Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 87 - The End [OW]

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Su Ling tapped at his bracelet and tried to contact Dou Dou, but there was no signal. Beside him, Gu Liheng had a dark face as he ordered his people to search around the villa. At the same time, he asked his men to bring up all the surveillance recordings around the villa area and watched them with Su Ling. The surveillance showed that Dou Dou and Xian Mo Yu disappeared shortly after entering the mountain. A thought moved in Su Ling's heart, and he thought of the time he met Xian Mo Yu for the first time. Getting up, he walked out, "Let's go to the mountain area to take a look."

The two followed the direction where Dou Dou and Xian Mo Yu last seen, and soon they found a sunken ground.

Su Ling frowned, "It looks like it took the underground route."

Lóng Mo Téng, which was wrapped around his wrist, stretched out its vine and moved to the ground, "They went from here, come with me."

With Lóng Mo Téng leading the way, Su Ling was a little relieved, but Lóng Mo Téng did not stop even though it’s getting dark. Along the way, Xian Mo Yu left no traces except for occasional sunken areas on the ground.


"Grandpa Xian, how long will it be?"

Xian Mo Yu emerged from the ground again, and opened its petals, revealing Dou Dou lying on the stamens. Dou Dou asked the question while breathing in the fresh air. The roots beside him typed quickly in the computer, "Soon."

Dou Dou clutched his stomach, "But I'm hungry."

Hearing that, Xian Mo Yu's roots stretched out along the edge of the hole, "I will get you some food."

After a while, the roots dragged a dead rabbit back, and gently placed it at Dou Dou's feet, "Eat ba."

Dou Dou poked the rabbit's white fur with his finger, "I don't eat fur."

The top of 2 roots opened up and attached to the rabbit, moving from the head to the tail. Then the white fur was melted, revealing the bright red flesh inside. Dou Dou immediately turned his head and retched. He moved away from the rabbit, and said with a pale face, "There is blood, and it’s not cooked."

"It's fine, just eat it." Xian Mo Yu was quite patient. The stamen on the right side of the rabbit moved and ate half of the rabbit. "Look, I ate it."

Dou Dou covered his mouth, "We are not the same, Grandpa Xian. You can finish the rabbit, I don't want to see it."

After Xian Mo Yu ate the rabbit, the stamens cleaned themselves. With a little complicated feeling, it asked, "What should we do then? Should I take you home?"

Dou Dou: "But I haven't seen your friend yet."

Xian Mo Yu: "It's just a friend's grave."

"I want to see it," Dou Dou patted his belly, "Grandpa Xian, I don't want to eat meat anymore. I’ll eat fruits."

Xian Mo Yu sprang out its roots and quickly returned with several kinds of fruit. Dou Dou took it in his hand and looked through it, "Why are there holes in each of the fruits?"

Xian Mo Yu tapped at Dou Dou’s forehead lovingly, "Gotta get the ones eaten by the birds to make sure that it is not poisonous. Isn’t Grandpa Xian smart?"

Dou Dou nodded, "Awesome and smart."

The praise made Xian Mo Yu shook its roots joyfully.

Taking a knife from his backpack, Dou Dou peeled off the skin of the fruits. Then he weighed the peel and looked around the petals: "Grandpa Xian, I can't throw the peel out."

Xian Mo Yu: "No need to throw it away, put it in the stamen."

Dou Dou put the peel on the stamen, and the stamen moved slightly, then the peel disappeared.

Dou Dou stared for a while and sighed in admiration, "Grandpa Xian, you are so easy to raise. You are not a picky eater at all." He said as he gnawed at the fruit happily.

When Dou Dou is full, he poked his bracelet and said, "What should I do? There is no signal here. Dad will be angry if he doesn’t see me."

Xian Mo Yu confidently replied, "With me following you, your father will feel relieved."

Dou Dou: "En, Grandpa Xian is right, let's go on."

Xian Mo Yu's petals closed and carefully wrapped Dou Dou in the middle as they slowly sunk into the ground. After their figure disappeared, countless roots appeared to push the gravel and soil around into the hole. Xian Mo Yu didn't fill the hole completely, but it didn't care and moved forward quickly.


Su Ling looked tired as they walked behind Lóng Mo Téng all the way to the forest. Right now, they have reached the outside of Belle City’s area, in a deserted forest. He frowned slightly, "Where are they going?"

