Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 876: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 8)

The woman behind the curtain clenched her fists as her heart was filled with unwillingness.

The maid beside her said in a low voice, “Young miss, you just bought the Six Chestnut Fan and a Honey Flower Crystal Hairpin, we don’t have enough money…..”

“Shut up!”  Du Wang Er looked at the tightly closed curtains on the other side, “I can’t lose, don’t you know that?”

The others might not know who kept buying the items, but she knew.

She participated today because of him, how could she let herself lose.

“Eight hundred.”

“Si.”  As soon as her voice fell, everyone took a cold breath.

Such a strong stance, was Du Wan Er really going all in for this ‘Transcending Ethereal Spiritual Flower’?

“Eight hundred going once!”

“Eight hundred going twice!”

Everyone in the Drunken Moon House was focused on Luo Qing Chen.

Du Wan Er revealed the smile of a winner.  She had finally won and shown her face in front of that man!

Luo Qing Chen’s fingers tapped on the table and calculated, planning on letting it go.

Using a thousand teals for this ‘Transcending Ethereal Spiritual Flower’, what if it didn’t help her at all!?

It was better to run and swim more!

“Eight hundred going…...”

“One thousand.”  When everyone thought that Du Wan Er would win, there was a nice sounding cool voice that slowly rang out.

This voice was very different from the other voices, but it came from the same place.

“It’s that person again, this time he personally made a bid!”

“He took all the things earlier, he really is too rich!”

“Be quiet.  You can tell he is someone important, you might burn yourself.”


Luo Qing Chen looked up at the second floor and her heart skipped a beat.

Just who was the one who spent this much to buy this ‘Transcending Ethereal Spiritual Flower’ and it was a man…..

It can’t be that he was that, right!

Behind the curtain, Du Wan Er couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.  She shyly muttered to herself, “Tell me, do you think he did it for me!”

“Young miss, isn’t this certain?  Young master Hua really is good to the young miss!”

“Right, right!  Young master Hua doesn’t want young miss to waste money, so he’s buying this to give to the young miss!”

“Hee, hee, hee, hee…..Of course I know this!  Do you even need to say it!”  Du Wan Er gave a soft snort as a proud look appeared in her eyes.

At the same time, behind the curtain on the other side.

“Did young master bid for this ‘Transcending Ethereal Spiritual Flower’ to give to young miss Du?”  The guard on the side asked in a low voice.

“Give to her?”  A certain person narrowed his cold eyes and said with a soft glow in his eyes, “I rather give it to the fatty than give it to her!”

He just didn’t like Du Wan Er, this fake girl.  Why weren’t there any sincere women in this world, why were they all so superficial!

There were countless girls that came to his side over the years, but he didn’t like a single one.  Over time, he developed a deep hatred towards women.

When those women spoke to him, he felt his hairs stand on end.  When they flirted with him, he felt his stomach churn!

It seemed like this great dynasty would come to an end!

“Achoo.”  At the same time, Luo Qing Chen sitting on the first floor gave a loud sneeze.

She shivered as she muttered, “Who’s scolding me?”

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