Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 86 - Giving birth [OW]

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After Su Ling became pregnant, many things have changed in his life. For example, his lunch is now specially prepared by a cook every day. Weekend dating activities, such as going to the theme park, climbing mountains, bungee jumping have changed into going to the orchestra and looking at art exhibitions.

In the first 2 months, Su Ling didn't have the feeling of being pregnant at all. He even had a thought that the doctor's examination was wrong, and he is not really pregnant. However, after 2 months, his stomach has changed a bit so a sense of reality finally hits him.  Gu Liheng knows very well of his class schedule, so whenever there are experimental classes, especially the last class in the morning, Gu Liheng will definitely contact Su Ling within five minutes the class ended; worrying that he will be too immersed in the experiment.  As for the fragrance-making room at home, he is now forbidden to enter after 6.00 pm. Su Ling was quite unsatisfied with the decision, but he knew that his coma had scared male god so he could only cooperate.

3 months later, it’s time for summer vacation. They originally planned to travel to other planets every holiday, but this time their plan was halted by the pregnancy. Gu Liheng moved his work area to his villa and only will go to the company for very important meetings. He also has stopped going out for business travels.

Sitting on the cushioned recliner, Su Ling is drinking orange juice and watching a movie. Opposite him is Gu Liheng, who is working on some documents. Then, Gu Liheng's bracelet vibrated slightly. He moved his gaze away from the holographic screen and turned to his Omega, "Have a break now, you have been staring at the screen for an hour straight."

Su Ling's eyes were glued to the movie screen as he replied, "It's okay, I'm not tired."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng got up and walked to Su Ling’s side. He leaned over to embrace the young man and glanced at the holographic screen. Then he said, "After this scene, rest a bit and watch the rest later."

Su Ling glanced at Gu Liheng, then his gaze returned to the holographic screen, "I want to finish the movie."

Gu Liheng frowned slightly, "Ling Ling, be obedient."

Those words caused the corner of Su Ling’s mouth to twitch. He pressed the pause button, and lightly punched Gu Liheng’s arm. Glaring at him, he said, "I've been an adult for many years, so don't treat me as a child."

"I di..."

Before Gu Liheng could finish speaking, Su Ling quickly interrupted, "You did! Even a child doesn’t need to watch a movie in 2 parts, and have a break in between." He humphed, "Do you know that the plots would be incoherent and it's very uncomfortable to watch?"

Gu Liheng stroked Su Ling’s ears and realized that after the young man became pregnant, he has become more coquettish. He gently persuaded, "Don't be angry, the doctor said that sitting for a long time is not good, and your eyes should be properly rested."

Su Ling subconsciously tilted his head and rubbed against the back of Gu Liheng’s hand. The skin contact made him feel warm, and the displeasure disappeared. He stood up and pulled male god’s hand to go out, "I'm not angry, haven't I told you before? My original identity is also a strong type of person. I’m not weak at all, it’s just you who see me as a weakling."

"You are Omega now," Gu Liheng said, "and your current body too."

Su Ling: I can't refute that.

The two walked around the villa and reached the back garden. Xian Mo Yu was basking in the sun in the backyard. Its red petals were fully stretched out, and the roots were all flat on the ground. As Lóng Mo Téng, it has also returned to its original shape. Its huge vines surround the periphery of Xian Mo Yu petals, forming a large green circle. Under the sun, the emerald green leaves looked like they have a transparent texture. At some angles, one can even see the liquid in the leaves.

As soon as Su Ling appeared, a root move to wrap around his wrist, "Son, are you coming to bask in the sun too? Come, lie down on my petals."

Su Ling stroked the roots lightly and replied, "No, I'm going for a walk, and will return to the villa soon. You just continue to bask in the sun."

"When will grandson come out?" Xian Mo Yu asked.

Su Ling: "About half a year later."

Su Ling and Gu Liheng walked 1 more round and returned to the study.

After an hour and a half, when the two took a walk again, the backyard is much more lively than before. Other than Papa Xian and Uncle Lóng, 3 Grade A spiritual plants and 50 Flower Bud Grasses are all present and neatly arranged. There is a computer on the ground in front of them, and a holographic screen pops up above the computer. The holographic screen was stretched to a large size, and cartoons and words could be seen playing inside.

Su Ling: "..." It must be Papa Xian's idea.

Without having to look at the surveillance camera, Su Ling knew right away that these spiritual plants were all moved out by Papa Xian’s roots. In his mind, he suddenly had an illusion that Papa Xian is operating a kindergarten.

Roots rushed to his hand, "Son! I'm teaching them to read!"

Su Ling skillfully praised, "Papa Xian is awesome."

