Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 847: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 48)

There was no sleep that night and it took a long time before her emotions calmed down.

She remembered the appearance of Bai Yi Yi running out of the banquet hall looking distressed and He Chen with clear as water eyes on the stage.

So the one who had forgotten their first memory was her.

It turned out that He Chen never missed her life.

At 3:40 in the morning, she searched her personal possessions for an hour before knocking on He Chen’s door.

He wasn’t asleep yet, he was sitting in front of the computer and he seemed to be typing something, as his fingers quickly flew across the keyboard.

“You’re not sleeping yet?”  Seeing her come in with pyjamas, He Chen stopped his hands and he looked up slightly.

Luo Qing Chen was holding a large teddy bear and sat down on the sofa in front of He Chen.  She looked at him and asked, “Why aren’t you asleep either!”

“I’m taking care of a few documents.”  He closed the laptop in his hands and raised the temperature of the heating for her, “What are you still feeling hesitant over?”

On the way back, she would ask questions from one moment and then be silent the next.

This announcement had been a very big emotional turn for her, but he wanted to remove all the stumbling blocks in her way.

Bai Yi Yi was indeed the biggest one.

A girl who found Gu Fei Er who knew the story back then, she really was too dangerous.

Although Luo Qing Chen was already very smart in his eyes, he wasn’t willing to let someone hurt her when she was entering the complicated entertainment world.

It could be considered protection, it can also be considered prevention.

“That’s not it!”  She pursed her lips into a smile and said, “I…..Money’s been a bit tight for me recently, when can you return the hundred thousand to me!”

He was surprised before a faint sparkle appeared in his eyes.  After looking at her for ten seconds, he said, “I can, but you have to bring out the attached items.”

“Ah?  You also have attached items, I do too!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “You first, you first.”

He Chen opened a drawer on the right and took out a delicate box and an unopened envelope.  He had a gentle gaze as he got up and walked towards Luo Qing Chen on the sofa.

When she saw the box, her heart skipped a beat.

Such an exquisite square box, the thing inside was most likely a…...ring!

“I…...I want to see the envelope first.”  Her face was a bit red.  She held the bear with one hand while taking the folder from him with the other.

When she opened it, she found that it was a brand new card.

“My first card was a black card with you.”  He gently patted her head, “When they asked me if I wanted a second card, I agreed without even thinking about it.”

He Chen was very clear that this card might never find its owner in life.

But he always had a bit of hope, putting it in the depths of his heart.  He never thought that the Luo Family would meet financial troubles later that allowed him to help them.

“Alright!”  Luo Qing Chen put the card in her pocket and took out a small bag.  She looked at He Chen and said, “Gifts need to be exchanged, this is for you!”

He Chen was surprised as he slowly took the small bag.

When he opened the bag, his body trembled.  Inside the bag was a button, the one that she had asked for back then.

“Actually, I should say I’m sorry……”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and leaned back on the sofa.  She used the little bear to block her eyes as she said, “Because this became your obsession and I didn’t immediately remember it.”

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