Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 857: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 58)

She touched her stomach and said, “You said that you would divorce your wife last time, when would you do it!”

There were many fans that supported their coupling and since “Su Tang” was about to release, if they really gave the fans some sugar, it might create new waves for the film.

“My young miss, are you crazy?”  An Ming simply couldn’t believe that Bei Chun Ni would suddenly say this.  He bit his lip and said, “Aren’t you at the banquet?  Can’t you be quiet!”

“I’m pregnant.”  Bei Chun Ni said with cold eyes, “After tonight, we will be the hottest couple!  If you……”

“Stop thinking about it!”  An Ming cut her off with a cold snort, “Who knows who you got pregnant from?  I’ve been careful every time, how could you get pregnant?  Also, My image is a good old man!  I need to show my loyalty to my wife, so I won’t get a divorce!”

“An Ming!”  Bei Chun Ni tightly bit her lip, “You didn’t say this when we were in bed together, do you want to burn this bridge?”

Bei Chun Ni already knew that An Ming’s fame in the circle wasn’t good, but the image outside was that he was a good man who treated his family well.

The kissing scenes and the scenes in bed had made her slightly unable to control her yearning for An Ming.  He had promised that he would definitely get divorced.

But now…...

“I burn bridges, please miss, are there a lack of one night stands in this business?”  An Ming’s voice was a bit impatient and it was filled with teasing as he said, “It can’t be that you really fell in love with me, right?”

For a girl like Bei Chun Ni, An Ming could grab one whenever he wanted, but he didn’t want them.

In An Ming’s world, fame and fortune was more important than anything.  It was because of this that even though he didn’t like his wife, he still brought her to various banquets.

Because only a good man like this could be deeply rooted in the hearts of the fans!

As for his private life, that was his own business.

He found many disadvantages in the coupling with Bei Chun Ni, so this coupling wasn’t suited to his personality.

“An Ming…..you scum!”  Bei Chun Ni pursed her lips and said, “With this kind of acting, you really think you’re a veteran, that really is a joke.  Remember this for me, it was me Bei Chun Ni who didn’t want you!  After this night, my career will reach another level and you…..just wait!”

As soon as her voice fell, she suddenly hung up and angrily left the banquet hall.

When everyone thought that “Su Tang” would crush “Ten Years” whether it was in actors or film slots, it only took a single night for “Ten Years” to make a counterattack.

Perhaps it was because of the lack of film slots that “Ten Years” had a full attendance rate.

Everyone who came out of the theater couldn’t forget this movie, especially those couples that came together.

There was one line that was very good.  Ten years of love, nine years away, one thousand and fifty seven train tickets, most afraid of hearing you say you give up.

The next morning, Star Art’s phone lines exploded.

The first one to call was the Rich Chen Theaters since he was the only one that didn’t have “Ten Years”.

“That…..can you have director He answer my call?  We can discuss the price.”  Chen Fa Fa didn’t listen to Linda’s explanation.  He had been confused by Bei Chun Ni before, that’s why he did such a dumb thing.

This was a lesson for him, Star Art’s film slots would definitely surpass 50% in the future.

But even like this, He Chen had very decisively rejected him.

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