Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 87: Red-named Expert (11) Part 2

Zhang Fuguo rose to his feet and smiled at her, "Why is Xiao Jin here? You didn't tell your uncle in advance so I could go to the door to greet you."

Ah Jin picked up a wine glass and played with it.

"What? Do I have to report to you when I come to my own company?"

Hearing Ah Jin's words, Zhang Fuguo knew that today's visitor was not good.

So he made a face and pointed at He Shuchen and said, "Did he say something behind my back? Xiao Jin, you can't trust outsiders! He is sowing discord!"

Ah Jin placed the wine glass heavily on the table.

It hit the table with a bang.

"Let me remind you once again. This is my company, and you have to call me chairman. Also, I have my judgment. Whether he is sowing discord or not, I don't need you to help me judge."

Zhang Fuguo's face flushed.

He slapped the table and said, "Xiao Jin, watch what you say. How can you speak disrespectfully now?"

Ah Jin didn't bother with him.

She extended her hand to He Shuchen.

"Where is the information?"

He Shuchen gave the information to Ah Jin from his secretary.

"Chairman, this is all the information."

Ah Jin didn't even look at it. She threw it onto the desk with a "pop.”

"Here are all the things you have done in the past two years. I will give you three days to restore the state of affairs. Good for you, good for me, and good for everyone. On account of being a relative, I will be lenient. If you don't, we'll see you in court. You don't want to go to jail, do you?"

Zhang Fuguo shoved the information aside and persuaded, "Xiao Jin, don't listen to this villain's slander. I am your uncle. How could I harm you? Are you going to help outsiders against your own family? Are you cutting off your relationship with us?"

Ah Jin looked at him coldly.

"I have already said what should be said. If the damage is not restored in three days, I will see you in court."

Zhang Fuguo knew that she was not going to behave.

He also turned his face away from her.

"Do you want to cut us off completely? How dare you think you can hold up the whole company on your own? Don't cry and beg me to come back later!"

"You don't have to worry about that. Just wipe your ass first."

After saying that, Ah Jin walked away with her people.

He Shuchen only said one sentence during the entire process.

He was prepared to fight.

Who knew that his boss did not need help at all?

After that incident, he was thoroughly impressed with Ah Jin and withdrew his contempt.

"If he does not restore the original state after three days, he will be charged with embezzlement of public funds and abuse of power."

He Shuchen asked, "Is that really okay? He is, after all, your uncle."

Ah Jin said indifferently, "This company is currently surnamed Song, not Zhang yet."

He Shuchen respectfully said, "I understand, Chairman."

Ah Jin also ordered, "You just carry out my instructions. I will deal with any problems afterward. If there is a troublemaker in the company, as long as it is not my parents, all of them will be thrown out to the police."

When He Shuchen heard this, the stone in his heart finally dropped.

It seemed that the rabbit would bite when it was anxious.

The chairman of the board was going to disown all of her relatives.

He respectfully answered and sent Ah Jin outside the company.

"Chairman, let me arrange a car to take you back."

Ah Jin refused, "No, I'll just take a taxi. I still have to review at school."

He Shuchen did not insist when he was rejected.

"Then you take care."

Then he stopped a taxi and opened the door for Ah Jin personally.

After Ah Jin got in, she told him, "Call me if you need anything."

He Shuchen closed the taxi door and said, "Do not worry and study. I will take care of it."

Ah Jin nodded and then told the driver, "Mister, to B University."

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