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling and handed him a bottle of water. He has given up the idea of persuading Su Ling to go home first, "Let's take a rest. For now, they are all safe."

Lóng Mo Téng: "I realized where they are going! We are almost here."


"Grandpa Xian, is this the place?" Dou Dou asked as he lay on the top of the petals, his head stretched out to look at the ground.

Xian Mo Yu spreads its petals flat, and the roots extended everywhere, "It's here."

Dou Dou: "Where is your friend?"

Xian Mo Yu: "I haven't found it yet. It was burnt and wilted at the time. Grandpa Long and I buried it here. It has been so many years now, I guess it may have been buried by fallen leaves. I will look for it."

Xian Mo Yu skillfully typed with one root, while the other roots looked around. After searching on the ground and found no traces, the roots went down 10 cm to search. Then it went down 10 cm more.

Here are the depths of the forest, the moonlight is blocked by tall trees and one side is pitch black. Only Xian Mo Yu petals are glowing reddishly. Dou Dou laid on the edge of the petals with his chin in his hand, looking around with curious eyes. The forest is stretched out in front of him and occasionally there will be a flash of green light. Before he could make a sound, the green light would quickly move away and disappeared. Dou Dou knew it was a beast in the forest, but with Xian Mo Yu here, he is not afraid at all.

Suddenly, colorful rays appeared in the peripheral of his sight. Dou Dou stuck his little head out and looked to the right, but he didn't see anything. He could only see from the shadow that there is a big tree growing there. He patted the petals and said, "Grandpa Xian, I want to go down."

Xian Mo Yu lowered its petals, and wrapped a root around Dou Dou’s waist, "Don't fall down."

"En." Dou Dou slid from the petals to the ground and ran straight to the right. After running two steps, he got tripped by the weeds and fell forward. The roots lifted him up in time and put him firmly on the ground.

"Thank you, Grandpa Xian." Dou Dou was not surprised, but rather excited. The roots rubbed his head as a reply.

Dou Dou continued to walk, and suddenly, the colorful light lighted up again and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Dou Dou's eyes brightened, and he ran towards the direction quickly. There was excitement in his tone as he said, "Grandpa Xian, I saw a rainbow."

When Dou Dou arrived at the location, he squatted down and turned on the flashlight function from his bracelet. What he saw is a plant growing between the 2 tree roots. The petals looked succulent and overlapped into 7 layers of petals. Each layer has different colors and it looks very beautiful; like a lotus, "Wow, it's..."

Before Dou Dou could finish speaking, the plant seemed to be startled into consciousness. Suddenly, colorful rays of light burst from the plant, and at the same time a delicate fragrance drifted out. Dou Dou's small body softly fell but didn't hit the ground. He was supported by the roots in time and slowly placed on the ground.

"Axxhole!" A root raised up and heavily whipped at the plant. "Quickly wake Dou Dou."

"Ah, Ah Xian?" The colorful rays of light quickly flickered, "Wuuu...I finally see you again."

Xian Mo Yu: "We will talk later. Wake Dou Dou up first."

The fragrance in the air dissipated and turned into a cool and sweet smell. Soon, Dou Dou opened his eyes.

"Grandpa Xian?"

A root rubbed at Dou Dou’s cheek, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Grandpa Xian is here, and this is your Grandpa Qi."

Dou Dou blinked, "This is your friend, Rainbow Buddha Lotus (qī cǎi fó lián)? But didn't Grandpa Xian say it's dead?"

The lotus exudes colorful light as it replies, "I have to absorb the nutrients around for a long time before I could finally sprout again."

Dou Dou couldn't understand what the Rainbow Buddha Lotus said so Xian Mo Yu helped to type out the message.

Seeing that, the Rainbow Buddha Lotus was filled with enthusiasm, "Ah Xian, what is this? You are so amazing, you can write human words!"

The roots swayed in the air, "Of course, I am great. I will take you back. Ah Lóng must be very happy to see you."

Within half an hour of their return journey, Xian Mo Yu and Lóng Mo Téng met underground. When they met, Lóng Mo Téng's leaf unceremoniously slashed Xian Mo Yu’s petal.

Xian Mo Yu felt aggrieved and rose up above ground, "Ah Lóng, you are so fierce."

"Idiot, stop your stupid accusations! How dare you bring Dou Dou to run around with you? Do you know that your son is worried to death!"

