Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 82 - The wedding [OW]

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"Ling Ling."

When Su Ling walked to the edge of the assembly ground, he heard Lin Meng calling him. He looked up and Lin Meng waved to him not far away. Xiào Rui was standing beside Lin Meng and both of them were very good-looking. Moreover, Xiào Rui's family is a top-notch family, so they attracted a lot of attention.

As Su Ling walked over, Lin Meng smiled and asked, "President Gu has left?"

Su Ling nodded. Lin Meng is about to say something, but paused, and poked Su Ling’s shoulder, "Behind."

Su Ling turned back and saw Zhao Qi leaving the assembly ground alone. His head is slightly lowered as he walked very slow, making him look very spiritless.

Perceiving Su Ling's gaze, Zhao Qi raised his head. When he saw Su Ling, his expression became slightly stiff. He quickly moved his gaze away and stood still.

Lin Meng is surprised by Zhao Qi’s actions and whispers, "Felt like he is somewhat different than before?"

Su Ling felt the same way. Could it be being questioned by the policemen last time gave him a scare?

Zhao Qi is indeed frightened, but not because of that. That day, Zhao Qing scolded him. He thought about his brother's words for a long time, and then reconsidered everything from his past and the present life. In his heart, he is sure that Su Ling and he had similar experiences, just that this Su Ling is not the original Su Ling he knows, but he is the same Zhao Qi. Because of this, Su Ling's personality has changed drastically, and he can dance even though he shouldn’t be able to. What happened these days made him believe that Su Ling knew more about the future than him. That’s why Su Ling managed to obtain Grade S spiritual plants, saved Mother Gu and the Xiao family's old master, and successfully married Gu Liheng.

These days, the things from his previous life have been torturing him, and sometimes he can't even tell which is true and which is false. A few days ago, his mother fell ill and was hospitalized. He stayed in the hospital for a day. When he woke up, his mind was full of the news of his mother's death, and immediately his limbs turned cold. It wasn’t until his mother hugged him and comforted him gently then he couldn't help breaking down and cried. Regret came like a tide and submerged him. He has harmed all those who care about him for the sake of those who don't care about him. Wiping away his tears, he looked up and saw the worried expressions of his father and brother. All of a sudden, all his unwillingness dissipated, leaving only gratitude. He rebirth to this life for his family.

After that, Zhao Qi became scared. He worried that Su Ling would retaliate against him and hurt his family because of what he did previously. He went to search for a lot of information about the human soul and even wanted to learn some tricks such as drawing talisman and chanting to guard against Su Ling. However, his rebirth soul should be in the same situation as Su Ling, so he is afraid that the talismans would affect him as well, or he would be treated as a lunatic. He has rebirth and everything is perfect. His parents are still alive here, and his brother pampered him. He doesn’t want to return to the past and live alone until his death again.

During this period of time, Su Ling has not come to trouble him at all. Zhao Qi gradually settled down and decided to listen to his brother; to take care of himself, and not worry about others. It's just that he is still not at ease. Now that Su Ling and Gu Liheng are married, will they come to settle the score with the Zhao family? Standing motionlessly, Zhao Qi battled his emotions for a while before walking quickly towards Su Ling.

Lin Meng hurriedly jumped in front of Su Ling and looked at Zhao Qi with an alert, "What do you want to do?"

Zhao Qi looked at Lin Meng with a complicated expression. In his previous life, he tried his best to separate Lin Meng and Xiào Rui, but all failed. Thinking about it right now, his behavior only caused the Zhao family to fall into ruin, while Lin Meng still married Xiào Rui in the end and lived a happy life. His existence seems to be just a testament to their feelings; abominable and sad.

"I'm looking for Su Ling. I just want to say a few words to him." He said, pointing to the right-hand side, "We’ll be talking over there, you can see where we are."

Hearing that, Lin Meng is surprised. Since when Zhao Qi is so easy to talk to?

Su Ling patted Lin Meng's shoulder and motioned at Zhao Qi to talk. They walked towards the right side of the assembly ground.

Su Ling: "What's the matter?"

Zhao Qi bit his lip and bowed down suddenly. He said, "I'm sorry, I apologize for what I did before."

Su Ling is stunned by Zhao Qi’s action. Noticing a lot of gazes at them, he said, "Stand up first."

Zhao Qi straightened up and stared at Su Ling, "All those things happened before, it’s all my doing. If you want revenge, come directly to me and don't hurt my family."

Even when Zhao Qi truly apologized, he still had arrogance in his bones, and his apologies sounded like a provocation. Su Ling thought of what he had done in the novel, and warned coldly, "I don't want to waste my time on you, so stay away from my partner."

