Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 84 - Honeymoon [OW]

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When Su Ling and Gu Liheng finished their breakfast, the pirate’s leader had been taken away by the interstellar police. Not long after, their spacecraft landed on Planet Aqualai.

Planet Aqualai is a planet with only summer season and is famous for its sea and beaches. As soon as the spacecraft landed, Su Ling could feel a wave of heat rushing toward his face. Gu Liheng took him to his villa in Planet Aqualai, where Hua Cheng and the team will live next door. The villa faces the sea, so Su Ling changed into lighter clothing and beach pants. Standing on the balcony on the second floor, he can see the beach not far away. In the distance, the blue sky and the blue water intersect; simply mesmerizing.

Gu Liheng put on the same T-shirt and beach pants as Su Ling’s and hugged him from behind. He asked, "You want to swim or go for a stroll on a speedboat?"

Without hesitation, Su Ling replied, "Speedboat."

When they returned to the villa at night, Hua Cheng could be seen waiting in the living room, restraining a smile.

Hua Cheng: "President Gu, Xiao Ling."

Gu Liheng: "Something happened?"

Hua Cheng smiled and said, "Knowing that you will definitely not check the news, I came to share it with you," his eyes fell on Lóng Mo Téng on Su Ling's wrist as he continued, "There has been a rumor in the interstellar trading grapevine saying that the spaceship with the Gu company’s logo must not be messed with."

Gu Liheng immediately understood what Hua Cheng meant and said, "The news about this morning’s incident has spread out?"

Hua Cheng nodded, "Special Assistant Lin also specifically contacted me to ask about what happened. Then this afternoon, the company suddenly received a lot of interstellar trade orders, and several of them have never cooperated with the Gu company before."

"Right now, a rumor is flying around that Gu company's interplanetary cargo service is the safest one," Hua Cheng coughed lightly. "Special Assistant Lin asked me to check if Xian Mo Yu could be the bodyguard of our interplanetary cargo ship."

Su Ling: "..."
With a complicated look, he took out Xian Mo Yu.

Hua Cheng understood instantly and repeated his explanation to Xian Mo Yu again. Then he asked, "Are you willing?"

One of Xian Mo Yu’s roots circled around Su Ling's wrist, "Son, are you going too?"

Su Ling replied, "No, I'm not going." He hasn’t even graduated from university, what is he doing out there working as a bodyguard?

Xian Mo Yu's roots stood up in front of Hua Cheng and shook left and right, "I want to stay with my son and protect him."

Naturally, Hua Cheng didn't know what Xian Mo Yu is talking about, but he could figure it out based on Xian Mo Yu's reaction and Su Ling's words.

Hearing that, Su Ling was moved. He could feel an enormous fatherly love from Papa Xian to him. Lightly squeezing the root, he said to Hua Cheng, "Unfortunately, the answer is no."

Hua Cheng: "I will convey the message to Special Assistant Lin," he waved his hand and added, "The company and Gu mansion are fine, so I won't bother you guys."

After that, Hua Cheng didn't show up again. Everything was calm, he didn't need to share any big news, and he didn't need to come forward to protect their safety.

Su Ling and Gu Liheng lived comfortably and sweetly at Planet Aqualai. They were together almost all the time every day, leaving their footprints everywhere. The first thing they see when they wake up in the morning is their other half. They would then share light kisses but would go out of control from time to time. Hence, the time to wake up is delayed indefinitely. But no one cares, and they will just do what they want. During the day, they will go for swimming, surfing, deep-diving... all kinds of mild or exciting water activities. They have tried many sports, and most of it was their first time but they had a great time. At night, they will walk hand in hand on the beach under the starry sky with 2 trails of side-by-side footprints winding behind them.

Lying on the wicker chair on the balcony of the bedroom, Su Ling held Gu Liheng's hand and sighed with eyes filled with stars, "Time flies so fast, it's actually been a month."

"Feeling reluctant?" Gu Liheng's voice seemed more magnetic at night.

Su Ling smiled, "Kind of. It’s too blissful here, it felt like in a dream."

Gu Liheng: "If you like it here, we can come back next year."

Su Ling tilted his head to look at Gu Liheng and said, "Let's change the place. I am very interested in the planets you mentioned during our trip. I want to go to those places with you."

Gu Liheng's eyes were gentle as he replied, "Okay."

When they finally returned to Planet Belle, the first thing they did was to bring a lot of Planet Aqualai specialties to Gu Mansion, to visit Mother Gu. When they arrived, Mother Gu was arranging flowers. She looked very young and her temper was much milder than before. She asked about Planet Aqualai, and then said: "The planet sounds great, I will go check it out next month."