Xian Mo Yu: "WHAT?! Ling Ling is dead?! Impossible, you must be lying to me."

Lóng Mo Téng: "You should just go die in stupidity. How is Dou Dou?"

Xian Mo Yu spread its petals and Dou Dou could be seen sleeping soundly on the stamens, and there is a lotus-like plant next to his head.

When Su Ling and Gu Liheng arrived, this is what they saw.

Roots rushed to circle Su Ling's wrist, "Ling Ling, are you okay?"

Su Ling replied, "I'm fine," he lightly squeezed the roots and added, "Don't take Dou Dou to this kind of far places in the future."

"Dou Dou wants to see my friend," Xian Mo Yu wrapped its roots around the Rainbow Buddha Lotus and moved it to face Su Ling. "This is Rainbow Buddha Lotus. I thought it was dead."

Then, an image of a big fire appeared in Su Ling's mind. After the fire, what’s left was a huge lotus with a height of 2 meters. Its whole body was pitch black, and it looked withered. There were also many burnt marks on Xian Mo Yu and Lóng Mo Téng. The 2 plants rushed to the forest with the withered lotus and buried it underground. Su Ling finally understood, it's no wonder that Lóng Mo Téng doesn't like humans, as it has had unpleasant experiences with them before.

Regarding the Rainbow Buddha Lotus, Su Ling has a little impression of it. When Uncle Lóng first told him about the effect of the vine liquid, one of the scenes shared with him was that the Rainbow Buddha Lotus suddenly became bigger. Later, Uncle Lóng took the vine liquid back and the lotus shrank to its original size. Now thinking about it, he guesses it should be a joke among the spiritual plant friends.

"Ah Lian!" Lóng Mo Téng wrapped around Rainbow Buddha Lotus and asked, "Aren't you dead?"

Rainbow Buddha Lotus explained again, "I sprouted again."

Lóng Mo Téng: "No wonder you are so small now. Do you want to use my vine liquid?"

"No! It's nice to be so small."

Gu Liheng hugged Dou Dou in his arms while Su Ling discussed with the plants about transportation. Then he put Xian Mo Yu and Rainbow Buddha Lotus in his space storage, and Lóng Mo Téng remained wrapped around his wrist. After that, Gu Liheng and Su Ling walked to a suitable location for flight and returned using aircraft. Upon arriving at the villa, Gu Liheng asked Su Ling to rest first, and he carried Dou Dou back to his room. In the middle of his sleep, Su Ling dazedly felt a familiar hug so he turned around and hugged male god's waist. Then he said with a muffled voice, "Tomorrow, I must educate Dou Dou. You are not allowed to stop me this time."

The next day, when Su Ling woke up, Dou Dou had already finished his breakfast and is happily playing with the spiritual plants in the back garden. The nerve on Su Ling's forehead twitched, "This kid, he doesn’t look like he is reflecting his mistake at all!"

Gu Liheng: "Don't be angry, he told me that he knew he was wrong."

Su Ling glanced at Gu Liheng, "He got spoilt by you." After saying that, he lowered his head to eat breakfast.

Gu Liheng grabbed Su Ling’s hand and asked, "Ling Ling, are you angry with me?"

"No," Su Ling sighed. "But Dou Dou will start school this year. If he continues to act lawlessly as he is now, it's easy to get into trouble."

With Papa Xian, he could ‘walk sideways’ (be domineering) in the forest, but in human society, he will inevitably be deceived by other people. Su Ling is worried that Dou Dou will forget the lesson and run to another random place next time. After Su Ling finished his breakfast, he asked Domi to call Dou Dou. Then he walked to the living room and stretched out his hand to push Gu Liheng, "You, go back to the room first."

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling in his arms, "I will accompany you."

"No, if you are here, how can I educate him?" Su Ling continued to push at Gu Liheng.

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling and sat on the sofa, "No need to teach him a lesson. He is an Alpha, being bold is good."

Hearing that, Su Ling glared at Gu Liheng, "Aren’t you afraid that we won’t find him next time?"

Gu Liheng: "It's okay. I instructed him that Papa Xian must be with him wherever he goes."

Right now, Xian Mo Yu is following Dou Dou almost all the time while Lóng Mo Téng stays with Su Ling.

"Father, Daddy!" Dou Dou’s figure hasn’t arrived yet and his voice came first.