Zhao Qi's jaw tightened slightly as he said, "I am not interested in him."

Su Ling's expression turned even uglier, "I know, you just want to use him."

Zhao Qi did not deny it as he added, "I will avoid you in the future. Just don't hurt my family."

Hearing that, Su Ling threw a glance at Zhao Qi, "Just stay away from us, no one wants to spend time on you."

Looking at Su Ling's back, Zhao Qi clenched his fists heavily. It turned out that he is the only fool all along. Whether Lin Meng or Su Ling, they continued with their own lives, while his time is always wasted on others.

In school the next day, Su Ling heard Lin Meng gossipped that Zhao Qi has transferred to another school. Su Ling is very satisfied with this. He doesn't want to see Zhao Qi. Even if he has no feelings towards Gu Liheng, Zhao Qi is male god’s legal partner in the novel. Su Ling found that his possessiveness towards male god has become stronger. Anything about him(GLH) will ‘make his heart smaller than the eye of the needle’ (narrow-minded).

Half a month after the start of school, Gu Liheng went to work without taking any leaves. But he will still drive Su Ling back and forth to school daily. Moreover, he will get off work on time every day, shocking all Gu company's employees speechless.

"It's different indeed when one started a family. President Gu used to be a workaholic!"

"President Gu is not as serious as before, and he would occasionally smile. So handsome!"

"I bet those people from President Gu's previous blind dates are regretting this to their death."

"Some people have already regretted it. Didn’t you see President Wang, the one who came to sign the contract today? His new secretary is his youngest son."

"No wonder. I was wondering why he suddenly changed his secretary with a young Omega. However, President Gu is married now, so doing this... isn’t it too much?"

"Ain’t they just bullying the president's wife for having no background? Nowadays, the divorce rate for AO pair is getting higher and higher."

"That’s right. President Gu got married so suddenly, maybe it’s because their compatibility rate is too high, he got giddy and agreed to the marriage on impulse."

Standing at the corner, Su Ling silently listened to the secretaries’ discussion and his eyes narrowed slightly. Male god is already married but there are still people who have intentions on him!

"M… Mrs. President."

A secretary made coffee from the pantry and was passing by with the coffee. Then, seeing Su Ling stunned her, and she hurriedly greeted him loudly. The sound of discussion disappeared immediately, and there is silence in the air.

At this moment, the door of the meeting room opened, and Gu Liheng walked out with a middle-aged man in a suit. Next to the man is an Omega with a bright smile, who is very good-looking, and he turned to Gu Liheng as he walked, saying something. Gu Liheng nodded slightly and saw Su Ling. His expression softened instantly, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

The Omega's eyes brightened by the smile. He is about to say something, when Gu Liheng strode to the left and stood in front of a delicate-looking Omega, rubbing his hair fondly.

"Why are you here? Didn't I said to wait for me at school?" Gu Liheng moved his hand away from Su Ling's hair and smoothly moved to hold his hand.

Su Ling said, "I don't want to trouble you, so you don't have to make a detour later. It's very convenient for me to take a taxi." He looked behind Gu Liheng and raised his eyebrows, "Also, if I don't come, I won't know that there are still people chasing after you."

Gu Liheng squeezed Su Ling’s hand, "Other people have nothing to do with me."

"President Gu, this is?" President Wang approached and asked.

Gu Liheng turned to face President Wang and introduced, "This is my partner."

Su Ling politely said hello.

Hearing that, President Wang's smile became a bit awkward, and the young Omega beside him has stopped smiling; his expression turned ugly.

"You two looked like a good match." President Wang quickly praised with a smile and then left with the Omega and his personnel.

In the elevator, President Wang retrieved his smile and warned the Omega, "Stop thinking of President Gu from now on." The Omega looked a little unwilling, and President Wang lowly scolded, "Can't you tell? President Gu is sincere to his partner, and it’s definitely not because he got affected by their compatibility rate. Moreover," he sighed, "With President Gu's character, it is impossible for him to get a divorce."

"Why did you promise to bring me along then?" The Omega angrily asked.

"If you don't come here to see it, how can you give up?" President Wang patted his son on the shoulder, not mentioning that he actually wanted to test Gu Liheng as well. "Belle has a lot of excellent Alpha, and you will meet the right one."

After President Wang and his entourage left, Gu Liheng gave a few instructions to his special secretary and left with Su Ling.

A secretary from the secretary cubicles contacted the front desk, "Why didn't you notify us about the president’s wife when he came up?! Fortunately, he doesn't mind us!"

The front desk innocently said, "He didn't let me notify the office, saying that he wanted to surprise President Gu."

Secretaries: We don’t know if President Gu is surprised or not, but we were surprised indeed.

