Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 84: Red-named Expert (8) Part 2

Ah Jin didn't care what was going on outside.

She had started to get involved in the sea of study.

Days passed quickly, and Ah Jin went to take the test to resume school.

The school hired a psychologist to test Ah Jin, and only if her mental state was extremely stable would she be allowed to return to school.

Ah Jin smiled throughout the test, maintaining a positive mental state of a good student. The psychologist was extremely satisfied with her recovery and happily gave her a health certificate.

Ah Jin passed her exams, and she would start school next week.

All that remained to be done before school started was to go and meet her online friends.

That day, Ah Jin dressed up and drove to the appointed place.

The meeting place was a coffee shop somewhere near Z University.

The traffic was a bit congested, and they were already there when she arrived.

Ah Jin pushed open the glass door of the cafe, and a bell on the door made a "jingle" sound.

Many people were already in the store.

A person looked over and was amazed at the sight that appeared.

The person quickly poked his friend with his arm.

His friend was puzzled and looked at him.

Quickly look, and you'd know!

So did his friend, who looked up in a heartbeat, saw a tall figure.

An elegant shoulder-length dress was worn, and her long black hair fell on her shoulders naturally, revealing fair skin like jade.

Her eyes were clear and bright, and she had a pretty nose.

Her cheeks were slightly blushed.

All she did was flash a bright smile in a particular direction, and the two men just felt as if they were in love.

Ah Jin saw a small girl waving desperately at her when she pushed open the door. There was no need to get closer to know that it was Xiao Jiu.

She smiled and went towards Xiao Jiu's table.

At the sight of Ah Jin walking, Xiao Jiu immediately stood up to meet her.

"Sister Sha? Am I right?"

Ah Jin touched her nose, "Yes, Xiao Jiu. You are very cute."

Xiao Jiu's height was around 1.6 meters, with round almond eyes, and her cheeks had a little baby fat.

She was so cute that people would want to pinch her, and Ah Jin did.

It felt very good.

Xiao Jiu's face was pinched, but she didn't mind.

She pulled Ah Jin and introduced her, "This is my brother, Hua Jianli."

Hua Jianli and Xiao Jiu resembled each other.

He had clear almond eyes, sharp features, and a casual outfit that was more youthful and spirited than his peers.

Ah Jin smiled and offered her right hand, "Hello, I am Come and K*ll Me."

Hua Jianli returned the shake and smiled, "Hello, I am Hua Jianli."

Xiao Jiu also introduced the person next to him, "This is You Qian. You two knew each other first."

Ah Jin then looked at the man next to him.

You Qian was much more decent than in the game.

He was dressed in a suit, with a slightly open collar in his white shirt, short hair, thick eyebrows, deep dark eyes, and a high-bridged nose.

The man seemed to be hiding his surprise by pursing his lips slightly.

You Qian was very surprised.

The countless faces he guessed about "Come and K*ll Me" were different types of non-mainstream, fashionable, sexy, powerful women, and even a flirtatious b*tch.

He was prepared, but he didn't expect the person in front of him to be a gentle and beautiful college girl.

Ah Jin laughed and said, "What? You didn't expect me to be normal?"

You Qian did not lie, "Yes, a little."

Ah Jin bantered, "I also did not expect that you would be so decent."

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