Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 83 Part 2

Hua Jianjiu was pleasantly surprised.

"Really? My brother and I go to B City for school. Are you working or at school?"

Ah Jin was also a little surprised, "That is really a coincidence. I am also studying in B City."

Hua Jianjiu excitedly grabbed Ah Jin's hand, "Which school? I want to meet you!"

"B University."

There were many universities in B City, so it would not be that coincidental.

As expected, when Hua Jianjiu heard about B University, she was disappointed.

"We are in Z University."

Ah Jin comforted her, "It's okay, they are all in B City. We will have the chance to meet."

She regained her cheer when she heard that.

It was then that You Qian shouted at them to give the boss a final blow.

Hua Jianjiu jumped and ran to him.

She flaunted at You Qian and said, "I'm going out with someone!"

You Qian was worried, "With whom? You've never met anyone here, and you want to meet someone."

After saying that, he froze for a moment and looked at Ah Jin, who was slaying the boss.

Ah Jin held the beautiful Flower Sword and slashed at the boss's body.

A red flame burst out.

This was Ah Jin's newly acquired sword technique.

It was indeed more effortless and aesthetically pleasing than her original.

Then the boss fell to the ground.

Under a glorious sword skill special effect, Ah Jin put the God Beheading Sword back.

She sensed You Qian's gaze and looked back.


You Qian looked at the female who was full of killing aura.

The shade of red color on her name was getting darker and darker.

How many people did she kill?

"You are going to meet Xiaojiu?"

Ah Jin nodded, "I'm coincidentally in the same city. Although I am a little far, it is fate to be in the same city."

You Qian wasn't relieved, "I'm going too!"

He could not let Xiaojiu face such a dangerous woman alone.

Ah Jin was fine with it.

It was the same to see one or two.

Hua Jianjiu was not happy, "What does it have to do with you! You are not in B City!"

"I can go to B City for a business trip!"

Hua Jianjiu made a face and muttered in a low voice, "It's great to be rich."

You Qian hit her head with his fan, "It's that amazing."

Ah Jin set up a meeting place with them for the next week.

Since she had to take the exam for reinstatement, she had to start studying for the rest of the days and not be on the game.

Before Ah Jin left the game, she went to the Security Agency.

She posted a bounty of 200 yuan bao for "Wind Blowing The River Water.”

The original owner was killed to level zero, and he was going to get a taste of it too.

After issuing, Ah Jin went offline.

As for the game, Ren Fengjiang was chased by people all over the World.

His messy appearance is a story to tell in the future.

Let’s not mention it yet.

Ah Jin took out her phone and checked the assets of the original owner.

San Qi worked very well.

The results came in a few days, and it was not in vain.

Ah Jin found all the books and materials of the original owner's freshman and sophomore years. She began to review them.

Otherwise, according to the memory of the original owner's brain, she would have to repeat the grade.

Repeating a grade would be impossible, not in that lifetime.

Ah Jin's book just flipped a page when a knock came at the door.

Ah Jin got up and walked to the door to peek.

Oh, the original owner's aunt came.

One of the best relatives.

Li Hulan immediately pushed the door open and walked in.

She had come several times before but was not answered.

Finally, this time, the door was opened, and she could not go back in vain.

Li Hulan placed all the things she bought on the coffee table and spoke to Ah Jin, " Xiao Jin ah, how are you doing lately? Why didn't you open the door when aunt and uncle came to see you?"

Ah Jin looked at the fruits on the coffee table and replied, "Maybe I was out and not at home."

Beware of suspicious folk who bore gifts.

They were sure to be ill-intentioned.

Li Hulan pulled Ah Jin and sat on the sofa.

Her eyes began to redden, "My poor child. It is all in the past. Everything will be fine."

Ah Jin did not want to act with her.

She pulled out her hand and asked, "What do you want?"

Li Hulan felt the indifference in Ah Jin's voice.

She began in tears and said, "Look at you, child, can't aunt look at you?"

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