Lovable Package

Chapter 88: Little Cutie 25

Su Tang was furious, “Why are you always thinking about indecent things?”

“How can you blame me for this? You were the one who clearly overthought things.” Not only was Chi Shuyan unabashed when saying this, he was even confident, as though he really didn’t say the wrong things at all.

“If you weren’t the one who talked about sleeping…” Su Tang couldn’t continue. There was a saying, it isn’t scary encountering a gangster, but it’s scary if the gangster is cultured. Look at this one, he’s the classic example of a cultured gangster.

Su Tang could deal with normal people, but when faced with a massive gangster like Chi Shuyan, he was helpless. Moreover, based on experience, if he were to rebut with something, then Chi Shuyan would surely use this to continue teasing him.

Su Tang was infuriated! He wanted to turn off the phone, but when he saw Chi Shuyan’s face on the screen, he couldn’t bear to do so. He was conflicted for a moment, and finally, he reached a finger out and covered his camera.

This way, Chi Shuyan couldn’t see him, but he could still see Chi Shuyan. He could feast his eyes, but at the same time, make Chi Shuyan angry.

True enough, Chi Shuyan realised this problem too. He called out to Su Tang twice, but the latter simply chuckled, as though he had won, and was extremely pleased with himself.

“Baby, I was wrong.” Chi Shuyan hastily said.

“What did you do wrong?” Su Tang couldn’t resist replying, and all he wanted was an apology from Chi Shuyan.”

“Hmmm… I was wrong for being too honest.” After Chi Shuyan said this, he heard Su Tang explode on the other end of the phone. “How are you honest? You were clearly acting like a gangster!”

“Then, tell me, when was I dishonest?” Chi Shuyan stifled his laughter as he replied.

This time, there was silence on Su Tang’s end. The latter was probably pondering about the question in his heart. In the end, he thought about it and realised that he really quite liked sleeping together with Chi Shuyan.

“Oh, I’m tired. I’ll go to sleep first. Goodnight.” Once Su Tang thought about the past, he felt a tickle in his heart. He thought that if he was to continue chatting with Chi Shuyan, he might be seduced by the latter and run over from his house over to Chi Shuyan’s place. Thus, he could only end the call and allow himself to calm down.

Chi Shuyan looked at the call that had already ended and could only smile helplessly. In the end, he sent a message to Su Tang, “Have a good rest. Sweet dreams.

Yes! You too!” After Su Tang saw Chi Shuyan’s message, he couldn’t resist replying to it. Then, he threw his phone aside, but his ears were still alert.

After one second, the phone rang again. Su Tang immediately got up and picked up his phone, only to see the reply, “Alright. Hubby loves you.

Get lost,” Su Tang’s face was crimson red as he cursed softly. He then started at those few words, and his mood improved tremendously. He even secretly took a screenshot. Fortunately, Chi Shuyan wasn’t beside him, otherwise he would have teased him badly again.

Are you angry again?” Chi Shuyan asked.

N.O.!” After Su Tang said this, he sent a white doll cat emoji, which had one word written on it: “fierce”.

Pat pat.” Chi Shuyan smiled.

The couple continued their aimless chats, but neither of them were willing to end the conversation first. Sometimes, Su Tang would say goodnight, and Chi Shuyan would reply, “Alright.” Logically speaking, the chat should have ended there, but Su Tang couldn’t resist sending Chi Shuyan an emoji for sleeping, and then Chi Shuyan couldn’t resist replying to him with something else.

They were really acting childishly, like two kids playing around, and they were addicted to it, and unable to be rid of it.

The conversation persisted for an unknown amount of time, and it was only when Chi Shuyan heard soft footsteps outside his room that he stopped his laughter, and rushed him, “This time, I’ll really be going to sleep. Place your phone by the side. If you send me a reply once more, I’ll kiss you.”

“Sure, you can kiss me. I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight.” Su Tang wasn’t intimidated, but he still lay obediently in bed. However, because he was too excited previously, he couldn’t fall asleep immediately. Hence, he took a selfie of himself sleeping, and sent it to Chi Shuyan.

Chi Shuyan stared at the picture for a long while before saving it. After he closed the chat app, he even specially opened his photo gallery and saw that the picture was properly saved. He couldn’t resist taking a few more looks at it, before locking the screen and getting off his bed.

He walked to the entrance, turned the handle, and saw that his family had gathered outside. It was too late for them to escape, and they all had frantic looks on their faces.

Chi Shuyan felt his forehead starting to ache. He was feeling extremely disturbed by this scene, so he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s not…” Chi Lingling wanted to shake her head when she saw her mother glare at her. She felt helpless, but she could only ask, “Brother… you… cough cough… have you finished chatting with him?”

“Yes. You can ask whatever you want now.” Chi Shuyan opened the door and let them in before saying that.

“I’ll start asking then.” Chi Lingling felt like crying. All three of them were involved in the eavesdropping, but when it came to the critical moment, she was forced out to shield all three of them. She was in such a precarious situation. Should she ask? Should she not ask? And she even had to worry that if she asked something wrong, she might lose her poor life.

“That boy… is male?” She Asked.