After lunch, Mother Gu looked at Su Ling and stiffly asked about his usual life. On the contrary, Su Ling had a natural attitude and answered with a smile. The atmosphere of this meeting was very good. Su Ling could clearly feel that male god is in a good mood. When they returned home, he kept hugging him. Smiling, Su Ling let male god hold him as long as he wanted. He can understand that even though male god’s childhood memories are not perfect, Mother Gu is still the only relative who stayed beside him as he grew up. Mother Gu and him(SL) are the most important people in male god’s heart.

After the winter vacation, Su Ling entered the semester of his junior year. The courses gradually added practical classes unlike the last semester where almost all classes were theoretical classes, and there were a lot of things to remember. During the break between classes, Su Ling drank some water and then Lin Meng came bustling in from outside, his face full of excitement.

"Ling Ling, I got the news," Lin Meng sat down beside Su Ling, speaking very fast, "Our major opened a new facility for us, a spiritual plant information room. I heard that it contains all the scents and photos of known spiritual plants."

Su Ling closed his water bottle, and suddenly felt a little familiar, "It is the same as the information room of the spiritual plant registration association?"

Lin Meng nodded, "Yes," his eyes lit up, "This is awesome. The students from other schools majoring in the spiritual plant will be green with envy." He couldn't help sighing, "Our school leaders are amazing too. I don't know whose idea is it, but to gather so many spiritual plants, they must have begun preparations long ago."

Su Ling felt moved in his heart and nodded in agreement.

After school in the afternoon, he walked out of the school gate and saw the familiar black speed car. As he approached, the door opened automatically. He got in the car, the door closed, and the car started to move. Su Ling leaned close and gave a peck to male god but was pressed for a deep kiss. He panted as he backed away slightly. Watching male god's expression, he asked, "The school’s spiritual plant information room is your idea?"

Gu Liheng stroked the back of Su Ling’s neck and replied, "En, it will be opened tomorrow," he reminded, "You should take a break at noon and don't stay there all the time."

Hearing the concern, the corner of Su Ling's mouth curved up, "I know." He hugged male god and said, "You are so kind."

Su Ling thought that male god was just saying something casually at that time, but he didn't expect him to actually build an information room like the association. The university forum in Belle has been talking about the information room for several days, and the outside school expressed their outspoken envy to Saint Rose. Many of them left messages like: As expected of a private aristocratic school.

During the freshman summer vacation, Lin Meng and Xiào Rui got married. Their wedding was exceptionally grand and many media compared it with his wedding with President Gu. Su Ling and Gu Liheng sat at the observatory. He grabbed Gu Liheng's hand and smiled, watching Lin Meng and Xiào Rui exchange rings.

In the novel, at this period, the two of them should be still having misunderstandings of each other because of the non-stop antics done by the supporting characters; making noises at the side. Thinking about it now, the protagonist’s life is actually not enviable at all. Because in order to make the plot develop, the author always creates difficulties for them, abusing their mind and body.

Su Ling feels very satisfied with his status as the supporting character. He turned to smile at the couple and thought in his mind, Lin Meng and Xiào Rui had already gotten together this time. Moreover, they would only occasionally quarrel but seldom get into a real fight. This is a completely different world from the novel, and there is no protagonist or supporting role. Everyone is the protagonist of their own life and a supporting character of other people’s life.

After the wedding ceremony, Lin Meng and Xiào Rui hopped onto the spaceship, leaving to spend their honeymoon. After all, it is their summer vacation and the time is just right. Su Ling and Gu Liheng also went on a trip to a planet where it would have aurora every month. When they came back from the trip, they unexpectedly discovered that Lin Meng and Xiào Rui had also returned. Calculating the time, their honeymoon seems to have only lasted half a month.

Lin Meng's eyes lit up when he saw Su Ling. With a blushing face, he said the reason for their return, "I'm pregnant."

That reply got Su Ling stunned. He opened his eyes wide and scanned Lin Meng’s body from top to bottom. Lastly, he stared at his(LM) stomach in a daze. He is like him, their appearance is no different from any normal male, although they are Omegas. But they really can get pregnant!

"Ling Ling." Gu Liheng took his shoulders and called him worriedly.

Su Ling returned to his sense and smiled at Gu Liheng. Then he turned to Lin Meng and said, "Congratulations."

Su Ling quickly calmed down. He had been mentally prepared before he registered his marriage with male god. It just that he hadn't thought about this matter for a long time, so the sudden news caught him off guard.