The roots shook happily.

Su Ling waited until the plants finished watching a short clip and turned to the Flower Bud Grasses, "You are the main ingredient for making special grade inhibitors. At present, apart from you guys, there are very few mature Flower Bud Grasses out there."

Hearing that, the straight branches of Flower Bud Grass swayed slightly, conveying all kinds of pride and triumphant feelings to Su Ling.

Su Ling's mood became complicated, "The Chief of Logistics contacted me yesterday and requested for 30 Flower Bud Grasses. Do any of you want to go to the spiritual plant cultivation base?"

All of a sudden, Su Ling's mind was filled with the word ‘No’. The prideful feelings have changed to sad, flustered, and scared. It was quite funny. It seems that even though Papa Xian forced them to read from time to time, they still like the villa. He turned to look at the spiritual plant room behind him. The floor-to-ceiling windows were open, and Su Ling saw the shelf against the wall at a glance. It was used to put the Flower Bud Grass but cannot be used anymore because there are too many of them. On the other hand, it takes too much space if all plants are placed on the ground. It seems that in the future, they can no longer cultivate spiritual plants at home, especially those with high IQ. With the plants in his hands, it is as if he is raising more than 50 pets, they cannot raise any more plants.

After a moment of thought, Su Ling asked, "If you are not willing to go, how about providing me with some buds? I will give them the buds, and the diluted vine liquid so that the military can cultivate the plants themselves."

In the past two years, he has stocked up a lot of vine liquid, and only a small part has been made into concealing agents, which are kept in the fragrance bar now for future use. As soon as he finished speaking, the flower buds on the Flower Bud Grasses fell down onto their flowerpot.

Su Ling: "...not that much."

With an aching heart, Su Ling squatted down in front of the Flower Bud Grasses and stroked one of their bare branches. Then he looked at the 10 flower buds in each flowerpot and sighed. He controlled his pheromone, and a citrus mint scent wafted around all spiritual plants; gentle and sweet. The Flower Bud Grasses became happy in an instant and gently swaying their branches.

Su Ling looked up and spread his hands to Gu Liheng, "We must collect all the buds."

Gu Liheng pulled Su Ling up and said, "Just leave it to Domi."

Half an hour later, Su Ling took a large bag of buds from Domi's hand; a total of 500 buds. Sitting next to Gu Liheng, he calculated how much vine liquid is needed to grow these Flower Bud Grasses to maturity. After the calculation was done, he contacted the Chief of Logistics.

Chief: "Xiao Ling, have you considered it? If 30 plants are not too much, we can take 25."

Su Ling: "Sorry, they don't want to leave the villa."

The Chief instantly becomes speechless, "You... you mean all of them have grown flower buds?" The plants will have IQ when their buds are formed, and raw materials can't be forcibly taken.

Su Ling: "Yes."

Chief: "How about I send a few high-level spiritual plant specialists to try? Maybe we can communicate with them?"

Su Ling: "Chief, this business is definitely a no-go, but I have another one for you. I have 500 flower buds here, as well as the formulated growth liquid. In less than a week, they will all mature."

The Chief paused, and his voice suddenly rose, "500? Within a week?"

"Yes." Su Ling said helplessly, "Doctor Ni An should have revealed something, right?"

"Indeed, it was mentioned 2 years ago, but nothing more after that." The chief said.

In his mind, Su Ling said, ‘Of course, there is nothing after that.’ After all, Uncle Lóng has always pretended to be a bracelet, and he himself has concealed the news of the vine liquid. However, he had stored too much vine liquid, and it’s not easy to keep it. Hence, he asked Uncle Lóng 2 days ago if he could sell it. Uncle Lóng said that the liquid is his pocket money anyway. So Su Ling finally understood that Uncle Lóng didn't care if it would be exposed or not. Anyway, if someone did ask about the vine liquid, they could just deny it.

Su Ling: "You can think about it first. If you are willing to cooperate, I can provide the raw supplies at any time."

Chief: "Alright, what do you mean by mature in one week?"

"They will be at least 1 meter high and has 5 flower buds." Su Ling has grown so many Flower Bud Grasses so he is very experienced.

"I will hold a meeting right away. Your offer is equivalent to 500 mature Flower Bud Grass, so the price is not low," the Chief said mildly and asked, "Xiao Ling, have you decided on a price?"

Su Ling restrained his smile, "I believe Chief will not let me suffer a loss. For 500 buds, let’s count it at the price of 450 buds ba (meaning 50 buds are free)."

"Don't worry, I will definitely give you the right price!"

