Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 858: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 59)

After all, in He Chen’s heart, the movie starring his wife definitely couldn’t fall to second place!

In less than three days, the film slots of “Ten Years” went up to 30% while the slots for “Su Tang” fell down to 10%.

The hot search list kept changing, but they were mostly related to “Ten Years”.

1. Tribute to “Ten Years”

2. The only movie that made me cry from beginning to end.

3. Zhe Xue.


There was no Feng Cheng or Luo Qing Chen in the search, everyone seemed to have jumped out of this box.

They just loved the movie, they loved Zhe Xue who wrote this story.

There were some things that really were different.  The major film reviews for “Ten Years” completely crushed “Su Tang”.

The score was 9.3 to 4.2 and the latter continued to fall.

There were many original fans of “Su Tang” who said that Bei Chun Ni’s acting wasn’t worthy of Su Tang at all.

All they saw was girl trying to act innocent as the Virgin Mary!

Bei Chun Ni’s Weibo had many contributions over night, as all kinds of unfair things were exposed.

The highest number of likes on her Weibo were:

White Radish: I had great hopes for “Su Tang” at first, but once I saw the movie, it completely destroyed my views!  Right now I’m just watching “Ten Years”!  9999 Likes.

Spring Lily: I heard that the attendance rate for the premier of “Su Tang” was less than 30%.  It seems like people really don’t like innocent girls and are bored of them.  9999 Likes.

Hear the Melody: The world of literature belongs to great god Zhe Xue!  I really want to know what kind of person could write something like “Ten Years”.  9999 Likes.


He Chen’s handling of the matters was very strong.  Seven days after “Su Tang” was released, quite a bit of bad news was released about An Ming.

Among them was the mess between him and Bei Chun Ni.  An Ming’s image had collapsed and Bei Chun Ni was called a mistress.

Although they had repeatedly stated that this was all false, there was no impenetrable wall in this world.

Things like proof, when people didn’t want you to overturn this, there wasn’t much needed!

Ten days later, because of bad box office sales and pressure from the public, “Su Tang” was removed from theaters.

“Director He, Rich Chen Theaters keeps calling us.  They want to buy the rights to “Ten Years” for a high price and they promised to show it for a month.”  Linda put the file on the desk and said, “He’s already called for ten days now.”

“Even if he calls for a hundred days, we will always be enemies.”  He Chen’s expression changed slightly.  Thinking of how proud he had looked when “Ten Years” was premiering, his black bellied side began to show.

Although Linda said that He Chen was always calm and steady, putting the company’s interests first in many things.

Right now in He Chen’s heart, the first place would always be one thing.

It was his wife, Luo Qing Chen.

The box office sales of “Ten Years” kept growing and word of mouth kept spreading.  The major theaters kept increasing the film slots, causing Luo Qing Chen and Ji Li Sheng to become famous overnight.

This kind of fame was different from the online fame from before.  This time…..they really stood at a height that no one could match.

Even if “Ten Years” was popular for a year, the author who had always been on the hot searches never appeared.

He didn’t seem to care about this glory at all, he was a hermit that separated himself from this world.

Finally on a starless night, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help asking He Chen, “Have you seen Zhe Xue before?”

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