Lin Meng smiled softer than usual, "Thank you." While beside him, Xiào Rui is hugging him, looking a little silly with a smile.

Mother Xiào came out of the kitchen with a loving face, carrying a bowl of soup. She hit Xiào Rui on the back of his head and said, "How reckless, you two dared to get into an interstellar spacecraft when Meng Meng has just gotten pregnant." Then she handed the soup to Lin Meng, her tone was more gentle at the moment, "It is boiled using the ancient method, better to nurture the body."

"Thank you, Mom." Lin Meng obediently accepted the soup.

Su Ling and Gu Liheng didn't stay very long and returned to their villa.

At first, Su Ling thought that this incident did not affect him. Unexpectedly, since then, Mother Gu often contacted him, both indirectly and directly expressed that he could have children, and she would help raise them. Whenever Su Ling received calls at home, he would put it on speaker. Hence, Gu Liheng would often cut in before he could reply, "No hurry." Then he(GLH) dismissed Mother Gu's intention with a few words. Mother Gu was probably stimulated by Lin Meng's pregnancy, after all, Xiào Rui is 10 years younger than Gu Liheng. After being dismissed, Mother Gu will stay quiet for 2 days, and then she would contact him again, and ended up being persuaded by Gu Liheng to stop.

Gu Liheng hung up the call and rubbed Su Ling's black hair, "Don't worry, you are still young."

Su Ling uttered an En, and looked at Gu Liheng’s expression as he asked, "Do you want children?"

"No hurry," Gu Liheng said, "wait until you are ready."

Su Ling wrapped his hand around his neck, "En."

Soon, another year passed, and they reached the second semester of the sophomore year, the semester with the most experimental courses in spiritual plant major. Su Ling is very happy because he is interested in doing experiments. Unlike when he first came to Planet Belle, he now has theoretical knowledge, so making fragrances is more interesting. Before the experiment, he will use the composition of different raw materials to predict the fragrance and effect of the finished product. After the finished product is out, he will compare the two. If his prediction is correct, he will feel happier than winning the grand prize in a lottery.

In the past few days, he has been using his spare time to make fragrances. Although he has a full set of equipment in the villa, he has been doing the experiments at school for the surprise. This is his birthday gift for male god’s 30 years old birthday.

After dinner that day, Gu Liheng hugged Su Ling and said with a little bit upset, "Ling Ling, I'm going to Klai on a business trip tomorrow morning, but I will be back on the 5th."

In the past 2 years, male god has been occasionally going on business trips and Su Ling was used to it. This time, he is even a little happy when he heard it. He was not satisfied with the gift and wanted to do more experiments to strive for perfection. If male god is not at home, he can use the equipment at home and have more time for experiments.

"Your birthday on the 6th so you have to return early on the 5th," Su Ling thought for a while and said, "I want to spend the first second of your 30 years old with you!"

Gu Liheng: "Alright."

That night, Gu Liheng did it fiercely because he would not be able to see his Omega in the next few days.

When Su Ling woke up, his body felt refreshing although his waist was still sore, and Gu Liheng had already left. He opened his bracelet and saw the message he left.

Male god: "Sorry, I didn't control myself. Take a good rest, I simmered some soup in the kitchen. You can drink it after you wake up."

Su Ling smiled and went to the bathroom while replying: "Just wake up, I'm fine. Are you there yet?"

Male god: "Not yet, I should be reaching at 10.00 am. Contact me if you need something, or call Hua Cheng."

"En, don't worry."

Su Ling drank the soup after washing and stayed in the fragrance-making room. When he received a call from Gu Liheng midway, he quickly ran to the sofa half-lying, pretending to be very idle, so as not to let male god worry.

In the early morning of the 4th, Su Ling is still staying in the fragrance-making room. His eyes were focused as he carefully took out the samples from the aging device to feel the difference of each product. When he smelled the fragrance he wanted in his heart, a smile appeared on his face. Next, he carefully selected the raw materials according to the formula, and began to make his gift. An hour later, he poured the fragrance into a square glass bottle and screwed on the cap. Looking at the gift he made, Su Ling finally relaxed. At this moment, it turned dark in front of his eyes and he fainted suddenly.

Xian Mo Yu has been standing in the corner. All of its roots rushed over and caught Su Ling when he fell, "Son!"

On the other hand, Lóng Mo Téng rushed to the living room. Domi was walking quickly to the fragrance-making room when it wrapped around Domi. Domi's eyes flashed, and it started calling for an ambulance, and at the same time notifying Gu Liheng.

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