Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 86 Part 1

With more people that Ah Jin had killed, her name was getting redder and redder.

The system had started to automatically add more red special effects to her.

On the originally dark makeup, the corners of her eyes had begun to glow red.

The God Beheading Sword had been dyed red with blood and was no longer the same.

On the red-named list, her ranking began to soar, killing the top ten already.

Man feared being famous, and pigs feared being strong.

Ah Jin's fame inevitably attracted some annoying flies.

After some people were killed, they were discontented and went to the system to report Ah Jin for cheating.

However, the system did not detect any problem and rejected their reports.

Thus, some people started to curse and hang bounties across the World.

An increasing number of bounties were offered for Ah Jin, and more and more people wanted to kill her.

Ren Fengjiang seized that opportunity to set up an organization dedicated to dealing with Ah Jin, called the "Killing The Female Out of The Fantasy World Alliance.“

The name alone could tell how sour this organization really was.

Whenever a member of the group spotted Ah Jin, he would immediately inform all the members. The group would be like flies seeing meat, which would be a great way to kill them.

In the end, the result was obviously an added brick for Ah Jin's road to godhood.

Xiaojiu looked at the ground of corpses and admiringly said, "Their love for you is also true. The unyielding spirit has become stronger and stronger as you kill them."

"Maybe that's just cheap. The more you can't get, the more you want."

The level dropping compared to the advancement was much faster.

If they continued to be killed like that, these people were not far from quitting the game.

So the group started to develop a new plan to impose a tactic on Ah Jin.

Ah Jin did not take them to heart.

She did not refuse anyone.

As long as they were happy.

She still continuously put a bounty on Ren Fengjiang, who was not as powerful as she was.

He was hiding in the city and did not dare to go out.

Unfortunately, some people were tempted by money and would instead go into the city to kill him.

Ren Fengjiang had dropped to level 20 now.

If things went on like that, he would be finished.

Ah Jin was already at full level and was trying one hundred and eight ways to kill herself.

She even wrote an insight for each method.

You Qian's mind was wondering, could it be that he had met his peer?

He probed by asking, "What exactly do you study?"

Ah Jin put down the knife in her hand and replied, "Finance major."

You Qian could not believe it and said, "Then why are you studying suicide? I thought you were studying medicine."

"This is a personal hobby. This has nothing to do with my major."

Hearing her say this, You Qian's discomfort rose in his heart.

Had she been in a terrible state of mind and had even given birth to such thoughts?

This suspicion acted as if it had taken root, and it was rooted in You Qian's heart.

You Qian told Xiaojiu behind the scenes that she must have a good relationship with Ah Jin, always pay attention to her psychological state, and also often invite her out for shopping and playing.

She was surprised at his abnormal behavior.

"What's wrong with you? You usually want me to stay away from her, don't you?"

You Qian replied after thinking about it, "I suspect she may have a mental illness and have suicidal tendencies."

Xiaojiu was shocked, "Impossible! I'm with her every day. She is not that kind of person."

"I am just guessing. I have asked old Mo to check and see if she has suffered any major setbacks recently."

Xiaojiu was helpless.

"You are so suspicious. It must be your police occupational disease again. Anyway, I don't think she is that kind of person."

You Qian did not argue with her. When the results of the investigation came out, everything would be discussed.

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