Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 827: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 28)

Foreign zombie films tended to be bloody.  While she was watching in front of the TV while drinking her wine, she felt terrified!

He Chen was very calm, helping her bring over a table and putting the dishes on it.

After finally adjusting the temperature to twenty seven degrees, he went to take a shower.

There was the sound of water running from the shower and without knowing why, she felt very comforted.

He Chen’s cooking very very good, this was something the original host already knew.  Only her heart was completely blinded at that time.

In her heart, Ye Zuo Chuan was always the best!

She was clearly full, but she still finished off all the food he cooked.  She leaned on the sofa and gave a yawn as she closed her eyes, unknowingly drifting off to sleep.

She knew when He Chen picked her up.  Her lips couldn’t help curling into a smile as she turned to rub against him in his embrace.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

She still slept in the master bedroom, the room still had her scent.  It was a very faint perfume, the Chanel that she liked the most.

The original host liked it because of Ye Zuo Chuan, it really was a joke.

But it meant that this room still had her scent in it.  This proved that after she left, He Chen never lived in this master bedroom.

He lived in the guest room when the original host was here and he still lived there when she left.

What caused her heart to be filled with a deep shock in this moment?

He hoped that she would come back, waiting with an almost impossible vagueness.

Thinking of this, she knit her brows and suddenly opened her eyes, “He Chen, sorry.”

She should have said this a long time ago, she should have said it on the first day she came to this world.

The original host owed him this, she owed him this for his entire life.

He Chen was surprised.  He had just put her in her bed when her hands suddenly came around her neck and her eyes were red.

He didn’t know why she reacted like this, why did she suddenly apologize to him?

In his world, although she had done many things to hurt him, she hadn’t wronged him at all.

Because he had done everything willingly.

Even if it was painful, even if he didn’t feel any love at all.

He didn’t do anything that made it hard for her or hurt her.

Whether it was escorting her in Star Art or escorting her in showbiz.

He did it to give her a good way, letting her walk on it safely.

“Quickly go to sleep.”  He was a bit surprised as his eyes had a faint sparkle and his heart kept beating.

Luo Qing Chen stubbornly shook her head, looking into his eyes as she said, “I have to receive your forgiveness to say the next thing!”

She knew that in He Chen’s heart, she had never loved him, never cared about him, never even treated him well.

This He Chen wouldn’t say what she wanted to hear.

But she wanted to give him a pleasant surprise.  This matter, whether it was passive or aggressive, she had to do it.

“I never blamed you, how can I forgive you?”  There was a bit of self blame in his eyes.

“Ke, ke.”  She seemed to have received an answer, sos he took advantage of the wine to honestly say, “If you forgive me then say it, if you don’t……”

She let go of him and her eyes sparkled like the stars as she said with a faint smile, “Then just leave!”

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