Hanging up the call, Su Ling leaned on Gu Liheng and said, "This sum of money is at least hundreds of millions. I want to donate it."

Gu Liheng rubbed Su Ling’s hair, "As you wished."

Su Ling smiled and turned to play with Gu Liheng’s hands, "I am not short of money at all. This money earned is thanks to the spiritual plants. I want to donate it to help the slums in the name of my baby." He sighed as he spoke, "At first, I thought your planet here doesn't have slums."

"Most of them are interstellar wanderers. Planet Belle is in the upper top economic tier within the alliance. There are still many backward planets. The universe is vast and it is difficult to not have the gap between the rich and the poor."

Su Ling uttered an En, then put his chin on Gu Liheng’s shoulder, "But I don’t safe donating it to other people. Can I donate it directly to the construction company under the Gu family?"

Gu Liheng: "Okay, I will arrange for someone to follow up."


When Su Ling gave birth to his baby, the most basic residential buildings in the slums had been completed. Those people who seek shelter from the wind and rain moved into the building.

On the other hand, Su Ling briefly mentioned this matter when he signed the contract with the Logistic Dept Chief. Later, the Chief got in touch with the Gu family to cooperate with relevant departments. Soon, the people in the slum area have completed their temporary household registration and then are allocated the residence according to the household registration. Of course, the actual budget is not only from the money earned from the Flower Bud Grass but also part of Gu company’s funding, as well as donations from welfare agencies and some businesses. After Mother Gu heard about it, she went to supervise the whole process to ensure the quality and speed of the project. The original slum area was given a makeover and became a new community. Since the community had no name, it was called the New Community.

The news that President Gu’s wife has given birth quickly swept through various headlines, but apart from knowing the child is an Alpha, nobody knows anything. Not a photo was revealed, not even a strand of the baby’s hair. On this day, red silk was hung everywhere in the New Community, and blessings to the baby were written everywhere. Su Ling only saw the news the next day, but it makes his heart very warm. It gives him a sense of reality, and stability.

After staying in the hospital for 3 days, Su Ling has recovered his energy. It was as if he has never given birth to a child at all, and still a tender young man. He went to hug his son and poked his son's fleshy face in surprise, "He looked better today."

Gu Liheng's eyes were gentle as he said, "He always looks good."

"This is what we call mindless praise. How could anyone look good when they were just born, with a flushed face like that? But right now the baby is good-looking, with fair skin and pink blush."

Mother Gu laughed at the side, "Children are like this. The baby looked exactly the same as Ah Heng when he was a child. Have you thought about a name?"

Gu Liheng: "It's Gu Yu, and his nickname is Dou Dou(豆豆/pea)."


Su Ling: "En, when I first saw him, he looked like a pea to me."

A week later, Gu Liheng made a post in Boyan and uploaded a photo of Dou Dou's profile shot. Then he wrote Dou Dou’s formal name underneath it: Gu Yu.

Some time later, Su Ling kind of regretted the nickname he gave. He should have picked a quieter name. Dou Dou made himself a human jumping bean, always jumping, full of energy, and no idle moment. He wanted to teach the kid a lesson, but Mother Gu and Gu Liheng always stopped him and said that Doudou is very obedient. Not only Dou Dou likes making trouble, but he is also good at acting like a baby. Hence, Su Ling can no longer muster to strength to get angry.

When Doudou was 3 years old, not only Mother Gu and male god mindlessly pampered him, even Papa Xian and Uncle Lóng did the same. Papa Xian itself is already like a child. Dou Dou's temper is too compatible with it. When Dou Dou was too young, they can’t express ideas properly. Now that they can communicate smoothly, the relationship between the two has advanced by leaps and bounds.

On this one day, Su Ling and Gu Liheng came back from work and found that Papa Xian and Dou Dou is gone. He looked at the surveillance camera and saw Dou Dou picked up Papa Xian and asked Papa Xian to take him to the mountains.

Su Ling's heart tightened and he turned to look at Gu Liheng, "His courage is getting bigger. How old he is now? He dares to go into the mountains! Who knows where he’ll go next time? This time I must teach him well!"

Gu Liheng: "It's okay, Dou Dou is safe with Papa Xian."

Even though Gu Liheng said that, he immediately contacted the bodyguard to find his son.

Su Ling humphed lightly. He already discovered that Mother Gu and Gu Liheng should have a bad experience before. That’s why they doted on Dou Dou and didn't say a word of scolding. No matter what Dou Dou does, Dou Dou is right.

Soon, the bodyguard reported that no trace was found, whether it was Xian Mo Yu's or Dou Dou's.

Hearing that, Su Ling and Gu Liheng's expression instantly changed.

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