Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 868: Little theater side story

[Welcome to all the little fairies to the male lead’s ten question segment!  This segment isn’t held for every world, it depends on fate!  Next, we invite our Star Art’s president mister He to come answer these questions!]

[“First question: Did you fall in love with her at first sight?”]

“Not really.”

[“Then it was love over time?”]

“I don’t know when I fell in love, but I knew that I had to protect her.”

[“Second question: What do you hate the most?”]

“The news.”

[“Oh!  The system knows why director He hates them!”]

“It was the emptiest time in my life, I even thought about killing myself.  It’s a good thing that she didn’t know.”

[“Third question: Who are you the most jealous of?”]

“Ji Li Sheng!  Although she gave me a kiss before the kissing scene, I’m still unhappy that she shared a kiss with someone else on screen!”

[“Ha, ha!  Director He really is filled with envy and jealousy!”]  The system had to secretly laugh!

“Ke, ke!”  He Chen cleared his throat and said, “For all the books I write in the future, the male lead will be me!”

[“......”]  The system found it hard to keep speaking!

[“Fourth question: If someone didn’t force you, would you have told her that you were Zhe Xue?”]

“No!  I feel that she should like He Chen more, why should she like Zhe Xue!”

[“Because Zhe Xue is her male god!”]

“But He Chen is her husband!”

[“You’re right because you look good!”]  The system gave a helpless shrug, who told the system to not look good.

[“Fifth question: Why did you still go to the appointment even though you knew Gu Fei Er was a fake?”]

“Evil forces must be eradicated, otherwise they will appear in front of my wife again!”

[“Sixth question: When did you feel powerless at work?”]

“The filming of “Ten Years”!  Actually I wanted to give her better resources, but we weren’t strong enough to completely cover the entire market!”  Although he really wanted to take the entire market!

[“Seventh question: When Michelle bullied her, why didn’t you immediately step up for her!”

“I never felt that Michelle was bullying her…..I saw that she made Michelle so angry that her face turned green!”  He Chen thought about it before saying, “Mrs He has her own method of offending people that is filled with blood, I’m just a foil in that case.  I just need to say a few key words!”

[“......”]  The system also felt that the host’s face slapping prowess was getting more and more powerful!

[“Eighth question: Were you nervous when you were at the Ruiliska Film Festival with her?”]

“Eh!  Actually I was a bit nervous, but she didn’t seem nervous at all……”

The system’s digression: Nonsense!  She exchanged for a skill with the system!  Of course she was confident in her acting skills!

[“Ninth question: What was the most interesting thing after marriage?”]

“She would always stand by me when I was writing and then tell me how I should describe her.  Later, when I wrote about her appearance, there was a popular phrase that came about.”

[“What is it?  What is it?”]

“Explosion of beauty!”

[“......”]  The system felt that the host shouldn’t be happy!

[“Ten question: Is there anything you want to say to her!”]

“You already know the things you can’t write down.  As long as you appear, I have no way of feeling despair.”

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 16/100]

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