Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 88

Zhang Fuguo was still fuming in the office.

He was kicking chairs, throwing cups, and flipping tables.

The office was in a mess.

Holding on to the overturned table with his red eyes, he cursed under his breath and said, "D*mn little brat. At the time when I was making a living, you didn't know where I was! And now that those two people are dead, there is finally no one to press on my head. You dare to press on my head, you little brat who has not even grown-up."

Then he grabbed the folder Ah Jin threw at him.

When he got out the information inside, he tossed it in the air.

"So you can find the information. So you can find the evidence."

Thick information flew in the air, then fell to the ground.

In no time, the ground was covered with papers that had fallen.

Zhang Fuguo was about to shred a piece of paper at his feet when he saw the words on the form.

His anger-filled brain began to cool down, and he stared at the words on it.

In disbelief, the hand holding the paper began to tremble.

He violently threw away the paper in his hand and crouched on the ground in search of something.

Cold sweat appeared on his face, and his mouth kept murmuring, "No way, no way. How did he know?"

The evidence that Zhang Fuguo saw was precisely what he had embezzled.

He thought he had hidden it from everyone.

Now, seeing the naked evidence in front of him, he began to panic.

Outside the office, the logistics employees were stretching their necks.

They curiously looked at the scene inside the office as if they would like to see what was going on inside through the blinds.

Zhang Fuguo reached his phone and called his wife, "Hey, wife! We have a big problem!"

From the other side of the phone came a puzzled voice, "What's wrong?"

Zhang Fuguo panicked by saying, "That little brat knows about it. She gave me three days to return it, or she will sue me."

On the other side, the woman said incredulously, "How is it possible? You're her uncle. How can she sue you? Besides, her personality is the softest. Someone behind the scenes must have abetted her. Let me go find her and explain it to her."

Zhang Fuguo snorted coldly, "She is not your good niece anymore. She has changed her face now, so you'd better save your breath."

"No, how can you send back the money you took out? I'll go find her!"

Of course, the woman would not give up.

She soon appeared at the door to find Ah Jin.

Ah Jin adopted the three no's method.

No matter how she shouted outside, Ah Jin ignored her.

The neighbors couldn't stand the situation and called the security office, who took the woman and threw her out of the neighborhood.

Three days later, He Shuchen called Ah Jin.

As expected, Zhang Fuguo had given up and returned most of the funds.

The remaining sum could not be recovered, and Ah Jin did not care for that sum.

He Shuchen then informed Ah Jin that Zhang Fuguo had left and carried away most of the employees in the logistics department.

He thought his departure would be a great loss to Ah Jin.

Who knew that it would be just what Ah Jin wanted?

It took him a long time to leave.

What a relief.

More capable people quickly filled the empty positions.

Without the company's sh*t-stirring people, they were more harmonious.

The matter was considered to have ended for the time being.

Ah Jin was ready to start cleaning up the scum.

In the cafe, You Qian frowned at the information in his hand.

He passed the information he was holding to Xiao Jiu, "You can read it yourself."

Xiao Jiu was slouching in the sofa chair and accepted the information handed to her.

With the information turned over one by one, she slowly sat up.

Then, she closed the file and looked up in surprise.

"You didn't fake this? Did you give me a fabricated version of it?"

You Qian pointed to the logo at the bottom of the page and nodded, "That's Mo's company logo. If you don't believe me, you don't believe him?"

Naturally, Xiao Jiu recognized the logo of Mo's company.

She just didn't want to admit it and made a final struggle.

She slumped back into her chair dejectedly.

"Then Song Jin is too poor. Her parents have both passed away, and now she is left alone."

You Qian had a straight face and said, "It seems that my guess is not unreasonable. She has only recently lost both parents. She is extremely unstable mentally, and because of this matter, took a long break from school and only recently returned."

Xiao Jiu was puzzled and said, "Isn't that a good thing? It's a good thing that she started school, so she must be ready to see the light."

You Qian shook his head and said, "Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. She's probably ready to commit suicide. Now she acts as if everything is normal, living like an ordinary person. Maybe she'll do something stupid at some point. Xiao Jiu, when you have nothing to do, observe her more often."

Xiao Jiu responded, "You suspected her of not being a good person before, and now you want me to pay attention to her. Is your sixth sense good or not?"

You Qian scratched his head awkwardly.

"Believe me. It’s definitely true this time!"

Xiao Jiu suggested, "Or you could let Mo meet her. He has more accurate vision than you."

You Qian, although reluctant, admitted that she was right.

"Some other time. Mo is busy these days."

He was busy with work, so he didn't play much anymore.

Xiao Jiu hesitantly said, "This is a small matter, or let's not look for him. It would be bad if we got a false alarm."

You Qian righteously said, "Human life is at stake. How can it be a trivial matter?

Even if I did not care, he will definitely take care of this matter."

Xiao Jiu did not know what to say to him.

Also, she did not argue with him.

"Whatever you want to do. Anyway, he is not my childhood friend. I just have to hang out with her."

That night, Xiao Jiu got on the game and asked Ah Jin to go out and play.

"Let's go out and play, sister. I want to go out to buy clothes."

Ah Jin was repairing the God Beheading Sword, the game equipment needed to be maintained in time.

Otherwise, it would break.

She looked up and asked, "Didn't you just buy a few days ago?

Xiao Jiu hugged her arm and shook it, pouting, "You Qian gave me money again. I have nothing to do with my spare time. Why don't you come out with me? Do you have something to do at home?"

Ah Jin thought about it.

"Nothing is going on. But well ..."

Xiao Jiu heard that she was going to refuse.

She quickly said, "If it's okay, then come on. Don't you want to see me?"

"Not really. I have nothing to do at home, but I do have something to do in the game."

Hearing her say so, she was relieved.

"In the game? Then let's go and do it quickly. We can go out and play after we finish."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes and cupped her face.

"You've been very attentive lately. One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions. Did You Qian say something to you."

Xiao Jiu panicked and said, "No, no. I wanted to go out on my own. It has nothing to do with him."

Ah Jin saw her eyes dodging.

She was so cute. She couldn't even lie.

"Don't listen to him. I’m fine."

Xiao Jiu's eyes shone.

"You think so too? I told him he was making a fuss. He didn't believe me. He said that you ..."

At that point, Xiao Jiu's eyes immediately widened.

Her hands covered her mouth.

It was close.

She almost said it out loud.

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