Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 86 Part 2

Ah Jin started school already, and the course was not difficult for her.

In her free time, she texted with old He to discuss the various projects of the company.

It would be easy to apply what she had learned.

Old He looked at the text message in his hand.

Though his boss had already called and given an order last time, he decided to update Ah Jin on the recent happenings.

So he sent a text message back to Ah Jin.

"Boss, I think if you have time these days, you'd better come to the company in person. There are some things in the company that needs to be handled by you personally these days."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes at the text message.

It seemed that it came up again.

Well, it was good that she was a bit bored recently.

So Ah Jin took a taxi to her company one afternoon when she had no classes.

The original character was not often seen at the company.

Even when she did, she was taken by her parents.

So no one at the company knew her.

So much so that Ah Jin was stopped in the lobby by the front desk lady.

"This lady, may I ask if you have an appointment?"

Ah Jin blinked, "Wait a minute."

She took out the phone and called old He.

"Ahem, I'm in the lobby. Come pick me up."

He Shuchen received the call and hurriedly took the elevator down.

Everyone in the company was curious about who had arrived that Mr. He was so flustered.

Because Ah Jin went straight from school, she was clad in something very simple.

She wore a white T-shirt, denim shorts, and even a pair of canvas shoes.

The young lady at the front desk was already in the company group, chatting away the gossip.

"A student girl came to the reception desk. She's pretty. Who’s girlfriend is she?"

"It can't be Mr. He's. I saw Mr. He running down in a hurry."

"I saw it too."

"I also heard the little girl call for someone to pick her up."

"What are you waiting for? Take a picture!"

It was a private gossip chat group.

Without the leaders, they were very reckless.

The front desk girl was preparing to adjust the angle to take pictures secretly when she saw Mr. He hurriedly out of the elevator.

She hastily put away her phone and stood up to say hello.

"Hello, Mr. He."

He Shuchen nodded.

His eyes searched around and fell on Ah Jin.

The receptionist's eyes were wide with gossip.

When she saw that Mr. He's gaze fell on the student girl, she was even more sure of her suspicion that it should be his girlfriend.

But it appeared that the arrival of his girlfriend did not make him happy.

He looked a little nervous.

Could it be a secret love?

The receptionist girl's mind was already filled with several melodramatic episodes.

She took out her phone again and was ready to take pictures when she saw Mr. He came forward and spoke.

At that time, the phone in her hand was almost thrown out because it was too frightening.

He Shuchen had not seen Ah Jin for two years.

He was not sure, and he tried to do so by asking, "Hello, are you, Director Song?"

Ah Jin smiled and offered her hand, "Hello, Mr. He. It has been a long time."

He Shuchen looked at the young girl before him.

The childishness and innocence were gone, and her eyes were full of confidence and calmness.

He felt as if he saw the figure of his late boss in her.

He led Ah Jin in front, "This way, please, Director Song."

Ah Jin opened the door and said, "No need to go to your office. Let's go directly and deal with issues. I have to go back later."

He Shuchen did not talk nonsense and immediately led her to the place where the accident occurred.

The young girl at the front desk shivered and sent a message to the group chat.

"Alert! Level 1 alert! The student girl just now is the newly promoted chairman!"

Once the message came out, the group instantly exploded.

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