Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 853: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 54)

“Dad…..Dad, I…..I didn’t do it on purpose!”  Michelle became anxious and her tears came out.

Mister Smith quickly came forward to comfort her, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, isn’t that person fine?”

“There’s an infection in the lungs, that means it’s already very serious.”  He Chen had a deep look in his eyes as he said, “Take care of yourself.”

He Chen’s words already clearly expressed the meaning he wanted to show.

If Xiao Fan died or became disabled, he and Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t let this go.

The domineering spirit of this wife loving demon was on full display at this moment!

Ten hours later, the doctor said that the patient was temporarily out of danger.  She had returned early and Linda had informed her of the news.

He Chen attached great importance to this, sending Linda to keep watch at the hospital when she didn’t have work.

Inspired by He Chen, Linda’s every word was filled with confidence.

In the end, mister Smith and his daughter Michelle paid for all of Xiao Fan’s medical expenses and medication, totaling fifty thousand yuan.

Xiao Fan was also promoted to manager by Luo Qing Chen.  The male manager that looked down on her had already been pettily fired by her!

A person without any eyes, was he being kept here to fold dumplings?

After getting out of the hospital at noon, Luo Qing Chen stopped He Chen who was heading off to get the car.

“The very, very handsome mister He in front, please stop!”  She put her hands at her hips and revealed a faint smile.  That white face under that dazzling sun looked so elegant and beautiful.

When He Chen turned around, Luo Qing Chen gave him a smile and quickly moved towards him.

He Chen was afraid she would fall, so he took her waist the moment she entered his embrace.  His expression changed as he said, “What is it……”

Before he finished, she kissed his cool lips.

A soft kiss, so shallow and sweet.

He Chen’s mind was completely shaken in that moment and he was frozen in front of her.

Only when that soft feeling left him did he react in an domineering manner.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 80%.]

People come and go, time passes.  At that moment, she was very much like a heroine, not caring about others, only having her most important person in her eyes.

Carefully thinking about it, why should people care if others look at them?

Do those people understand you?  Most of them were just people passing by in your life!  As long as you did what you wanted to do in front of the person most important to you, there would be no regrets.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart was currently feeling this.

“Why is mrs He suddenly not shy?”  After a while, He Chen softly let her go and his eyes were filled with pampering.

This kind of Luo Qing Chen really looked good, he would never get tired of her.  If he took a few more looks, he would feel very good in the afternoon.

“Un…..”  She shyly scratched her head and said, “I have a kissing scene this afternoon!  But I want to give my first kiss to my most important person!”

Hearing the words ‘kissing scene’, his heart filled with dissatisfaction.  But hearing the words ‘most important’, he felt that he should firmly stand behind her no matter what she did.

“Un, although I really want you to use a stand in, I know that you are a very professional actor!”  He Chen patted her head as his eyes filled with joy.  After a while, he said, “I’m very honoured to be your most important person, I’m very happy.”

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