Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.11 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

Because of Du Chen's existence, the atmosphere at the table in the morning cooled down significantly.

After the two children had finished eating, Ling Qiyue handed the divorce papers to Du Chen: "Sign it!"

Her only request was to part without hard feelings.

"Sign it?"

The corner of Du Chen's mouth raised and a smile flashed in his narrowed eyes: "You name a price first."


Ling Qiyue was taken aback. She didn't understand what Du Chen meant: "I can work and have the ability to support myself, I don't need your alimony."


Du Chen was slightly startled, then raised his eyebrows in disdain: "I'll let you name a price and Ling Li will be mine to raise in the future!"

"What did you say?"

Hearing Du Chen's unreasonable request, Ling Qiyue shook in agitation: "Du Chen, don't go too far! Ling Li is my son. I gave birth to him and raised him. You have never done anything fatherly all these years, why are you fighting for custody with me?"

"You can speak of this to the lawyer, but let me tell you Ling Qiyue, to say nothing of me being able to win custody when I have absolute evidence, even if I don’t have a chance, I can still beat you, because I am Du Chen!"

The two words ‘Du Chen’ were more than just a name in China, they represent endless wealth and glory.

Ling Qiyue's body shook, her face pale.

That’s right, what can she use to fight against Du Chen?

She had only one blood kin, Little Tiantian, who was her only kin and her beloved son. She couldn't just watch him leave her.

"Even if there is only one in ten thousand of a chance, I will fight to the end! Du Chen, I really didn't expect you to be so heartless."

Ling Qiyue gripped onto the divorce papers in her hands: "If you want to meet in court, then let’s meet in court!"

"Mom, Dad."

At this moment, Ling Li, who was supposed to be playing in the living room, suddenly appeared behind the two people, with a dazed emotion on his immature face: "Are you both going to fight for custody?"

Filing a lawsuit is a very distant matter for ordinary children. They don't even understand what the term "custody" meant.

But a child as smart as Ling Li naturally knew the meaning behind their words.

"Tiantian, be good. It's an adult's business, so don’t interfere."

Ling Qiyue couldn't help but soften her voice to comfort her son, but Ling Li just widened his eyes and looked at her and then at Du Chen: "Can't you both make up? Mom, haven’t you already forgiven Dad? Is it because of the thing with Aunt Su? I'll apologize to her again. I will apologize to her everyday, okay?"

"This is not about Su Wan’s matter at all!"

When Du Chen heard Ling Li talk about Su Wan, the emotions that had been suppressed for a day and night finally erupted: "It was a mistake when I married your mother back then. It was their Ling family who schemed to send her to my bed. I was drunk that day and mistook her for Su Wan......"

"Du Chen! Enough!"

Ling Qiyue interrupted Du Chen, but unfortunately, it was still a step too late.

Little Ling Li was stunned, and a look of fear flashed in his eyes like never before——

It turned out that father had never loved mother.

They didn't break up because of the appearance of the person he had imagined as a "mistress".

Dad hates mother, so he hates him too, doesn't he?

I turned out to be... an unwanted child.

Some truths are very cruel.

Over the years, Ling Qiyue had never mentioned Du Chen in front of Ling Li. Every time the child had asked about his father, she would bring up other things to skimp over the issue.

Little Ling Li’s past is the eternal bane in Ling Qiyue's heart, but now Du Chen has unraveled the past in front of the child - a scar that had healed on the surface, but the inside had already festered long ago and rotted.

"I hate you both! I hate you both!"

This was the first time Ling Li shed tears after returning to China. The little genius always felt that he was already a man, he could only shed blood but not tears, however......

I really want to cry, tears are so salty.

The tiny body was filled with endless sadness at this moment and Ling Li stumbled away.


Ling Qiyue tried to chase after him but was suddenly stopped by Du Chen.

"Don't go, he’s in the yard. Nothing can happen."

Du Chen knew it was his own gaffe, so his voice at the moment was also softer. "I shouldn't have said this in front of the child, but these are facts. Tiantian is very smart so he’ll understand someday."

