Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 867: He Chen’s side story (Part 2)

Although there was an indescribable uncomfortable burning feeling in my heart, I knew that this was for her stardom.

If this was her dream, I was willing to help her achieve it.

Even when I drove her to that banquet, the person standing by her side was not me.

But I never thought that in less than half an hour, she had walked out alone.

I would always remember that day, there were snowflakes that filled the sky.

The entrance to the restaurant was surrounded by reporters sister Ai had called, waiting for the news of this ‘coupling’.

However, she very willfully walked out alone.

If it wasn’t for the turbulent waves that churned in my heart, my heart had skipped a beat.

Later I became more nervous around her.  The more she clung to me, the more I was afraid of losing her.

That kind of panic continued until the day she wanted to remarry me and said the word ‘getting certification’ to me.

Although I could understand what she meant, I still was worried that I was wrong.

But she was fully dressed up the next day, my heart suddenly sunk.

It was a very strange feeling, there was no one in this world who could understand what I was feeling.

It was like feeling uncertain for ten years and then your most important person suddenly gave you an answer.

There were a few good brothers that asked me why I remarried her.

It was probably because of her relationship with Ye Zuo Chuan before that made people talk.

And when everyone asked me this, I would strictly tell them that there was no one as good as her in this world.

Because the moment she came into my life, it was this world’s greatest gift.

Perhaps only someone who really paid attention would understand that no matter how noisy she was, as long as it was for me, I could do anything…...

She used her own way to prove that she was no longer related to Ye Zuo Chuan and I felt that she was very cute at that time.

Really…..She was very cute!

Actually I didn’t want her to stay in the entertainment business.  Half of the hot searches were good things about her, but there were more people who slandered her because of how outstanding she was!

When someone said that she wasn’t good, I knew that the words He Chen wasn’t any use.

But Zhe Xue worked.  My pen name, my initial belief.

On her birthday each year, I would congratulate her on Weibo.  It was for nothing else, I just hoped that there would be many people blessing her on that day.

Although I was still jealous of ‘Zhe Xue’ later, I felt that it was very funny since when had I ever been someone who did something like this?

But thinking about it, I realized that this might be the real me.  Just like the moon, many people thought that I was aloof, but I was no different from a normal person.

There was a reader who asked me what kind of girl would make me this obsessed.

I thought about it and gave a single response.

I used ten years to wait for a single look from her, then I would use the rest of my time to guard this look.

Since she was willing to look back at me, I would be willing to guard her without caring about a thing.

As long as I was there, there was no one that could say that she wasn’t good.  Because she was Luo Qing Chen and I was He Chen.

That encounter ten years ago determined my life, it was just to protect her for the rest of her life.

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