Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 87 Part 1


"Eat whale.jpg That is, the daughter of the deceased boss?

"I heard that she is the biggest shareholder of our company, as she inherited all the shares of her parents!"

"Damn, what is she doing here? Is she going to give us a hard time?"

"Attention all departments! Act quickly!"

"If you are eating, then stop it. Stop chatting and take your positions quickly! Make sure not to get caught."

"So, where the hell did the chairman go? Eating melon.jpg"

"I do not know. HR Department anyone?"

"Didn't see there. Is there anyone in the administration department?"

"No. What about the sales department?"

"None. Where the hell did she go?"

"Or maybe she went straight to Mr. He's office."

"Stop looking. She went to the logistics department. She seems to have gone to the manager's office. Hey, you guys. Do say the chairman is really good-looking."

"The logistics manager? If I remember correctly, a relative of her family, right? She came to visit him?"

"Could it be that Mr. He has complained and she is here seeking trouble?"

"It's possible, but she looks gentle and soft. Will she be okay?"

The chat group began to speculate all kinds of about what this big shot came for.


In the elevator, He Shuchen began to tell what had happened recently.

"Manager Zhang has been moving staffs in the Logistics Department frequently these days. A lot of good employees have been forced out by him. For the sake of not losing good talents, I had to invite them back to other departments at a high cost. Now, the whole Logistics Department is in pandemonium, and there have been many complaints."

Ah Jin listened carefully, her fingers rubbed lightly on the elevator handrail.

"What else?"

He Shuchen hesitated but carried on, "He claims to be your elder. If anyone dares to cross him, they will cross the whole company. Recently, he was discovered to be embezzling public funds to do investment projects in the name of the company."

He Shuchen observed Ah Jin's expression and saw that she did not display any expression and remained composed, so he felt a little more at ease.

Ah Jin asked again, "Is the information and evidence ready?"

He Shuchen never fought a battle that he was not sure of.

Since he had asked Ah Jin to come, he was ready.

"Yes, the lawyer is also ready at all times."

Ah Jin was extremely satisfied with him.

This was a real good subordinate.

San Qi was really too slack.

San Qi was dumbfounded.

Why did it get shot even when lying down?

When Ah Jin reached the logistics department, the staffs inside were still at a loss.

They started whispering, "Who is this? Mr. He personally brought her here."

"I don't know. I have not received any notice from Mr. He for inspection."

The Logistics Department was stuffed with connections, and people from other departments didn't treat them well.

So they weren't in the group chat and didn't know what was going on.

When Ah Jin pushed the door of the manager's office open, Zhang Fuguo had his legs on the table, humming a little tune out of his mouth, while his hands and feet were still swaying rhythmically with the tune.

Zhang Fuguo was shocked to see that Ah Jin came.

He quickly put his feet down.

"Manager Zhang seems to be living a very comfortable life. The office is as comfortable as if you were at home."

Ah Jin spoke as she looked around at the furnishings in the office.

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