Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 85


Xiao Jiu was already on the other side of the table, lying on the table with her belly covered from laughing.

You Qian took a sip of coffee to cover his embarrassment.

"Ahem, letting loose a bit in the game. Aren't you too?"

Ah Jin also ordered a cup of coffee, smelled it, and replied, "You're wrong. That’s my nature."

Xiao Jiu caught on, "Sister Sha meant to say, that woman is your nature. Am I right, sister Sha?"

Ah Jin nodded, "That' s right."

Xiao Jiu looked at You Qian proudly.

Ah Jin then told Xiao Jiu, "Call me Song Jin. Don't call me Sister Sha. It doesn't sound good."

You Qian suddenly asked, "How old are you?"


Xiao Jiu froze, and You Qian laughed.

"Ha, Xiao Jiu. You are older than others, yet you are still pretending to be young here."

Xiao Jiu looked at Ah Jin, aggrieved.

"I'm already a junior. How can you be younger than me? I don't care. I just want to call you sister."

Ah Jin dotingly rubbed her little head, "Whatever you want."

Xiao Jiu looked provocatively at You Qian.

He put down his coffee and said, "Forget it, let's eat. Today, Mo Shanghua is treating us to a big meal, and we’re going to eat a lot to screw him."

Xiao Jiu explained to Ah Jin, "Mo Shanghua can not come today. He is paying for our meals, so don't be polite with him. All you have to do is eat."

Ah Jin asked Xiao Jiu, "Do you want to ride in my car?"

Xiao Jiu's eyes lit up, "You know how to drive?"

Ah Jin was helpless.

"We are adults. It is normal to know how to drive."

Xiao Jiu was a little disappointed.

"I don't know how to drive."

Ah Jin held her shoulder, "It's okay. I'll give you a ride."

You Qian looked at their intimate behavior and was extremely upset.

He pulled Ah Jin's hand away and said, "I'll take your car too!"

Xiao Jiu shoved her brother to him.

"Here's my brother. You guys take the car yourselves. I don't understand every time you talk in the car, and it’s about work. I want to be in my sister's car!"

You Qian still viewed Ah Jin as the severe floods and fierce beasts.

She abused people with her bare hands in the game.

For sure, she was strong in real life, so he could not let Xiao Jiu and her be alone together.

There was no need to care whether she was willing or not.

He was insistent and got into Ah Jin's car.

In the end, Ah Jin drove the three of them to the restaurant.

After the meal, Xiao Jiu suggested going shopping to digest the food.

So the four went shopping together.

They attracted a lot of passersby with their attractive faces who turned their heads to see them.

Xiao Jiu was used to it.

She told Ah Jin, "This is nothing. When Mo Shanghua is around, girls are dying to jump on him."

Thinking of Mo Shanghua's beautiful appearance in the game, Ah Jin agreed.

By the time it was evening, the two men were exhausted.

Ah Jin and Xiao Jiu were still in high spirits and seemed to have unlimited energy.

You Qian surrendered and requested to eat and rest.

After a long afternoon of suffering, he was already hungry.

Xiao Jiu looked at him disgusted, "Really useless."

You Qian had no words to say.

His daily training was not enough to catch up with the shopping speed of the two little women.

It was really embarrassing.

The four went to dinner carrying small and big bags.

The conversation during the meal was all about the game and not about work, or personal matters, or identities.

So, by the time they parted, Ah Jin still didn't know those people’s real names and identities.

But these were not important.

Ah Jin was not interested.

They were just boring things to pass the time, and no one would take them seriously.

You Qian drove Xiao Jiu back to school on the way.

Xiao Jiu rubbed her sore arm and asked, "Now you can rest assured. Beautiful, white skin, long legs, high IQ, powerful and also rich."

You Qian indifferently replied, "For now."

Xiao Jiu shot him a look.

"She saw that you were guarded. She told us her real name. Throughout the day, no questions were asked about what to do with personal matters. You are still suspicious."

You Qian rubbed his brow.

"It is because she was too well-mannered that I was uneasy. A normal person would not worry me."

Xiao Jiu gasped, "Brother! Look at him! His occupational disease is back."

Hua Jianli also advised, "He did it for your own good. I am afraid you will be cheated. Although her real name was indeed given to you. If you're not sure, you can ask Mo to check it out for you. No need to guess."

Xiao Jiu became angry and said, "I am not a popular person. Who would steal me?"

"Who said you are not? You are popular for me."

Xiao Jiu blushed from her neck to her face when she heard You Qian's words.

Hua Jianli, sitting in the back now, only wanted to jump out of the car.

No one would want to eat dog food from friends and their sister.

Although You Qian was concerned about Xiao Jiu, he did not really find someone to check Ah Jin.

His eyes could not see through Ah Jin, but he knew she was not a bad person.

Other than that, he would not interfere too much.

After meeting once, the friendship between Xiao Jiu and Ah Jin snowballed.

The relationship had reached the point where Meng was not far from Jiao, and Jiao was not far from Meng.

When Ah Jin killed someone, she stood next to her and gave Ah Jin a call.

When she was in the dungeon, she followed behind to help.

Ever since Ah Jin learned the Light Skill, she followed Ah Jin every day to fly around to see the stars, the moon, the lake, and the scenery.

You Qian looked at Ah Jin with increasingly hostile and dangerous eyes.

Ah Jin did not care.

She still went her own way and went wildly, testing the edge of danger.

Ah Jin's bounty had been claimed, so she went and hung ten more.

It was good to get the prize for killing the person on the bounty, but only a random part.

In other words, a person would be killed several times with one bounty.

There were ten of them, so you could imagine that it would be challenging for the scumbag to have a good time.

Ren Fengjiang's day was indeed terrible.

People came to kill him every day, and he had already fallen to level 30.

If he were killed again, he would have to leave the game.

The female sponsor also broke off the relationship with him because she didn't want to get into trouble.

The game was all about being happy, and being killed every day was no fun.

When Ren Fengjiang went to the Security Agency to check the bounty on himself, he saw that it was "Come and K*ll Me.”

He was so angry that he spat out some blood.

He ran to the World Channel and cursed, "Come and K*ll Me, where the hell did I offend you? Why are you hunting me like this?"

Ah Jin was named, and naturally, she saw it.

"You look unpleasant. If you do not like it, come and kill me.

Wind Blowing The River Water cursed, "Beep Beep Beep Beep ..."

Then he also ran to follow Ah Jin's example and hung ten bounty orders.

After Ah Jin was notified, she went and hung 20 more.

The World Channel was boiling.

It was a fight.

"Place your bets, place your bets. Let's see who can hold out until the end!"

"I'm betting on Miss to win!"

"I'm betting on my goddess!"

"The goddess killed me. The goddess is too strong. I'm betting on my goddess too!"

The World Channel showed a crushing one-sided victory.

Someone said, "Come and K*ll Me, she is already a red-named. You can just take the identity of a bailiff and arrest her."

"Good idea. I suggest you try it."

"You will take the identity of the bailiff lying corpse, hahaha."

Driven by money, people from all walks of life began to chase and kill Ah Jin and the scum.

Ah Jin was naturally not afraid.

She killed as many as she could, no matter the level and skills.

In the past, when she didn't have the Light Skill, they could escape.

But after she learned the Light Skill, none of them could leave.

All of them had to lie down for her.

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