Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 9.1 — Billionaire wife running with the ball

Su Wan didn't expect that Ding Jiajia would still be there when she returned from the task. Ding Jiajia's eyes were beaming and her expression of excitement was not much different than her state of when she had seen a certain handsome guy.

This id*ot, has she gone insane?

"Su Wan, Su Wan!"

Ding Jiajia threw herself onto Su Wan while exclaiming excitedly: "Male god, my male god, did you see my male god? Wasn’t he super handsome, super cool and super stylish?"

Male god?

Ding Jiajia, you have so many male gods, which one were you talking about?

Seeing Su Wan frowning in confusion, Ding Jiajia immediately stretched out two fingers and waved them in front of Su Wan: "No. 11, the No. 11 from over there, also known as the first genius under Xu Ce, Su Rui!"

Su Rui…..

Su Wan's gaze narrowed, her eyes cold: "You’re asking about Su Rui? Your male god?"

And what’s this about being under Xu Ce? Su Xiaowan is very upset, okay?

Sensing that Su Wan's aura had dropped into an oppressive glacial pressure in an instant, Ding Jiajia's expression also changed.

Damn it! Curse this baby's mouth! As soon as she got carried away, she forgot about Su Wan's taboo. It is said that you cannot speak the words "Xu Ce" before her, or else she will go berserk!

"I still have a task, I'm leaving now!"

Seeing that the situation was not good, Ding Jiajia immediately turned around and fled. Looking at Ding Jiajia’s departing back, Su Wan looked down at the communicator on her wrist——

How did Ding Jiajia know that she and Su Rui were doing tasks in the same world? Could it be...

Su Wan's face turned dark when she thought of her man being in Ding Jiajia's thoughts - that love-struck idiot - all day long. However, as she thought of how Su Rui had always stuck to her and wouldn’t give other women a glance, Su Wan's mood finally lightened up ——

Ding Jiajia, you have never been abused by your male god, so you don’t know how sick in the head your male god is~

However, Su Wan likes such a Su Rui who was sick in the head. He only likes her alone and as for the others, he wouldn’t even care if they died~

While searching for a new mission in the communicator, Su Wan's eyes stopped when she noticed a particular mission and the corner of her mouth quirked up into a playful smile——

She had been the ex many times before, but these exes always were made into cannon fodder by true love.

This task was very interesting, because the person who was made into cannon fodder was the "True Love Ex"...

As Su Wan selected the task, Su Rui also connected to the headquarters and directly selected the plane. When Su Rui opened his eyes, he found that he was sitting in a spacious and clean laboratory.

"Mr. Du, can you enter the data?"

When the assistant on the side saw that Du Han, who was lying on the chair, opened his eyes, he immediately lowered his head and asked respectfully by his ear.


Su Rui rubbed the space between his eyebrows, slowly stood up and looked at this particularly high-tech laboratory. This was a high-tech era where people’s lives have been completely digitalized and people with superior living conditions could even spend an exorbitant amount of money to purchase AI robots to serve them.

Du Han, the second male lead in this world, was the eldest son of the Du family and the boss of this laboratory specializing in artificial intelligence.

Su Rui's current identity was Du Han.

Su Rui looked around while sorting out the story of the world, but his eyes suddenly stopped moving at a certain spot.

That is……

Su Xiaosu!

A little girl who appeared to be only seven or eight years old was lying quietly on a test bench with her eyes closed. You couldn’t tell with the naked eye that she was a robot.

Yes, this was Su Xiaosu's robot body and at this time, this body was still not conscious.

The artificial intelligence data she needs are now stored in Du Han - that is, Su Rui's - personal computer.

"Mr. Du?"

Seeing Mr. Du staring at "Miss Du" in a daze, the assistant couldn't help but speak again: "This time’s data is the most complete. This time, Miss Du will definitely live again."

This so-called "live again" only meant that a robot would have emotions similar to that of a human being.

