Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 866: He Chen’s side story (Part 1)

I don’t like competing with others, but I will never let go of what is mine.  ——He Chen.

My life wasn’t that perfect, I wasn’t the son of a rich man or an official.

I had a father who left home and a seriously ill mother.

I never had friends growing up and I didn’t expect to have any friends.  It wasn’t that I liked silence, but I knew that I could hide myself forever in silence.

Until my mother’s illness couldn’t hold on any longer.

I brought her to the hospital and hearing the doctor tell me that astronomical figure, I could only be silent.

A girl not far away looked at me.  She was just a bit ill and the two behind her were very respectful, it seemed like she was a young miss.

She looked at me and I looked at her.

But I never thought that she would walk over to me, giving me a card without any hesitation and letting me take out money.

Then she said that it was a fair exchange because she wanted the second button on my shirt.

I didn’t know why she wanted to do this, it might be because she pitied me or felt sympathy.

But I knew that I would never forget this face in my life.

After taking the money, she was already gone.

The maid behind her looked at me in disdain and said some ugly words, saying that I was probably a scammer, but I wasn’t angry at all.

Because I knew that there were some things that surpassed humiliation, it surpassed everything.

Mother’s operation went very smoothly and I began to wildly study.

From the bottom of society, reaching the top, it was all to stand by her side.  At least if there was a miracle in the future, I could become someone in her life.

I could even propose ‘a wedding of equal status’.

With all my effort, it finally changed on a certain day ten years later.  The Luo Group went bankrupt and I was in the best position to help them.

To repay my kindness, her parents let me marry her.

Actually, for a person of my personality, other than Luo Qing Chen, I would never agree to this kind of marriage.

But as long as it was her, anything was fine.

I knew that she didn’t like me and I also knew who she liked.  If I were to talk about the dark time in my life, it was the three months when she stole data from Star Art.  This was probably the hardest time for me.

Because I didn’t know when to stop it and I didn’t know when she would stop.

But even like this, I wasn’t willing to expose her…...

Although those days were hard, they didn’t hurt.  I learned to distinguish gratitude and love.

Or it could be said that before love started, my heart died.

Until the meeting for “Su Tang”, she suddenly changed like she had become another person.

She no longer cared about Ye Zuo Chuan and didn’t give him any information, standing on the opposite side of him.

I didn’t know why she did this, but my heart wasn’t beating normally when I knew that she was looking at me.

It should be because I still had expectations, waiting for a brighter day!

I knew that it might or might not come, but no matter what, I shouldn’t wait anymore because I didn’t want to wait.

When she had a conflict with Bei Chun Ni, I immediately turned on the monitors through my computer and sent Linda to take care of it.

When she wanted to be the female lead of “Ten Years”, I invited Star Art’s best agent to help her become popular.

But I never expected that…..she actually didn’t care about this.

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