Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 870: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 2)

Her face was as round as bread and her fat seemed to be falling off.  There was no need to mention her figure, seeing the 20 on the status panel should have been enough to tell that she was twice as heavy as Luo Jin Yan!

Since someone said that the previous host’s mother only gave birth to her as a courtesy when she was ten, the previous host had never worn female clothes!

Over time, many people thought that the Luo Family only had two daughters and a son.

Luo Shu and Madame Luo had dark looks when they heard this rumour, but they were too lazy to explain!

The previous host who was already relatively overweight began eating ten meals a day and wearing large custom brocaded robes, walking through the streets.

Every time she was caught, she would be locked in the shed overnight.  She was already used to this.

But people would always grow.  When she was fifteen, she wore a large golden robe and began fighting with punks in the street.

That was when Qian Ye An appeared in her eyes.  She still remembered his majestic appearance, his clothes as white as snow without a single stain.

The previous host who had never been in ‘love’ had her heart moved.

When his slender fingers softly helped the previous host up, the previous host found that her palms were sweating.

“Little brother, are you alright!”

“I…..I’m fine.”

That was their first conversation, so short, but the previous host could never forget it

The previous host learned later that Qian Ye An had passed the imperial martial exam and that was the day he entered the royal palace.

The previous host met Qian Ye An a month later.  When the previous host was walking through the streets with her golden robe, Qian Ye An called out to her.

When she turned back and saw Qian Ye An in his guard uniform, she fell once again.

This time, they had become friends.

The recited poems under the moon, they watched the flowers while enjoying tea, and spent countless beautiful days together.

Qian Ye An knew the previous host loved to eat, so he often brought her desserts from the palace.

These days made the previous host think that she could tell him the truth, tell him that she was actually a girl.

But accidents still came in the end.  Perhaps it couldn’t be called an accident, rather it was fate…...

The previous host was at the Drunken Moon Pavilion drinking wine with Qian Ye An as usual.  The guards were on shifts and didn’t stay in the palace all day.

On that day, she let Qian Ye An see her big sister, the number one beauty of the capital, Luo Jin Yan.

The previous host could see a sparkle in Qian Ye An’s deep eyes, it was faint, but very bright.

“Quickly come home with me, mother has suddenly fainted and wants to see you!”  Luo Jin Yan’s words made her heart tremble.

As soon as her voice fell, she couldn’t help seeing Qian Ye An and her eyes were stunned.

Qian Ye An gave a soft nod and said to the previous host, “Go ahead!”

Although her mother didn’t take care of her, she had never been bad to her.  She had everything that Luo Jin Yan had since a mother was a mother in the end.  No matter how lacking her child is, she loved them from the bottom of her heart.

That night, her mother said many things to her on her sick bed.  Most of it was about taking care of her big sister and not causing trouble.

Her mother had left very quickly, it only took three short days between fainting and dying.  The Luo Family had fallen completely into silence.

Luo Shu made many mistakes in court because of the pain and the Luo Family was beginning to fall.

It was at this time and Qian Ye An came to propose marriage.

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