Chapter 89

What's happened has happened, so you have to get used to it; untangling the knots in their hearts will also require mutual trust in each other.

Chu Mu Yun comforted himself this way and slowly relaxed.

Even though they were no longer intimate, it's true that Shen Shui Yan changed considerably. He no longer restrained or restricted him, much less sealing his cultivation.

He gave him a great deal of freedom. Don't even mention the Heaven's Rain Palace, Shen Shui Yan would not stop him regardless of where he went in the human realm.

But Chu Mu Yun never wandered around. He just loitered in a fixed spot around his sleeping chambers, the lake at the back of the mountain, and the kitchen.

Shen Shui Yan had not needed food for a long time now, but just like his unbreakable obsession with Chu Mu Yun, his love for fish never changed.

Chu Mu Yun was also happy to cook for him. It made him very happy to be able to take care of Shen Shui Yan himself.

It seemed pretty nice if their days could continue peacefully this way, but Chu Mu Yun discovered something strange about his body after a week.

That familiar and frightening agitation began emerging again. It wasn't as strong as before, but it was still hard to ignore.

Only then did Chu Mu Yun realize that his rut would still come despite being rid of the Beast of Charm. He needed sex. Only, he could now do without Xie Qian Lan.

He could do it with Shen Shui Yan, that way, they could solve this problem.

Only...Shen Shui Yan didn't want to do it with him.

Chu Mu Yun frowned, and he was somewhat lost in his thoughts.

He hinted at it to him many times throughout these few days, but Shen Shui Yan declined him each and every time. Chu Mu Yun was no fool. It was only natural that he understood that Shen Shui Yan did not want to touch him.

Even though he tried his best not to think about it too much, he didn't even have the courage to try passing hinting at him anymore.

But if they didn't do it...what was he going to do about his rut?

Chu Mu Yun was at a loss. A painful thought gradually surfaced in his mind: he could not let Shen Shui Yan know of the existence of his estrus period. No way...If he found out, then he would realize that he still could not keep his body pure for him even without the Beast of Charm, nor could he resist Xie Qian Lan's temptations...

This is a thorn stabbing at the hearts of both of them. If he didn't speak about it, then there would be no communication. The thorn would grow sharper and sharper until the simple act of breathing could push that thorn into their most vulnerable spots, tormenting them with intense pain.

Chu Mu Yun was the more withdrawn type to begin with when it came to his feelings, so he also chose to bear with it this time.

He saw him every day, and every night, he wished he could stay over. And then...Again and again, he was disappointed.

He never mentioned it again and Shen Shui Yan was happy to finally have some peace. He treated him well in all sorts of different ways each day, but Chu Mu Yun's behavior was slowly deteriorating.

He began to lose concentration again, and he began ignoring Shen Shui Yan. He also fell into his own world from time to time, but Shen Shui Yan never realized this at all.

Shen Shui Yan could tell that he was uneasy, but he could just pretend not to see it. He could only be patient and be good to him, as if to pay him back for the wrongs he did in the past, trying desperately to coax him better by offering him a warm and cozy life so that he could get back that Ah Yun who loved him so deeply, the Ah Yun who only had eyes for him.

Baby Zero, "This is so touching, I'm gonna die from how moving Greed is!"

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Zero, "( ω )."

Chu Mu Yun knew that Baby Zero's words were just like pure water, completely devoid of contaminants, but he actually ended up thinking...

If the one Shen Shui Yan met was Baby Zero, then...uh...Definitely, the two of them would live very happily, and they'll have the enviable happiness where the two of them stayed together for the rest of eternity. Even if Greed didn't know what love was, he'll be absolutely loyal with his feelings because of his paranoia, and with 00's pureness, he would never figure out the truth. He could only think that he was deeply loved and simply reciprocate him unreservedly with all he had, which in turn satisfies Green, forming a perfect and virtuous circle...

After that image played through his mind, Chief Chu if he had accidentally joined a cult ==!

Without the Beast of Charm's interference, Chu Mu Yun was able to drag out his rut for over a dozen days with willpower alone.

But he was almost at his limit. The rut affected his mind, so no matter how hard he tried to suppress it, he couldn't do it seamlessly.

Especially with his lover right by his side, and with his body already grown so used to sex...If this goes on, it would be an endless torture almost every day and night.

As if...he was back into the Beast of Charm's control again.

Chu Mu Yun's entire body shivered at the thought. He couldn't stand it anymore, he needed sex. He didn't want to go through those terrifying days where he could never attain satisfaction.

At night, Chu Mu Yun began taking the initiative to kiss Shen Shui Yan as soon as he entered. His lips were hot and he was more passionate than usual. He was rarely so proactive. Shen Shui Yan was immediately aroused and he put his hand on the back of Chu Mu Yun's head, deepening this lingering kiss by force.

The hot intertwining of their lips and tongue was just like a drop of water landing on the lips of a traveler on a dry dessert to Chu Mu Yun. It wasn't enough to sate his thirst. It only made clamor for more and more.

Finally, Chu Mu Yun could not be satisfied with just a kiss. His hands began moving around, and Shen Shui Yan was completely hooked by him too. He had also been enduring for a long time, to the point where his sanity was only hanging by a string. How could he still hold on with this temptation?

As they removed their clothes, Shen Shui Yan got on top of him, and just as he reached his chest, a stream of clarity suddenly gushed into his mind, and he stopped.

Chu Mu Yun looked impatiently at him. "Xiao Yan."

Shen Shui Yan froze for a moment before forcing himself to stop. This did not feel good in the slightest, so his face looked terrible, and also a little angry.

Chu Mu Yun detected it at once and instantly cooled down as if a bucket of iced water had just been poured over his head.

Shen Shui Yan took a deep breath and got up and silently put his clothes on. He didn't dare to look at him or even say a single word to him. He was worried that he would hurt him if he was unable to hold himself back, that's why, with a stiff figure, he turned and left without a single word.

But this only left Chu Mu Yun with great pain in his heart.

What is the meaning of this?

Chu Mu Yun had no idea, but what he did know was: this isn't something that should happen when you liked somebody.

Does Shen Shui Yan not like him anymore?

Chu mu Yun didn't think he had the rights to think of that question since a long time ago. But he just couldn't help thinking about it, but the answers he got were crueler and crueler

He laid helplessly on his back with his clothes in a mess. A strange flush emerged on his face, but his eyes were filled with grief and despair.

After staying this way for a minute, Chu Mu Yun suddenly got up. He can't stand this anymore. He wanted to know the answer. If he liked him, they will stay together, if not, then he won't pester him any longer!

He wanted to know!

Chu Mu Yun casually put on his outer robe and went next door. Nobody was there.

Frowning, he continued walking further out.

He really couldn't stand it any longer. During his estrus, he was like a mindless beast that can only think about being filled up and getting satisfaction.

Though he stood under the cold winds of the night, his body grew hotter and hotter as he walked. The agitation boiling within his blood could almost topple him over.

And, right at this time, he finally caught sight of a slender figure.

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