“What kind of question is that?” Chi Shuyan could feel a headache coming.

Chi Lingling also felt that her question was stupid, and she didn’t want to continue asking again. However, she couldn’t escape, so she could only say, “Brother, you can let me know what question you want me to ask and I’ll ask it. I’ll be absolutely obedient.”

“Alright, alright, let me do it.” Mother Chi couldn’t take it anymore, so she stepped forward and said, “Shuyan, Mom is not pedantic. I’m just concerned about you.”

Chi Shuyan nodded, “I know.”

“Then tell Mom the truth. Are you dating? With that boy?”

“Mmm, yes.” Chi Shuyan continued nodding his head.

She asked again, “Is he from your class? Who is it?”

“Mmm, he’s a newly transferred third-year student. I was the one who pursued him. And I’m not dating just for fun. I really like him. From the first time I saw him, I’d already fallen in love with him.” Chi Shuyan’s expression remained the same when he said it, and there wasn’t any ripple of emotion on his face, but his eyes were deep, determined and fixated.

The entire family knew that Chi Shuyan wasn’t someone who would show his emotions, even from a young age. He also wouldn’t say what he liked, and would only quietly try to get what he wanted. Regardless of how difficult it would be, or how many people were in his way, he would still do it, and then achieve what he wanted.

And this time, he actually said that he liked Su Tang. It was the first time he was vocal about his likes, and he was very serious about it. He wasn’t beating around the bush about it, and was calmer than people his age or even people slightly older than him. He was probably not going to let go of this person now that he’s set his sights on him.

“I understand.” Mother Chi paused for a moment then said, “I can tell that you like him a lot. Even though you haven’t liked anyone before, we believe that you will treat this relationship seriously, but…”

“Relationships need to be managed by two people. Even if you like him now, can you guarantee that you’ll always like him? And what about him? It’s not that Mom doesn’t trust him, but I feel that both of you are still young, and your interests might only be in the heart of the moment. After the honeymoon period, many things will become plain, or even break apart.”

Chi Shuyan pursed his lips, as though he wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by his mother again, who continued, “And even if you both like each other, and it’s not just in the heat of the moment, but you need to know that the country doesn’t really support homosexuals. Many people are unable to accept it, and you might be discriminated against or humiliated, and there would be an unimaginable amount of stress and pain that both of you will have to suffer in the future. Shuyan, are you sure that you’ve thought it through?”

“Thank you for telling me so much.? Chi Shuyan smiled and said, “In reality, I’ve already considered all these things that you’ve said. But I like him, and I’ll protect him. I know about the stresses that we’ll face in society, and have considered that it might be in the heat of the moment, but I believe that my love for him is sufficient to support me in helping him bear with the discriminations and pain. I also believe that as time passes, our feelings would be even stronger.”

Mother Chi remained quiet for a long while, then turned and looked at Father Chi. Their gazes met, and they seemed to have made a decision. In the end, Mother Chi concluded, “We’ll consider this matter carefully. Shuyan, you have to remember, Mom and Dad love you, so we’ll definitely think a little more about some things. After all, you’ll always be a child in our eyes, and we’re worried that you will go the wrong way, or our actions might cause you to feel more conflicted…”

Chi Shuyan shook his head and replied, “I won’t. After all, we’ll have to talk about this sooner or later. Besides, you’ve already done very well.”

Chi Lingling added, “Brother, even though I don’t think as much as Mom and Dad do, I’m still supportive of you.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Chi Shuyan smiled lightly, then looked at his watch and said, “it’s getting late, so everyone, let’s go to bed. Goodnight.”

Before sleeping, Chi Shuyan unlocked his phone and looked at Su Tang’s picture, as he said softly, “Goodnight.”

The next morning, even before dawn, Su Tang had already woken up excitedly. He washed himself up, got the system to help him pick his outfit, and finally, he carried his luggage and walked downstairs, then got the driver to send him to their meeting point.

At about 7.20AM, he reached the central plaza in the city. The classmates had agreed to meet at 8AM, and he arrived a little too early. He wanted to send messages to Chi Shuyan, but he was worried that the other person was busy, and he contemplated it for a while before sitting down on a bench by the corner and took a short nap.

Chi Shuyan arrived at 7.40AM. He saw Su Tang even before he alighted from the car, nodding off again and again, looking like a pitiful homeless boy, and causing his heart to rush.

“Little classmate Su Tang, if you’re not going to wake up, I’m going to pick you up and bring you home.” Chi Shuyan rubbed Su Tang’s hair whorl, and the latter opened his eyes dazedly. But once he saw that it was Chi Shuyan, he almost pounced into his arms and hugged him.

However, there were people around, so he felt shy. He simply smiled sweetly at Chi Shuyan, then quietly held his hand. As he did so, he opened his eyes widely and looked around them.

At this moment, he saw that in a black car not too far away, there were three people leaning on the windows and watching him.

“Why are they all looking at me?” Su Tang felt somewhat uneasy, and he hid behind Chi Shuyan as he asked this question like a terrified little fawn.

Chi Shuyan turned his head around too, and as though he had seen a ghost, he replied, “It seems like… they followed me here.”

“Ah?” Su Tang didn’t know how to react.

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