Su Ling patted Gu Liheng's arm and Gu Liheng let go of him. Then he sat on the sofa with a calm face. Dou Dou, wearing a short-sleeved shirt and cropped trousers, ran into the hall and headed straight for Su Ling. Su Ling didn't wait for him to pounce on, and softly ordered, "Stop, stand still."

Dou Dou’s appearance is very good-looking. He is basically a smaller version of Gu Liheng, but softer and cute. Hearing Su Ling's words, he hurriedly stood still and whispered, "Dad."

"Do you know what you did wrong?" Su Ling asked.

Dou Dou's eyes moved around as he thought of it and replied, "I was wrong. I shouldn't run off to a random place, but I did get Grandpa Xian to go with me. So, it's safe."

"Who said it's safe? You are so small and young, even a branch can hurt you." Su Ling scolded and said, "Promise me. Promise me that you won't randomly run off next time, and you will tell me whenever you go out."

Dou Dou raised his right hand and revealed three fingers: "I promise."

Su Ling waved at Dou Dou, "Come here."

Dou Dou's eyes lit up and rushed into Su Ling’s arms, "Dad, don't be angry. You won’t be good-looking if you are angry."

Su Ling humphed, "I'm still your dad even if I don't look good." He picked off the leaves from Dou Dou's hair and ordered, "Go to the fragrance room and face the wall for 30 minutes."

Dou Dou: "Dad!"

At the side, Gu Liheng coughed slightly and said, "Ling Ling, he already knew he was wrong. So, he doesn't need to be punished, right?"

Su Ling: "When did he not know that he is wrong?" He put Dou Dou down at the door and sat back on the sofa, "Go."

There is a soothing fragrance in the fragrance-making room and the environment is very good, so standing for 30 mins is not really a punishment, he just wants Dou Dou to remember the lesson. Of course, for Dou Dou, who likes to jump all the time, standing for half an hour without doing anything is very scary. He acted like a baby and tried all his tricks but Su Ling remained unmoved.

Su Ling: "I will go to your Uncle Xiao's house with your Father in 30 mins. If you don't go now, we will head out later, and you will stay at home alone."

Dou Dou stamped his feet and immediately ran to the fragrance-making room. The little Big Brother in the Xiao family is his best playmate!

Su Ling got up and went to the back garden. Xian Mo Yu spread its petals to bask in the sun, and Lóng Mo Téng is resting on the petals, while the Rainbow Buddha Lotus stood on top of another petal; exuding colorful light.

Such a lovely image!

Su Ling approached and discovered that Rainbow Buddha Lotus is watching cartoon teaching words. A root wrapped around his wrist, and another root wrapped around the Rainbow Buddha Lotus, which is then held in front of Su Ling, "Where is my son's first meeting gift?"

Before Su Ling had time to be polite, one petal fell from each layer of the lotus. Su Ling couldn’t react in time but Lóng Mo Téng’s leaf suddenly enlarged. It caught all the 7 different petals and handed them to Su Ling.

Su Ling stared at it and carefully gathered the petals, "Thank you."

The lotus burst into colorful lights, and its aura appeared in Su Ling's mind, "Good, called me Uncle Qi."

Su Ling: "... Uncle Qi."

The colorful light became brighter and the charming fragrance is more intense in the air. Su Ling chatted with the 3 plants for a while, then returned to the living room. He looked at the petals and asked, "Have you heard of the Rainbow Buddha Lotus?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes. It’s a Grade S spiritual plant, very mysterious, with very little information recorded."

Su Ling: "After we come back at noon, I will study it and see."

Dou Dou, who has finished the punishment, ran to hug Su Ling happily, "Dad, let’s go to Brother Xiao's house."

Lin Meng's son is also an Alpha and is older than Dou Dou. Like Dou Dou, their son also grew up being pampered by all family members. Together, their destructive power is doubled. After eating lunch, Dou Dou and little big brother Xiao played for a while and finally became tired. Gu Liheng carried Dou Dou and return to the villa with Su Ling.

Su Ling went to the fragrance room to study the petals and was surprised to find that different colored petals had different effects. When he inspected the purple petal, a faint fragrance emanated from the petal and his eyelids suddenly became heavy. Next, he lost consciousness and fainted.

Half-awake, Su Ling seems to hear Dou Dou's cry. He was startled and quickly opened his eyes.

