Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 865: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (End)

Many years later, when “Ten Years” gradually faded away, Zhe Xue’s second book began serializing.

Luo Qing Chen’s name had entered the hot search list the second day after Zhe Xue’s new book started serializing.

Because she had never acted in any other works since becoming a film empress.

Whether it was movies, TV series, or advertisements, she didn’t do a single one.

The people who used to hate her had become fans after a long time.

Because this kind of girl was real enough.  In the mind of the public, Luo Qing Chen acting in “Ten Years” was for Zhe Xue, for He Chen’s ten years.

Three years later, Zhe Xue’s second book was officially finished and the book had a very simple name, “Twenty Years: The Exclusive Memories of Cranberry”!

Although Liuo Qing Chen really wanted to change this name to “Domineering President’s Love For Me”, He Chen’s ‘pleading’ look made her decide to include his ideas!

On a certain starry night, mister He put a bunch of documents on the table in front of her and said, “There’s good news and bad news, which one does my wife want to hear first?”

“Good news!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “I like sweet first and bitter second.  If it isn’t sweet enough, I might not plan on hearing the bad news…..”

“......”  He Chen cleared his throat and said, “Alright!  This is very like my wife!”

He Chen looked at her and said, “Star Art has bought the copyrights to “Twenty Years” and we’re about to start shooting soon!”


Luo Qing Chen heard this and almost couldn’t react to it.  Three seconds later, she said, “Isn’t this buying your own copyright!”

“Yes!”  He Chen gave a solemn nod, “It can be considered this!”

“Then…..how much money did you take from yourself?”  She suddenly felt that this He Chen was a bit cute, like he was trying to make her happy.

“Wife, that is the bad news!”  He Chen said with a faint smile, “Because after all…...this feels like taking money from my left pocket to put in my right pocket, so I’ve decided not to charge copyright fees!”

“Oh.”  Luo Qing Chen replied, “It really does save a large amount of money, that way you can pay the male and female leads more!”

“Male and female leads……”  He Chen pulled her into his embrace by her hand, “There’s no pay at all!”


Luo Qing Chen felt that something was off, she felt that this was just a preface.

It was paving the way for something big!

“Because the male and female leads are us!”  He Chen looked at her with pampering eyes, “I feel that the two of us are very suited for this!”

When he said this, his expression was completely different from the normal “domineering president” He Chen.

“What!?”  She said, “I have to ask great god Zhe Xue about this!”

She took out her phone and wanted to send a private message.  It turned out that Zhe Xue had posted on Weibo half an hour ago and it had created several hot searches.

[“The Exclusive Memories of Cranberry” @Luo Qing Chen @ He Chen, I think this male and female lead are quite good!]

“......”  She found that she had fallen into He Chen’s trap.

She had completely fallen into it…...

“He Chen, you……”  When she wanted to say something, she found that there were slightly cool lips pressing on hers.

Time continued to pass and whether it was ten years or twenty years, they stayed together.

Whether he was Zhe Xue or He Chen, whether he was a writer or a president.

He was the most elegant Yan Fan in Feng Cheng’s heart and the warmest one in Luo Qing Chen’s heart.

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