Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 839: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 40)

The memories of the past appeared in his eyes again and again.  He Chen narrowed his eyes at Gu Fei Er in front of him and there was a deep sparkle in his eyes.

Gu Fei Er looked over at Bai Yi Yi beside her before looking back at He Chen, “You really don’t remember me!”

“I do.”  He narrowed his eyes and there was a single ripple in his voice.

Bai Yi Yi immediately said, “I remembered director He’s interview last time, Fei’er told me a similar story after she came back from abroad.  I thought that you should know each other!”

As soon as her voice fell, Bai Yi Yi looked at Gu Fei Er with a look that easily conveyed her intentions.

Gu Fei Er immediately said with a nod, “I never thought that we would meet again.  The snow of December created a deep memory.”

He Chen didn’t say anything, he just sat down.  His eyes fell onto a certain part of the document and his lips curled into a smile that no one could understand.

Bai Yi Yi immediately said, “Director He wouldn’t be doubting me, right!”

She was clearly a bit nervous when she said this.  Although she was a professional actor, acting in front of He Chen made people feel a bit nervous.

But she already had no other paths.

The public sided with Luo Qing Chen on Weibo and she was on the cusp of being kicked out of showbiz.  Even Ye Zuo Chuan ignored her.

In this situation, she had to be desperate.

Back then Ye Zuo Chuan told her some gossip that Luo Qing Chen didn’t know, a secret about He Chen that no one knew.

When the Luo Family suffered a financial crisis, He Chen helped them when they were about to become bankrupt and it didn’t take long before he secretly married Luo Qing Chen.

Since Ye Zuo Chuan wanted to get close to Luo Qing Chen to steal Star Art’s data, he hired someone to investigate He Chen’s matters.

He Chen wanted to marry Luo Qing Chen to repay a debt.  When He Chen was ill back then, there was a “noble person” who saved him when he had no paths.

To He Chen, that person was Luo Qing Chen.

But who was certain that it had to be Luo Qing Chen!

Perhaps there was someone else who was at the Ren Xin Hospital other than Luo Qing Chen.

Gu Fei Er wasn’t lying, she was indeed there when she was nine years old.

Only Gu fei Er was the daughter of the nurse on duty, she was waiting for her mother to get off work.

She had witnessed everything, but she wasn’t the heroine with a shining halo.

“The snows of December……”  He Chen looked up with deep eyes, “Your birthday……”

Gu Fei Er was surprised.  Her eyes sparkled, she didn’t want to lie, but she knew what she had to do.

She thought of He Chen for all these years and finally had a chance to work with Bai Yi Yi on this play, so she definitely wouldn’t lose it at this time.

“Un!  December 8th!”  Gu Fei Er said with a soft laugh, “That day, there really was a lot of snow.”

Bai Yi Yi saw this and said, “You really are lucky to meet director He at that time.”

December 8th was Luo Qing Chen’s birthday.  If you wanted to find a girl to confuse He Chen, that girl had to have the same birthday as Luo Qing Chen.

Since that night was that important to He Chen, he must have firmly remembered that day.

Bai Yi Yi thought that He Chen relied on that birthday, so after ten years, he found Luo Qing Chen.

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