Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 89

"He said I was mentally unstable. Trying to commit suicide?"

Ah Jin went on with her words.

Xiao Jiu's eyes widened, and she dropped the hands covering her mouth.

"Sister, how did you know that?!"

Ah Jin picked up the fixed God Beheading Sword and looked at it carefully.

"I not only know what he said about me. I also know he's a cop or a forensic scientist or something like that."

Xiao Jiu was even more surprised.

She asked, "How do you know that? Come on, tell me."

Ah Jin smiled and rubbed her head.

"Secret. Come on, let's go kill someone."

After saying that, she wrapped her arm around her shoulders and flew up with her using her Light Skill.

Ah Jin asked San Qi to send her the coordinates of Ren Fengjiang in advance.

The next day she was going to hunt down the scum personally.

When Ah Jin found the scum, he was in one of the dungeons.

As soon as she saw that Ah Jin would enter the dungeon, she grabbed her hand.

"You want to play it?"

Ah Jin stared at the teleportation platform and smiled evilly.

"I'm going to get the boss. Do you want to go?"

Xiao Jiu loved to get involved in the fun.

At once, she nodded excitedly, "Yes!"

Ren Fengjiang was instructing the people in the team to cooperate to fight the boss.

Everyone in the team was from the Alliance.

Together they fought monsters and leveled up.

As they were fighting, the boss was down to its last bit of blood.

Suddenly a person came out of the air.

Ah Jin back-flipped and stepped on the boss.

She was dressed in a black robe and stepped on a giant monster.

She appeared to be a very cold and attractive person.

Ah Jin looked at them from above.

"Yo. Look who's here. So it's an old acquaintance."

Ren Fengjiang was furious.

"Why are you here? This is our boss. Get out of here!"

Ah Jin drew out her sword behind her.

"I'm here to collect some interest."

The crowd saw Ah Jin draw her sword.

They were all alert.

This woman was far from the usual powerful.

Just when they thought this woman was going to go on a killing spree, but then she launched an attack on the one underneath her.

The boss's last blood was completely gone in her few slashes.

Ren Fengjiang was furious.

"How can you be so shameless? You're a b*tch!"

Ah Jin looked at him coldly.

"Better than you."

With a flash, she arrived in front of him.

Ren Fengjiang retreated a few steps to open up the distance between them.

He knew that this woman was very good at close-range attacks.

If he didn't open up the distance, he would really get killed.

Ah Jin looked at his movements and snorted coldly.

He made a fool of himself.

Seeing that Ah Jin came to kill, the people were quick to surround her.

They formed a circle to surround Ah Jin in the middle.

Ren Fengjiang shouted from the periphery, "Charge!"

All of them started to lock on to Ah Jin and released their long-range attack skills.

Ah Jin put on a shield to ward off the attack.

Drawing her sword, she turned around and killed someone.

The one closest to Ah Jin was cut off by half his blood with a single slash before he could react.

His skills were interrupted.

He tried to exit the circle according to the tactics and let the people next to him narrow the circle.

Ah Jin didn't give him a chance to exit.

She leaped mid-air by stepping on the ground.

The moment he exited, she aimed at the gap and waved her sword.

The man did not have a chance.

He was lying dead.

Once the man died, the surrounding formation instantly fell into turmoil.

Some people panicked.

Ren Fengjiang hurriedly stabilized the team, "Don't panic. Hold on. We can win."

"Are you dreaming?"

Ah Jin's voice was suddenly heard beside his ear.

He subconsciously turned around, and before his eyes were the enlarged blade and Ah Jin's mocking smile.

His eyes widened, and he looked at Ah Jin, who was still slaying people in the encirclement.

"How ... is that possible."

Then another mocking voice came from behind him.

"This dumb*ss shouldn't think that I really couldn’t use this skill, right?"

Ah Jin shook off the blood on her sword.

"It's possible. Oh, if not, then it is stupid."

Ren Fengjiang fell gloriously to the ground as a corpse.

The battle ended.

Ah Jin lifted the Doppelgänger Skill.

This Doppelgänger Skill was very powerful.

But few people would use it.

The reason for that was that it required two minds when fighting.

Most people used it when they were running for their lives.

Even if the doppelgänger was killed, they only lost half their blood.

They could still leave about half their life to escape.

Some people couldn't manage to do two things at once when they were running for their lives.

Otherwise, they would lose themselves.

That was why Ren Fengjiang was so surprised.

The difficulty of the skill was five stars, but she used it so smoothly?

After he came back to life, he remembered the moment of terror before he died.

Ah Jin's smile had become his shadow, lingering in his mind.

Soon, he was surrounded by people who had come back to life.

Some of the minions began to lose heart.

"It's impossible to fight. She is too perverted. I'm not going to take revenge. If I go continue this, I won't be able to play the game."

After saying that, they quit the group.

And then they went to play the game on their own.

Such things were staged every day.

In games, it was normal to fight and kill.

A person always focused on a person to kill.

However, you may not be able to beat them.

This was not a deep hatred.

But it was a good idea to stay away if you could not kill them.

With so many masters on the leaderboard, should they all go and kill each one after the other?

Seeing that the people in the group were getting reduced, Ren Fengjiang felt anxious.

Without these people, he was no match.

His eyes showed hatred, ‘Since you did something unkind, it is not my fault that I am unrighteous.’

He assembled all the members of the group.

Since they couldn't beat her, they should destroy her.

If they were unhappy, she shouldn’t be happy either.

He led people to the World Channel.

He publicly attacked Ah Jin, angrily scolding her for killing innocent people and stealing the boss.

"Reporting 'Come and K*ll Me'! Stealing someone's boss! Shameless!”

"Killing innocent people every day. The game experience is affected! Withdraw from the game! Withdraw from the game!"

"B*tch is shameless. After robbing the boss, you destroyed the body. If you have the ability, come out to confront ah!"

"Beep beep beep ..."

"Bleep ..."

Come and K*ll Me: I'll rob it. I'll kill it. If you don't like it, come and kill me. I'm here for you. Don't be a coward! Come on! Hitting.jpg.

Some people hated Ah Jin.

Naturally, some liked her.

"My goddess is the most beautiful. No rebuttal accepted!"

"My goddess will kill them. Bunch of bleeping monsters!"

"You can't beat her, so you're just a talking dog. Wimps. If you have the guts, go fight each other!"

"One-on-one!  One-on-one! One-on-one!"

"The one above has guts to come and fight alone, coordinates 245.876. Whoever doesn't come is a dog."

A minute later, the World was boiling again inside.

"Hahahahahaha. Where is the dog? Come out ah."

"Why don't you dare show up? Seeing my goddess coming, you're scared."

"An alliance of sour dogs. When you see a goddess, you go around."

Ren Fengjiang was so angry that he went offline.

He came to the forum and found a bunch of "evidence" and posted it.

"Reporting the goddess wh*re in "Fantasy World .” Relying on the false face value. The unscrupulous killing of innocent people. She is a cheater and a boyfriend snatcher."

The masses of fools, looking at the "real" evidence, were furious.

The post was full of insults.

No one cared about the truth of the matter.

No one wanted to check the truth of the story.

Everyone who saw it was angry.

Numerous vicious comments were pounded out using their keyboards.

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