Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 850: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 51)

In the VIP room, Michelle had a brand name coat and five carat diamond earrings.

She had heavy makeup and pungent perfume.

“Director He, my daughter is normally quite proud with eyes on top of her head.  When she said that she admired someone, it was my first time hearing it!”  Mister Smith praised his daughter while carefully observing He Chen.

But He Chen who was always calm and steady didn’t show a single ripple, so there was no way to tell what he was thinking.

The waitress had just opened the door with a bowl of hot soup, but she never thought that she would bump into Michelle who had gotten up to pour wine for He Chen.

The waitress quickly moved the soup towards herself, but she couldn’t stop the red wine from falling onto Michelle.

“What is wrong with you, do you not look where you are going!”  Michelle was very angry.  She was wearing a custom made dress from Milan Fashion Week, there was only one in this world and it was worth over a million dollars!

“So…..Sorry……”  The waitress’ face was red from being burned by the soup and it dripped off forehead, as her hands kept trembling.

“Is there a use for apologies?  Call your manager here now!”  Michelle looked at this burnt waitress with a proud look, not planning on calming down at all.

She heard that He Chen liked this kind of girl and it just so happened that she was this kind of girl.

Weren’t they a match made in heaven?

If He Chen wasn’t satisfied with her behaviour, he would have already stopped her.  But he didn’t, he just took a sip of his wine as he looked at the door.

That was because fifteen minutes ago, Linda had sent him a text.

[Director He, miss Luo is on her way, please be careful.]

“Alright, alright, what are you doing!”  Mister Smith’s expression wasn’t good, but he mediated, “Just forget about it, it was just a mistake.”

It was a pity that his ‘precious daughter’ didn’t accept this.

“Dad, how can we forget it!  This restaurant has to take responsibility, this is my favourite dress!”  Michelle shook mister Smith’s hand as she pouted her lips, looking aggrieved.

The waitress’ face became more and more pale and she began sweating even more.  She was still holding the hot soup, afraid that she would splash anyone else.

“Really…..I’m really sorry.”

“Can you shut up!  Did I let you talk?”  Michelle yelled irrationally, “Someone as clumsy as you showed up here, aren’t you afraid of destroying your restaurant’s fame?  We are important guests here today, you think that we’re small peons like you?”

“This miss, when Xiao Fan brought the soup over, she didn’t forget to remind you.  You’re the one who clearly stood up to bump into her, how can you twist facts like this?”  The waitress standing by Xiao Fan couldn’t take it anymore.

She had a bit of attitude in her voice when she spoke.  She looked very nervous, but she wasn’t afraid.

“He, he, I think you also want a letter from my lawyer!”  Michelle gave a cold laugh before angrily throwing her coat soaked with red wine onto the chair, “Director He is a very noble guest!  You have disrupted my guest today, I will definitely ruin you!”

One and half million was not a small figure.  When Michelle said this, that waitress shut her mouth.

At this time, the door to the VIP room was suddenly slammed open.

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