Chapter 88

A good actor never forgets his script.

Chief Chu had been enjoying the show, and now it was his turn, so he wouldn't slack in the slightest on his lines.

Shen Yun was now in a terrible state. After being tormented by the Beast of Charm for such a long time, his mind had already been stretched thin since a long time ago. Shen Shui Yan's words were the final straw that crushed the camel's back, pushing him to his very limits and choosing death.

He had already been desperate, and he would not be happy even if he came back to life. It would only hurt him more because the only thing that awaited him was an ending without a solution.

Chu Mu Yun gave Shen Shui Yan a few more jabs in the heart. If this was the usual Shen Shui Yan, he would have flown in the rage, but he endured it this time.

Shen Shui Yan leaned over slightly to take his hand. "Ah Yun, I was wrong in the past."

Chu Mu Yun froze, clearly unsure of what was going on.

Shen Shui Yan sighed and told him all about what happened to the Beast of Charm.

Of course, there was no way Chu Mu Yun knew that happened. After hearing this, he was completely stunned.

Shen Shui Yan said in a gentle voice, "Don't worry, we've already gotten rid of the Beast of Charm. You won't be controlled by Xie Qian Lan any longer."

Chu Mu Yun had complicated feelings. He had truly been tormented by Xie Qian Lan far too much, so this all felt a little unreal to him.

So, it wasn't his body, his body wasn't trained to accept him...Instead, Xie Qian Lan had parasitized him with the Beast of Charm?

Xie Qian Lan! Chu Mu Yun finally focused his distant eyes, and a fiery rage was burning within them now!

That man...That man ruined him!

When he saw this, Shen Shui Yan's lips curved up. In a deep voice, he said, "Don't worry, I'll definitely make him pay!"

Chu Mu Yun finally turned to look at him. His gaze had now loosened up and there was a warmth akin to the sun inside his eyes. "Xiao Yan, do you still like me?"

Shen Shui Yan's eyes lit up. Practically without any hesitation, he said, "I do...No, Ah Yun. I love you!"

He said anxiously like a young man going through his first love. He poured out his love without the slightest reservations.

Chu Mu Yun reached out to touch his sleek black hair and looked at him with eyes filled with affection, "I love you too."

As soon as he said that, he leaned forward to kiss Shen Shui Yan.

Since they weren't gonna do it anyway, he didn't have to seal Zero's senses. That's why, Baby Zero saw the whole thing...

Only, as he watched, Student 00 began to feel a little complicated inside.

It was so sweet, so warm, so loving, so affectionate, but...

The portrait wasn't lit up. This was all just a play.

Instead, he as the outsider was the one on the verge of tears.

They say the onlooker always sees the scene in a clearer light than the people involved, but is that all just a lie QAQ?!

Both of them knew each other well, so as they continued kissing, they began to go a little overboard. Especially with how Chu Mu Yun took the initiative to latch onto him, he didn't even think twice about it. However, after their clothes were off, Shen Shui Yan suddenly came back to his senses.

He was already on top of Chu Mu Yun whose eyes were now glazed over with mist. He looked at him puzzlingly and asked, "Xiao Yan?" His voice was so deep and husky, sexy to the point where he could do him right then and there.

Shen Shui Yan's lower body was burning. He had already known the joys of his body so even more so it was hard to resist this temptation. Only...they couldn't do it.

After pressing down the urge, Shen Shui Yan sucked hard on his neck, leaving a red mark on his body.

Chu Mu Yun frowned slightly and couldn't help but pull his hand.

Shen Shui Yan calmed himself before saying in a gentle voice, "Your body has just recovered, it's better not to tire it too much."

Chu Mu Yun hesitated for a moment, but he still shot him a smile. "Alright."

Shen Shui Yan, however, felt swayed by this smile. He lowered his lips to kiss him hard again, but he still didn't cross the line. After getting up once more, he put his outer robe on and said, "You should rest. I'll sleep next door."

Chu Mu Yun wanted him to stay, but Shen Shui Yan left quickly without even turning back.

Chu Mu Yun leaned by the bed, feeling slightly out of it. He lowered his eyes and the words he wanted to say were pushed back down into his throat.

Shen Shui Yan went next door, took off his clothes, and soaked himself in the cold spring. Being encased in the bone-chilling water, his raging blood flow finally calmed down.

At this moment, Zero said, "I can feel Pride's presence."

Chu Mu Yun smiled. "How could he miss such a good show?"

Chu Mu Yun was right. How could Mo Jiu Shao bear to miss the results of this show he set up?

Shen Shui Yan did not tell Chu Mu Yun the side effects of removing the Beast of Charm. Why? Because he was worried that it would inextricably be linked to Mo Jiu Shao.

Even though Chu Mu Yun didn't see it, he had a small guess as to what was going on.

Mo Jiu Shao was especially good at grasping a person's heart, and he was a complete scumbag when it came to relationships. However, he understood love well in many degrees and had a thorough view on the matter.

He told Shen Shui Yan, "Don't tell Mr. Shen about the side effects for now."

Shen Shui Yan didn't understand. "Why?"

Mo Jiu Shao said, "How could Mr. Shen bear to see you endure this if he loved you so much? If he knew that you would have to abstain from sex for the rest of your life if he were together with you, do you think he would still stay with you?"

That convinced Shen Shui Yan.

Then, Mo Jiu Shao added, "Of course you can't hide it for a lifetime, but you still need to give him time to accept it. He must be feeling uneasy after just escaping death, and he may not have much trust in you yet. You should use this period to show him how much you love and care for him, and that you're willing to stay with him for life. Once he understands, you can tell him about the side effects in the future, and I'm sure he'll be able to accept it better then."

If Mo Jiu Shao had no idea that Chu Mu Yun was an Ice Spirit Beast, and if he had no knowledge of their estrus period, then he would have been telling Shen Shui Yan this out of a sincere wish to help.

However...there were no ifs.

It was a pity that Greed who had lost his memories had no knowledge of the Ice Spirit Beasts' existence.

But Chu Mu Yun was even less likely to tell him about it.

During the few days when Chu Mu Yun was recovering, Shen Shui Yan spent day in day out watching over him and did everything himself. His love for him was unconcealable, and anyone who saw this scene may think that he loved Chu Mu Yun with all his heart.

Of course, Chu Mu Yun was happy, very much so. Only, there was a tenseness between his brows, because Shen Shui Yan would not touch him.

He still had some physical discomfort the first few days, but Chu Mu Yun had fully recovered after that and recovered most of his cultivation. He hinted again to Shen Shui Yan, and Shen Shui Yan clearly had desire for him. However, he would stop abruptly after they kissed and was unwilling to continue no matter what.

And this time, the excuse was beginning to grow weaker and weaker.

Shen Shui Yan caught his breath and said, "Ah Yun, can we wait a little longer?"

Chu Mu Yun's lips curved up, and though it seemed reluctant, his voice remained calm. "Alright."

Shen Shui Yan kissed him lovingly.

Chu Mu Yun's body stiffened but he didn't dare to do anything and just watched him leave.

Since there was an audience, Chief Chu continued the act.

He stared at the closed door in a daze before leaning weakly against the bed. The unease in his eyes could no longer be concealed.

What was Shen Shui Yan running from?

Did he dislike him? He said he liked him, but how much? Or maybe because that was the reason, and he still could not accept that he and Xie Qian Lan...

Chu Mu Yun's lips trembled and he clutched onto the sheets nervously.

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