Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 82 Part 2

Ah Jin exited the game.

She lazed on the sofa and started to order take-out, and then checked Song Jin's parents' inheritance and the company's business status.

The crash was caused by the other driver's drunk driving, who took full responsibility.

The amount of compensation for Song Jin's parents was quite a lot.

Luckily, on the day of their accident, Song Jin had just turned 18 not many days ago.

Thus the property was inherited by her.

Otherwise, the money would have gotten into someone's belly.

Ah Jin called San Qi in her mind, "San Qi?"

San Qi was scared when it suddenly heard Ah Jin's voice in space.

It hurriedly turned off the backend.

"Boss, I'm here."

"You have been eating and drinking without anything in return for so long. It is time you do something about it."

San Qi was relieved to hear that she was not looking for trouble.

"Boss, what is it?"

"You manage Song Jin's property and take care of the company."

Although San Qi was surprised that Ah Jin asked for help, it was quick to agree, "Yes, boss. What else do you need?"

Ah Jin thought about it and added, "It would be better to increase it a few times in a month."

San Qi gulped, "This, boss, is a bit difficult."

Ah Jin frowned, "Then why do I need you?"

San Qi felt that it could still be saved and hurriedly said, "No, no, I'll try my best. I can't multiply the amount many times, but I think I can double it."

Ah Jin reluctantly agreed, "Don't mess up. You know the consequences."

San Qi did not care if she could see it or not.

It nodded frantically in space, "Okay, okay, trust me on that."

Ah Jin then cut off the call with it.

San Qi felt that Ah Jin was no longer there and only then reopened the forum to cry.

Not forgetting to do the task set by Ah Jin, it started looking for some good investment projects for Song Jin to invest in.

Ah Jin went to the computer again, composed an application letter for her return, and sent it to the school.

Only by being self-reliant could one not be controlled by others.

Knowledge was power.

Later that afternoon, Ah Jin went on time for their appointment.

As soon as she logged onto the game and arrived at Lin'an City, people gathered around her.

"Look, there is a bounty on that red name!"

"You know, red names are monsters. Kill all of them!"

Moments later, the ground was littered with corpses, and Ah Jin held her chin up high and looked at them with contempt.

"It's all a bunch of trash."

After saying that, she stepped on the corpses and walked away with grace.

Corpse 1: The lady is so pretty.

Corpse 2: Even cursing is so pretty.

Corpse 3: Damn, I will definitely try again to get this scene back when I get up.

Ah Jin reached the agreed location.

There were two more people compared to the morning at that time.

You Qian was still fanning his flashy fan, and when he saw Ah Jin approaching, he hurriedly waved his hand.

"Over here! It seems your name has become redder."

"I killed some unsightly ones on the road just now."

You Qian felt nothing but a cold chill on his neck.

He hurriedly introduced them to Ah Jin, "This is Hua Jianli and Hua Jianjiu. They are a pair of brother and sister, our good friends."

He also pointed at Ah Jin and said, "This is the Miss whom I just met. What do you think of the beauty?"

Hua Jianli was the older brother and was dressed as a swordsman.

Hua Jianjiu was the younger sister, a pharmacist.

They exchanged friendly greetings.

Hua Jianjiu approached and said, "Miss, you are so pretty. You are also tall."

Ah Jin smiled, "They are all adjusted. Not as good looking as you."

Hua Jianjiu seemed to have found someone to talk to, and on the way, she pulled Ah Jin's hand and chattered non-stop.

Ah Jin was not annoyed and listened attentively.

She sometimes spoke with her about things.

"Sister Sha, you do not know ah. The three of them are boring. Mo Shanghua is a transparent person, my brother is also a taciturn one, and You Qian is a painted Jezebel. Now that you are here, I can finally have someone to talk to."

Ah Jin looked at the three people walking in front of her, "Oh? Really, then which one do you like the most?"

When Hua Jianjiu heard Ah Jin asked this, she turned red.

"I, I don't like any of them."

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