Dou Dou pounced on Su Ling, "Dad, I will listen to you well in the future."

Gu Liheng sat on the edge of the bed with a dark face. His eyes locked tightly at Su Ling’s face, and his voice trembling faintly as he called out, "Ling Ling?"

Su Ling blinked and stood up, "What's wrong with me?"

Hearing that, Gu Liheng breathed a sigh of relief and held onto Su Ling’s hand tightly, "That lotus petal has an effect to render someone unconscious, and you fainted."

Su Ling embraced Dou Dou and dropped a kiss on him, "Dad is okay now, don't be afraid."

Dou Dou wiped away his tears and rubbed his face.

Gu Liheng stared at Su Ling. Then he said with a low voice, "In the future, any new raw materials will be handed over to the people in the research room."

Su Ling knew male god is worried, and shook his hand, "Okay."

After the doctor checked Su Ling and confirmed that he is okay, Gu Liheng finally allowed Su Ling to get out of bed. Su Ling contacted Ni An and informed him that he had new materials in his hand. Ni An expressed that he is interested and Su Ling mailed the materials to him.

That night, Gu Liheng fiercely ‘did’ Su Ling. Afterward, he hugged Su Ling tightly in his arms, as if to push him into his bones.

Su Ling panted lightly, and a magnetic voice came from beside his ear, "Don't scare me anymore."

Hearing that, Su Ling raised his eyes and met a deep gaze from male god. The image of his(GLH) uneasy expression when he(SL) woke up flashed in his mind. A thought appeared in his mind, male god must be reminded of the time he fell into a coma previously and swapped soul with the body’s owner. Raising his hand, Su Ling circles around male god’s neck and said, "En, it won't happen anymore."

This time he was not cautious so it’s his fault. He should ask Uncle Qi regarding the effect of the petals in advance.

Soon after, Tian Ling Fragrance Bar launched a new fragrance, which was widely welcomed by the customers. At the same time, Ni An introduced a new tranquilizer that can keep AO sane during estrus. For Alpha, it is easy for them to get out of control during estrus, and they could easily cause damage to the weak Omega. With this medicine, they can now take care of Omega more carefully. The medicine caused a sensation as soon as it came out. However, the number of new medicines is very small. Although Uncle Qi wants to follow Papa Xian and Uncle Lóng’s tradition to give Su Ling ‘pocket money’ every day, it has only re-germinates and grows up not long ago. Its body is still very small, and it could only shed the petals once a month.

Insufficient raw materials mean fewer finished products, which also makes the price more expensive. Su Ling kept half of the finished medicine, and the other half was put on consignment at Ni An. After he personally used it for the first time, he deeply regretted his decision. He should have put all the medicine on consignment! As expected, the medicine lets the user stay sensible during the estrus period, but will not lessen the feeling of their attraction to each other at all. When one lost their reason during estrus, he relies on his instinct to ‘exercise’. But now that they can stay sensible, they can use more styles to ‘exercise’. As an Omega, Su Ling will not resist his Alpha during estrus. And so, he went into estrus once and ended up opening a whole new world, plus unlocked many poses and toys.

At the end of his estrus period, he rested his fingers weakly on the side of his pillow. Before going to bed, he thought that after waking up, he must push all the medicine to Ni An and prohibit male god from buying it. He will never let male god eat it again! However, when he woke up, the medicine had been stored away by male god.

Gu Liheng hugged Su Ling and rubbed his waist. There is no expression on his face as usual, but his eyes were very gentle as he said, "The effect of the medicine is very good. I will use it in the next estrus."

Su Ling couldn’t muster much strength as he pinched male god's hand, "Humph." Then he turned his head, facing away from male god.

The gesture makes Gu Liheng's mouth curve up slightly, and he printed a kiss on the back of Su Ling’s neck.

The sunlight outside the window poured into the bedroom, and 2 roots swayed in the air outside the window. The owner of the roots was stretching its petals in the sun and Dou Dou is sitting on top of one petal. The petal swayed up and down, and Dou Dou laughed happily every time he reached the highest point; using the petal as an automatic single seesaw.

On the other hand, Lóng Mo Téng and Rainbow Buddha Lotus stay on the petal beside; one plant teaching the other how to read. A sweet and charming fragrance is exuded in the air, lingering around the entire villa.


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