"You also know that that moment will be a very long time from now. At that time, maybe he had grown up and understood that emotional matters cannot be forced, but now, now he is only five years old! Du Chen, how can you, how can you be so cruel!"

Ling Qiyue felt sorrow in her heart.

This man, how could this man be so cold-blooded?


Du family’s garden.

Ling Li sat alone in the middle of the flowerbed, looking at the colorful flowers around him, his eyes dimmed ——

They’re all liars, all these are lies, everything is ruined, everything should be ruined!

He raised his little hands and frantically slammed down the flowers in the flowerbed, then stepped on them with his feet.

"Hey, you! You black-hearted boy, you actually dared to trample on my father's flowers."

Su Xiaosu, who was following Ling Li, looked at the almost collapsing little figure in the cluster of flowers and couldn't help teasing him.


Ling Li raised his eyes coldly, staring at her fiercely: "And you, your father and your mother, you are all bad guys!"

"What's wrong with the bad guys? We like to be the bad guys, better than your scumbag dad."

Su Xiaosu rolled his eyes and strode to Ling Li: "Boy, know your place and beat it! Otherwise, don't blame your big sister for being rude to you!"

"Then I won't go, do you have the ability to bite me?"

Ling Li couldn't help but stick out his chest when he heard Su Xiaosu's arrogant words.

Immediately after……

Su Xiaosu really rushed forward and bit Ling Li's shoulder fiercely: "Wu..... you’re the one who let me bite, en, I’m starting to be rude~"

Ling Li:......

Why didn’t this ‘amazing genius’ setting have any amazing fighting skills? This is not rational!

On the third floor of the villa, Su Wan and Su Rui stood side by side looking out from the crystal clear window. The two small children in the garden looked very small from the window.

"I remember that there were a lot of thorny roses planted in the garden. These two brats wouldn’t get hurt all over, right?"

Seeing the two children rolling around among the flowers together, Su Wan couldn't help but ask worriedly.

"It's okay."

Su Rui smiled and shook his head: "Susu's settings have medical functions. Even if Ling Li is injured, she can help give him the most appropriate treatment."

So, Su Xiaosu doesn’t have to worry about traveling outdoors~

Hearing Su Rui's words, Su Wan nodded in relief. That’s right, she almost forgot, Su Xiaosu….. Is just a robot with emotions.

However, once a robot has human emotions, how is she different from humans?

She also can also feel happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, love in her heart, knows how to cry and laugh, and Su Xiaosu, who could use electricity as her power source, was even a gluttonous foodie.

Of course, those things would not be digested even if she ate them. They would be treated as rubbish and removed regularly.

Such a robot looked particularly advanced, but was in fact, extremely sad.

"If we leave, what will Su Xiaosu do?"

Su Wan suddenly couldn't stop herself from asking.

Su Xiaosu is a "daughter" created by Su Rui. The meaning of her existence is to be with her parents, but Su Wan and Su Rui will leave this world, and what about Su Xiaosu?

She will continue to live as long as her main engine is not damaged and as long as there is energy.

"Then let's stay in this world longer and wait until she grows up."

Su Rui looked at the small figures of Su Xiaosu and Ling Li rolling around in the flowerbed and whispered softly: "When she grows up, will she have someone she likes too?"

"Su Xiaosu can still grow up?"

Su Wan was completely stunned at what Su Rui said —— Could a robot continue to grow? I’m not well-educated on this subject, so don't lie to me.

"This body naturally cannot grow, but..."

Su Rui smiled mysteriously: "I prepared a gift for her 18 years old coming-of-age ceremony. It is a brand new body."

Fine, Su Wan admires General Su's foresight.

However, these two parents, have the both of you ever thought about how others would feel?

Your daughter always had a cute 7-year-old’s face. Who can accept her suddenly turning into an eighteen-year-old girl overnight?

Anyway, a certain troubled year expressed that it accepts its incompetence~

As for the chaos Young Miss Du’s coming-of-age ceremony will cause eleven years later, that is a story for another day ~

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