Everyone in the lab knows that Mr. Du loves his daughter very much. After his daughter had died unexpectedly, he started this crazy research, just to "resurrect" his daughter.

"Don't enter the data yet."

Su Rui finally spoke, his tone solemn.

"Mr. Du?"

The assistant on the side looked at Su Rui inexplicably.

"I need to prepare."

Su Rui turned on his personal computer in front of him, entered the password and entered his database. There was a data stream belonging to Su Xiaosu in the database.

However, this was not the Su Xiaosu that he had known. This was a brand new Su Xiaosu.

This was not what Su Rui wanted.

Now he needed some time to reorganize the data. He has to rewrite Su Xiaosu’s data so that she has her "memory"...

At the same time, Yanjing, Su family.

Before Su Wan fully even fully regained her consciousness, she heard a man and a woman cursing at each other ——

"Su Jianjun! Your greed is insatiable! Always making excuses to ask for money from Young Master Du! Now, our daughter has been dumped by Young Master Du! Are you satisfied now?"

"Li Meijuan, don't speak about how noble you are. If it weren't for your greed for vanity, always competing with those noble ladies everywhere you go and shaming the Du family, would Young Master Du drive us out of the Du family so cruelly?"

Du family.

Su Wan overheard the conversation between the two, she knew then that the original plot had already reached the part where Du Chen had driven out the original Su Wan?

Du Chen was the Male Lead in this world. He was the second young master of the Du family and the heir of the Du family.

In this world, the Du family has trillions of assets, which can be described as extremely wealthy, but the Du family only had two sons. The eldest son lost his beloved daughter when he was young. He has been studying robot artificial intelligence for the past few years and showed no interest towards the Du family’s industry.

And Du Chen, the second young master of the Du family, was originally a playboy, but when he was in college, he fell in love with Su Wan, the campus belle, at first sight.

It was a pity that the gap between the rich and the poor was too big, and this relationship was opposed by the head of the Du family.

Su Wan had a pair of parents who were born into poverty but were particularly greedy for money, so when faced with the huge "break-up fee" given by the Du family, they resolutely took their daughter and disappeared.

After breaking up, Du Chen drowned his sorrows with alcohol and was plotted against by the Ling family, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, and had a physical relationship with Ling Qiyue, the daughter of the Ling family.

Under the scheming of the Ling family, they were caught red-handed by every major magazine and newspapers.

At this time, Du Chen, who was arguing with his parents, simply muddled through it and announced to everyone that he would marry Ling Qiyue as his wife!

Ling Qiyue was the Female Lead in this world. She grew up in extravagance ever since she was young. She - who was simple in nature - climbed into Du Chen's bed in confusion after getting “drunk”.

Fortunately, Du Chen was a responsible man, he willingly promised to marry her in front of all the media.

And Ling Qiyue, whose emotional world was blank, didn’t hate Du Chen. After she had married into Du family, she wanted to properly live out the rest of her life with Du Chen, but after getting married, Du Chen would only play along when they were in front of his parents. The moment he left the sight of others, he wouldn’t touch her at all.

This made Ling Qiyue feel very aggrieved. She thought that Du Chen still misunderstood that she was a wanton person. In the days after that, she tried to be nice to Du Chen and tried to get close to his heart, but Du Chen had regarded all her actions as containing a deeper meaning.

"Aren't you doing everything for money? Didn't your Ling family send you to my bed just so that I will help you guys through your difficulties? I’ll give you the money, so don't disgust me anymore!"

When Du Chen handed a check in front of Ling Qiyue with a look of disdain, she finally knew that giving him her sincerity was a mistake.

Ling Qiyue rejected Du Chen's check and drove back to Ling's house by herself. She wanted to divorce Du Chen! She couldn't stand her sincerity being trampled on like this. And Ling Qiyue’s decision was met with fierce opposition from her family. At this time, Ling Qiyue finally realized the truth of the matter.

It turned out that Du Chen and her had indeed been schemed on that day, and the one who schemed against her was her biological brother, Ling Yinzhou.

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