Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 83 Part 1

Ah Jin noticed You Qian's head turned slightly, and his ears perked up.

She smiled, "Really? Recently, You Qian spent a lot on the Bat Shadow Technique. I don't know who he gave it to."

Hua Jianjiu felt that her face was even hotter.

She would not admit it even if she was beaten to death, "Really? It wasn't given to me anyway!"

Hearing such words, how could he endure it.

He stopped and became angry, "How come I didn't give it to you? You forgot the one I gave you?"

Hua Jianjiu turned her face to the side, "Hmph, I don't know."

Mo Shanghua and Hua Jianli had seen this kind of scene already.

Both of them continued to walk calmly in front.

Hua Jianjiu became excited again and asked, "Sister Sha, I heard that you were able to clear dungeons without relying on skills. Is that true? Then, you must have a strong body. Teach me how to fight, too."

"I'm not strong. I only know a little bit of fighting. I haven't learned to use skills yet. By the time I do, I'll be just like you."

Hua Jianjiu's eyes widened.

"No, you are so strong. If you learn the skills, you will be invincible. You are a bug ah."

Ah Jin was not humble and touched her head, "You figured it out."

Hua Jianjiu embraced Ah Jin and said, "I want to hug a thigh, begging for the support! Please carry me to the sky!!!"

Ah Jin smoothly wrapped her arm around her waist, raised her chin, and slowly approached her and said tenderly, "Okay."

Hua Jianjiu felt that she was being teased, and her heart was beating faster.

While she was flustered, a fan suddenly appeared in front of her.

Ah Jin released her, and You Qian fanned back and forth between the two.

He glared angrily at the two.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way! Not allowed to hug each other!"

Since he kept on fanning the two people, the distance between them was widened.

He pulled Hua Jianjiu with him and used his Light Skill to fly to the front.

Hua Jianjiu was angry and kept attacking him, but unfortunately, the attack between teammates was ineffective.

Ah Jin watched the good show when two people suddenly rushed out of the grass on the roadside.

"All the red names are monsters. Kill her."

After saying that, he unleashed his skills and came in front of Ah Jin.

Ah Jin nimbly dodged the skills and finished them with one blow.

Hua Jianjiu used the Light Skill and flew back to see Ah Jin's sharp sword.

Her eyes were shining, "So cool!"

You Qian was a little jealous, "I think I made a mistake. I should not have brought you to know her."

Ah Jin held Hua Jianjiu's shoulder and smiled provocatively at You Qian, "Too late."

Hua Jianjiu also hugged Ah Jin's waist and followed suit, "Too late."

You Qian hated them so much that he could not wait to bite them.

He walked straight ahead and went after the two people in front of him.

Ah Jin and Hua Jianjiu looked at each other and laughed out loud.

Ah Jin spent two days happily in the daily life of dungeons and "charming chicks.”

She successfully returned to level 50.

The school approved the student's application for reinstatement, but it required a reinstatement exam.

If the student failed, they would be repeating the grade.

That day, the five people were again playing in a dungeon together.

Ah Jin and Hua Jianjiu were squatting on the side, watching the three men jumping up and down.

Hua Jianjiu asked in boredom, "Sister Sha, where are you from?"

"From B City."

Aaaaaaaaaaah! OMG! My pure heart! Was that a yuri vibe when Ah Jin teased Jianjiu?

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