Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 9.1 - The Marriage (1)

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Xiao Yuan recovered very quickly after his surgery. His body, which had been overtaxed from undergoing so many chemotherapy treatments, slowly began to radiate vitality. Wu Tong really wanted to stuff her younger brother with all kinds of food, but the doctor advised her to start off with feeding Xiao Yuan nutritious meals. As a result, Wu Tong could only settle with buying her brother some of his favorite fruits to satisfy his cravings.

After Wu Kai finished donating his bone marrow, he recuperated at the hospital for two days. Since he was being discharged from the hospital that day, Wu Tong planned to go with her brother to send him off after she finished washing the fruits. But before she had the chance to do so, Wu Kai personally came to Xiao Yuan’s hospital ward.

“What are you doing here, Xiao Kai? I already told you that I was going to send you off in a bit,” Wu Tong said as she opened the door for him. When she saw her second aunt, she politely greeted her.

“My mom came to discharge me from the hospital today, so I came to give Xiao Yuan some chicken soup,” Xiao Kai explained.

Wu Tong glanced over at the lunchbox on the bedside table, her expression somewhat surprised, and said, “Sorry for troubling you, second aunt.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” replied her second aunt amicably.

Wu Tong smiled and sat off to the side, quietly peeling an orange as she listened to Wu Kai and Xiao Yuan chat with each other.

“How about it, Xiao Yuan? It’s not like you’re going to be wearing your limited edition GH basketball shoes anytime soon, so why don't you give them to me?”

“But I originally bought them for the sake of owning them. I never intended to wear them outside and play basketball in them in the first place.” Xiao Yuan spent a lot of time and effort purchasing these limited edition GH basketball shoes. In fact, there weren’t any available on the market at the moment.

Wu Kai continued to persuade Xiao Yuan, saying, “Shoes are meant to be worn. It would be such a waste to have them lying around at home. Look at how great my basketball skills are! Why don’t you just give them to me? If I see them again, I’ll buy you another pair.”

“But…” Xiao Yuan was still somewhat reluctant to part with his limited edition GH basketball shoes, but seeing how much his older cousin seemed to genuinely like them, his resolve was wavering slightly.

Wu Tong’s second aunt had been sitting off to the side and watching as her son tried to persuade Xiao Yuan to hand over his shoes. But no matter how much he pleaded, Xiao Yuan was still reluctant to part with them. What’s the big fuss over a pair of shoes? Suddenly, she snapped in a discontented tone, “Xiao Yuan, your older cousin saved your life. How could you be so stingy?”

“Uh…” Xiao Yuan’s cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. He was at a loss for words.

“Mom!!!” Wu Kai shouted disapprovingly. Suddenly, he didn’t want the basketball shoes anymore.

Wu Tong, who was still peeling an orange, paused for a moment before she resumed her task and peeled the last piece of the orange. She handed the completely peeled orange to her embarrassed younger brother and said, “Why don’t you eat some fruits first? I’ll eat lunch with you after sending Wu Kai off.”

“Oh yeah, I still need to go back and pack my stuff.” Wu Kai was also feeling dispirited. He originally came to Xiao Yuan’s room in a happy mood but it was all ruined by his mother. Wu Kai couldn’t bear staying any longer, so he used Wu Tong’s words as an excuse to leave and swiftly opened the door.

Upon seeing her son walk out the door, Wu Tong’s second aunt didn’t bother overstaying her welcome and got up to leave as well.

“Second aunt, I’ll send you off.” Wu Tong stood up and followed her outside.

The two of them quickly arrived at the elevator after walking a few steps. Wu Tong’s second aunt turned back and said, “Alright, you can stop here.”

Wu Tong was more than happy to oblige and stopped in the middle of her tracks.

“Do you remember what day it is tomorrow?” Wu Tong’s second aunt asked.

Wu Tong pretended she didn't remember. “What day is it tomorrow?”

“How can you not remember what day it is tomorrow?!” Wu Tong’s second aunt exclaimed, somewhat angrily. “Tomorrow is the day you register your marriage with the Qin family’s eldest young master. You’re not thinking of backing out now that your brother’s surgery is over, right?! Let me remind you…!”

“Looks like second aunt still remembers… the reason why you allowed Wu Kai to donate his bone marrow,” Wu Tong suddenly sneered.

“What are you trying to get at?” Wu Tong’s second aunt demanded.

“I never told Xiao Yuan why your family agreed to donate your bone marrow because I really don’t want him to know about the deal we made. However, I don’t want to hear what you just said in his hospital ward ever again,” Wu Tong said.

“Did I say anything that wasn’t true?” Wu Tong’s second aunt couldn’t believe that Wu Tong, who was from the younger generation, would dare to criticize her right to her face. “If my son hadn’t donated his bone marrow to Xiao Yuan, who knows if Xiao Yuan would even be alive right now. Was it incorrect of me to say that my son saved his life?”

“So what you’re basically saying is that my family will never be able to repay the ‘kindness’ your family has shown us,” Wu Tong smiled mirthlessly.  

“That’s right!”

“Then I might as well not marry anyone. Instead, I’ll just move into your place and live there from now on. Xiao Yuan and I will work extremely hard to requite your ‘kindness,’” Wu Tong said.

“How dare you...!” Wu Tong’s second aunt stifled her anger.

“Second aunt, no matter how one puts it, your family saved Xiao Yuan’s life and I’m grateful for that. I agreed to marry Qin Ge and will keep my promise. However… I don’t want this last bit of mutual affection between our families to slowly drain away because of this.” Wu Tong looked at her second aunt and with a seemingly admonishing tone, she said, “After all, you guys already know that since Xiao Yuan has already undergone surgery, the Qin family can withdraw their funds at any time.”

“What are you trying to say?!” Wu Tong’s second aunt demanded.

“The elevator is here, good bye, second aunt.” Wu Tong smiled and waved. She didn’t bother waiting for her second aunt to get into the elevator before turning around and heading back to Xiao Yuan’s hospital ward.

Wu Tong’s second aunt was so angry that her face was contorted with rage, but there was nothing she could do about it. If what Wu Tong said was true, the fate of the Wu family now rested in her hands.

When Wu Tong returned to Xiao Yuan’s hospital ward, Xiao Yuan was still holding the perfectly peeled orange in his hand, lost in thought.

“Why aren’t you eating it?” Wu Tong asked softly.

“Sis,” Xiao Yuan raised his head, looking somewhat dejected. “I wasn’t being stingy just now. I already made up my mind to give my shoes to Wu Kai.”

“I know. Xiao Kai won’t mind either,” Wu Tong consoled, as she sat beside Xiao Yuan’s bed. “Please bear in mind that even though Xiao Kai saved your life and we should always remember that, it doesn’t mean you need to give in to him every single time. All we need to do is to remember his kindness and to help him out when he truly needs it.”

Xiao Yuan nodded thoughtfully.

Wewww our girl, Wu Tong, is such a savage. XD

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