, Du Chen - who had finally recovered some strength - wanted to grab Su Wan's slender fair hand, but Su Rui, who was standing on the other side, hardened his gaze and pulled Su Wan to his side. "Wife, he didn't die. Don’t bother about him. You and Susu take Ling Li to the ward on the fourth floor for treatment. Du Chen, come with me to the study. I have something to say to you.”

While speaking, Su Rui pushed Su Wan to Su Xiaosu's side, and he turned and walked towards the door of the villa alone.

Have a talk?

Du Chen stared at Su Rui's back, a faint chill in his eyes. He should have a good talk with his elder brother.

"Xiao Wan, I'm going."

Turning his head and he softly told Su Wan, Du Chen quickly followed after Su Rui.

Su Wan: …….

Is the Male Lead sick?

Su Wan mocked him and then called Su Xiaosu to come to Ling Li.

At this time Ling Li had already stood up from the ground, the expression on his face was particularly complicated. Nothing can be done about it, the brains of people with high IQs are always running at high speeds anytime and anywhere. Maybe they can make a big circle around the earth in one second. That is definitely an existence that we mortals cannot imitate.

"Let’s go upstairs, do you want me to help you?"

Su Wan looked at Ling Li's expression and asked with a smile.

"I don’t want your fake kindness."

Ling Li looked at Su Wan coldly again.

This brat~

"How do you speak?"

Teh: It’s like how can you speak this way or like why tf are you so rude

Su Xiaosu couldn't look past this and flared up at Ling Li when she came over: "You bratty kid, you didn't get enough bites, right?"

Ling Li:......

Let’s talk it over. How about we not bite people next time? It really hurts~

Obviously, Su Xiaosu's sharp teeth left a big shadow in Little Ling Li's heart, so when he heard her words this time, Ling Li frowned but did not counterattack as quickly as before.

"Go, just go, I don't need you guys to help me."


Ling Li raised his head and strode past Su Xiaosu and Su Wan. Looking at his leaving back, Su Xiaosu blinked triumphantly: "Mom, aren’t I very good?"

"Yes, yes, our Susu is the best."

Su Wan rubbed Su Xiaosu's long black hair affectionately and then led her to follow after Ling Li and left the garden…...

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