"President’s wife looked better than his picture on the Internet."

"Did you see President Gu's expression just now? It's absolutely true love!"

Su Ling sat in the back seat of the car, grabbing Gu Liheng's hand while pinching his fingertips, "Apart from the Omega today, is there anyone else hitting on you?"

Gu Liheng: "No."

"Really?" Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng’s face and smiled. Then he rested his chin on his shoulder and said, "Forget it, you are such an elite, it's normal for people to like you."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng turned to look at Su Ling and asked, "Are you jealous?"

Su Ling blinked and laughed, "No, I believe you." No one knows male god better than him. Male god has a firm and responsible heart, and his mind will not change at will.

A smile flashed in Gu Liheng's eyes. He raised Su Ling’s hand and dropped a kiss, "I only like you."

Su Ling used his finger to scratch Gu Liheng’s chin, "You are getting better at saying this kind of words now."

Holding Su Ling’s hand firmly, Gu Liheng’s voice hoarsely said, "Don't move."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows and leaned closer, "And if I still want to move?" As he said that, he scratched the inside of male god’s palm.

Gu Liheng's breathing slightly hitched, and he hugged the young man in his arms. His Omega really knows how to tease, and he has no resistance against it.


The next day in the class, Su Ling suddenly received a message that 10% of Gu company's shares had been transferred to his name.

Su Ling: "..." He sent a message to Gu Liheng, "What are you doing?"

Gu Liheng: "Peace of mind."

Peace of mind indeed because after that, no one hits on Gu Liheng again. After Su Ling took the shares, he proceeded with his daily life as usual as he has never taken the shares. He didn't do anything special and didn't care about it(the shares).

In less than a month, their wedding will arrive, and the two became very busy. They had to take wedding photos every week during the weekend and also discussed the wedding process. Gu Liheng, who has always only posted information about the Gu company, posted private matters on Bo Yan for the first time, all of which were his wedding photos. Both he and Su Ling looked very good, so their wedding photos are comparable to fashion photoshoots. There is a lot of praise and blessings below his post.

On October 10th, Su Ling returned to the villa he bought. Lin Meng accompanied him as the best man. They sat down and let the top styling team dress them up.

Lin Meng: "Why do I feel so nervous suddenly, are you nervous?"

Su Ling smiled and said, "Not nervous."

He is not nervous. Probably because he already registered with Gu Liheng, and stay together with the male god every day. For him, the wedding is just a form of public announcement. However, when seeing him(GLH) standing in front and he(SL) gradually approached male god step by step, his heartbeat still lost its rhythm. Everything around him seemed to blur out of existence, only male god looked real. In a trance, he heard male god said his oath, and he followed suit.

Marriage officiant: "I declare that the Alpha can kiss your Omega now."

The cheers of the guests could be heard and Su Ling returned to his sense. Everything around is so real and vivid. He blinked and raised his hand to circle around male god's neck. Then they exchanged a lingering kiss. After the kiss ended, they touched their foreheads together and smiled at each other.

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling and sat in the audience area to listen to the guests’ speech.

When Mother Gu walked to the stage, Su Ling was stunned. Before today, Mother Gu still hadn't returned to Belle. He thought that Mother Gu still minded his identity and would not come. Su Ling could feel his hand being squeezed tightly and quickly released after that. He tilted his head and saw the corners of male god's mouth are slightly curved. His expression is soft, and his black eyes are shining brightly. Seeing that, the smile on Su Ling's mouth became deeper.

Mother Gu is wearing a colorful emerald long dress and a big straw hat with wavy edges. With only light makeup on her face, she looked very young. She took off her hat and her wavy hair fell. She lightly fixed her hair, and said with a smile, "Sorry, the spaceship is late, so I’m a bit rushed."

Her gaze fell on Gu Liheng, and she stayed silent for a while before saying, "In my heart, you are still the way you were when you were a child. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye and you have grown up," she said with emotion, "I am very pleased, you are an excellent son..."

"So I think that the partner chosen by my excellent son must be a very good person as well," she smiled before adding, "I sincerely wish for you two to have a happy life."

Su Ling pulled Gu Liheng to the stage, and they hugged Mother Gu.

Gu Liheng's voice is steady and soft when he said, "Thank you, mother."

Hearing that, Mother Gu's eyes turned wet for a moment, and she blinked it away quickly. Su Ling called her ‘Mother’ as well and she accepted it.

After Mother Gu has spoken, the other elders and teachers said their speech. Finally, it’s friends and classmates turn. Su Ling and Gu Liheng held hands while listening with a smile. After the wedding process is over, the reception begins. After they gave the toast, Su Ling and Gu Liheng leave the place first.

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